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I think he will be as bad as the guy who transferred from UVA a few seasons ago. Just my opinion but I don’t see Newman adjusting to the level of competition he is used to playing against. Yes he made some nice passes down the field last season but what’s that going to look like with better secondaries and more pressure? I bet the true freshman is starting by week 4
His QBR only broke 80 three times all last season against rice, nc state and duke. It only broke 90 one time for that matter against nc state. All of these teams are very inferior and do not represent anything close to sec competition. When he actually did go up good teams like Clemson, VT and Michigan State he played awful. So what he can run a little bit? Yalls best bet next year is to have Zamir and Pickens touching the ball as much as possible not Jamie Newman running the ball 10+ a game.
My original comment wasn’t guaranteeing a victory although I can see how it reads that way. The point I wanted to make was that y’all will have Jamie Newman as a QB and he is nowhere near top tier talent. Yes y’all have a ton of talent on your roster but what is that going to get you when you will have a sub par at best QB behind an inexperienced OL? It will be a defensive shootout and I don’t see y’all scoring many points
Ok let’s look at this from a logical perspective…in the last 8 years only 3 teams have won at Bryant Denny stadium. 2 of those 3 teams had heisman trophy winning quarterbacks. Do you really think Jamie Newman is anywhere close to a Joe Burrow or a Johnny Manziel ir even Bo Wallace for that matter?? This is what I’m talking about with you delusional Georgia fans. It takes a really good opposing QB to beat Alabama at home, something y’all do not have.
Maybe you should go hide in a safe space with all your other delusional Georgia buddies. Maybe somewhere in downtown Atlanta where y’all can talk about Georgia football and your national championship from 30 years ago. Sick em bud
@BamaTime this guy is as clueless and classless as the rest of the Georgia fan base. I don’t think my comment was bad but I guess it hurt his little feelings
Sorry my comment hurt your feelings maybe you should wake up and realize that y’all picked up a transfer QB who is below average at best. Georgia fans can never accept the fact that we are better it’s always an excuse
Except y’all have Jamie Newman as a QB. Once he steps on the field at Bryant Denny the game is over. Dude is absolute hot garbage