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Bama - D. Thomas Ark - D. McFadden AU - D. Brown UF - Tebow UGA - H. Walker UK - B. Snell LSU - L. Landry MSU - M. Sweat (gotta love the name) Mizzou - K. Ealy Ole Miss - P. Willis SC - M. Lattimore TN - R. White TA&M - V. Miller Vandy - W. Wolford
Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, Shaq, Dominique Wilkins
Definitely in my Top 10 and a heckuva person too.
Fortunately to have seen all of them play in person.
1. Herschel Walker 2. Bo Jackson 3. Derrick Thomas 4. Charles Alexander 5. Champ Bailey
The ONLY way to measure success is winning the Natty. We've won the East, won the SEC, won a Rose Bowl, owned UF since 2017. Win the Natty and all else will have been taken care of, including beating Bama, LSU or whoever else gets in the way.
Funny how the self proclaimed DBU is only mentioned here once with V. Hargraves, who I might add was special. And, three mentioned from Florida chose to go elsewhere. Seems like a "DBU" could keep em home. Hmmm, I've got the popcorn ready for the fireworks! Agree with OrangeBlue, but Honey Badger along with Deandre Baker weren't highly rated out of HS.
Ehhh, maybe I'm nostalgic but I see TN continuing to improve. I think Jacksonville will settle it. 1 Georgia 2 Florida 3 Tennessee 4 Kentucky 5 S Carolina 6 Mizzou 7 Vandy
Bcreek is usually pretty reasonable in predictions for the last couple of years at least. I, as well, don't see a lot of upside potential in Muschamp. He's yet to prove it at any HC stop so far. But, recruiting is on the uptick, so maybe. Schedule not as brutal as last year, but just cant see more than 6 wins. Hopefully the Dawgs get payback in "the hottest place on earth."
Yeah, right! "To be the man, you gotta beat the man!" Until that happens for the Dawgs, ehhhh.
Seems like it should be a good hire. Not sure I'd attribute Bama injuries to the S/C coach. A lot of "good on good" in practice that may be more the root cause.
Very good news! Whether he wins the starting job or not, this is a kid you gotta root for. Show what you got young man!
Now that's funny! Can't say I've ever seen a Chic-fil-A hat though. Look forward to this game in 2020! Should be good. You guys should be improved, our defense will be stout and we'll hopefully have the bugs worked out in the new look offense.
Lookin forward to payback at your place! Still doesn't change that it looks like Chic-fil-A...fitting though.
I still say the SC script "Carolina" looks too much like the Chic-fil-A logo.
Now that's funny. But not really! I like the look, but not the result associated with them.
@BamaTime, yeah, nobody's cryin' for you guys. We can hang with you guys in recruiting consistently. Now to climb that Mt Saban summit, we gotta turn it into results.
Upsetgator, state your case with facts and results and not just conjecture. "I'm not doing your homework for you.." That's 'cause you can't! I've noticed with FACTS and data the gap is NOT much smaller. So just trot off and listen to Mullen talk crap all off season again until Kirby shows him in November who his daddy is.
So CO, AU, and GL, there was never a mention by me here about any recruiting nattys. I am simply pointing out to a delusional gator fan that the gap in talent between the two is not closing and that recent recruiting bears that out, as well as on field results against UF and for you AUforever, against the tigers too. Nothing to do with a recruiting natty.... don't like the term and only think we've had another good year. We've still got a lot of work to do to top Bama and LSU! But, and the point of my post is for the last three years we've pounded the gators in every phase (recruiting, roster talent, and on the field).
I'm not sure (no I know) your logic doesn't make sense. Please enlighten us on how you see that gap as smaller. I don't see it. The roster is made up of existing players, recruits, transfers, and JUCO players. The facts (those rankings) and results on the field don't support your BS argument. Are you sure you aren't an avatar for Nancy Pelosi? After all she's claiming the economy was better with Obama and you're claiming UF is closing the gap on UGA. In either case, the facts show different. Looking forward to spanking that backside again in 2020.
Please enlighten me "O Brilliant One"! So both DaGherk and I have presented FACTS you can't dispute but yet you keep changing your argument. "Every evidence out there says they are." And, "the gap is a lot smaller than it was 26 months ago." Please present the "evidence" to back up your argument. I would say if you are capable (big IF), go look and what you may find is that your new argument that other methods for acquiring talent are relevant; that would show that in that one area (transfers, etc) we are probably even. However that one area only can't overcome the FACT that Kirby is kicking Mullet's @$$ in every other category and on the field. So there is much more evidence to point to the fact that the gap is still getting wider, albeit maybe not as high a rate. I'd explain the math behind that but your education level probably couldn't handle it.
@upsetgator, I'm not sure math is in your wheel house. The scores and game stats from 3 previous years are in deed facts and don't lie. And if you wanna look at purely recruiting, I'll dumb it down for ya. 2016 (UGA 6th and UF 12th); 2017 (UGA 3rd and UF 11th); 2018 (UGA 1st and UF 14th); 2019 (UGA 2nd and UF 9th); 2020 (UGA 1st and UF 10th). In simple terms for YOU, to "close a gap" you would need to have consistently better classes at UF than what Kirby is bringing in. Looking at the classes since 2016, the FACTS clearly indicate the talent gap is getting wider and not closing. And just in case you forgot, the score board and on field performance show the same. Keep fishing though, eventually you'll catch one.
Bcree, what is the skinny on Burch? I mean Hammond is SCISA 3A right? It's not like he played against the likes of Dorman, Rock Hill, Northwestern, etc. But from what I can tell he performed well at UA game though.
It has been said by more than one troll on SDS, "when Smart hasn't won a natty, the 5 stars will stop piling up!" Well, it ain't happening this year. Good job of filling points of need with high caliber talent. I will say though that Coach Smart needs to turn these great classes into a return to the playoff in the near term and a natty very soon. If not, he will go down as a great recruiter....and that's all! Dominating the east is no longer the goal. We've done that for 3 yrs. It's time to put together the full story as Bama and LSU have done!