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Good luck with that prediction. UGA WILL beat Bama before SC becomes relevant. And nope didn't disappear, congratulated Bama and LSU on good wins. Good thing is I won't have to be on here congratulating SC anytime soon. I'll take that bet on Smart sticking around. The odds are high in my favor that he's there longer than Muschamp at SC... where coaches go to die! I'll catch up with you again next year when your annual butt kicking tour comes to Athens! Keep cheering Bama on against the Dawgs; that crowd from Bull St can't get it done!
Almost a good comeback. Still harping on Bama! Maybe you are a Bama fan instead of a chicken fan... makes sense as that's all you talk about. Afraid to address the ?? I've asked you many times. What about the juggernauts you have to over come. You seemed confident but maybe not, since the conversation immediately went to Bama. And now, Ga Tech...really? The Dawgs own Tech just like they own SC and will for a long time. Just like a coot fan, can't carry the mail on your own so you beat the SEC drum, or the Bama drum, cause there's no point in beating the SC drum. Not sure you understand the term regressing appropriately with the probable education level but that's OK. Not sure most would agree 11 wins, Sugar Bowl and consistent Top 5 in recruiting regressing. Enjoy the bottom feeder bowl and eat your Wheaties, 'cause you're gonna need em for another a$$ whoopin in 2019 to keep you in your place.
Congrats to Mr. Allen. The CFB Awards played out like a Who's Who of 2018 SEC greats. Tua, J. Allen, D. Baker, D. White, J. Jeudy, M. Locksley, and Q.Williams.
Best of luck at the next level.... after you shut down Texas' top receiver. Maybe Deebo can tell them who you are!
Best of luck Coach. Thanks for helping put the Dawgs back where they belong!
Fact is and I know you don't deal in those. A 3pt and 7pt loss to two possible generational teams (Bama 2017/2018), on par with them in recruiting is small separation. The gap is getting smaller. No, not there yet, but closing the gap. Where the real ? lies and your comment prompted it, "if we can keep TRob and Coach Mac for a few more years SC will bounce back and be competing with FL and GA.. injuries caused us to lose a step" is laughable and would be funny but it's pathetic. Bounce back from what? SEC Champs? CFP? Sugar Bowl? That's right you've never done any of that. Beating GA? Beating Fl? Beating KY? Remind me of Mushchamps record against T25? 1-11 is it? True UGAs measuring stick is Bama! But your's my friend right now is KY, then maybe GA and FL. Good luck bouncing back in 2019 with losses to Bama, GA, FL, T A&M, CU, and oh KY. That's 5 maybe 6 losses again. Get used to it. Oh wait you're already used to it. Enjoy Charlotte while I'm off to NO.
Yep and watching it from the Sugar Bowl instead that 3rd tier site in Charlotte. There may be small separation between Bama and the Dawgs. Your bunch still has to climb outta the SEC cellar and scale the mountain in front of you called Lexington first. Go back to beating your chest on TN. Maybe Muschamp can get an upgrade to Kirby's DC now that Tucker is moving on.
I do agree the Pandora's box is the 2 loss team in the playoff. Bottom line is the Dawgs need to win em all and then there's no discussion. The LSU loss did em in! 12-1 and the game against Bama they still move on. They did however prove that they are one of the 4 best teams right now. That's why there needs to be an 8 team playoff and no CCGs. Do you think Bama really cares about the SEC CG? Take the 8 best teams after 12 games and let em go at it! That would end 99% of this discussion as well as the UCF noise.... they'd get their shot at #1 Bama and get kicked all the way back to Orlando.
Chickens gotta get past that UK juggernaut before thinking about "competing" with FL and UGA. Not gonna happen anytime soon.
Hmmm, let's see! How bout play somebody from a Power 5 a couple times a year. LSU puts this discussion to bed on Jan 1.
Could be interesting. NC State can light up the score board but will be without one of their primary targets (Harmon). The pass defense is terrible. Don't think it'll be 3 TDs but Aggies win.
My guess is Fromm will start next year, improve his stock a bit and would be a 50/50 stay vs NFL. Fields, obviously has talent but he does look lost right now reading defenses. He has the skills and will improve with another year in the system and be ready to start in 2020 with two years remaining. I also don't believe Kirby will redshirt him intentionally in 2019 but may use him more sparingly and try to preserve the opportunity. For now, this is Jake Fromm's team, let the debate end until he proves otherwise and continue to develop young Mr. Fields for his chance to be another great QB at GA.
Amen! Please don't pull an Auburn. Hate to say it but y'all play like you did against the Dawgs and kick this crowd to the curb so they'll shut up! Really don't deserve to be on the field with an SEC power, show em!
Eventually we gotta get you guys. Sucks two years in a row Bama changes QBs and the Dawgs lose. Glad to see showing class and supporting his team mates paid off for Hurts. Go Dawgs!
No, they got it right! I hate it but they did. UGA outplayed Bama in the SECCG but still lost. The Dawgs are one of the four best teams right now. The beatdown by LSU was too much to overcome. Congrats to Bama. They will curb stomp OU and probably Clemson too! BTW, hate to see Tua hurt, but glad too see good character paid off for Hurts in the end...classy kid! Go Dawgs, beat the hell outta whoever shows up in the Sugar Bowl.
Not at all expected. Even SC fans gotta admit that point. Clemson's defense got exposed! Unusual or arrogant, Venables left the middle of the field open all night and SC took advantage.
Would like to see another classic like the Natty last year, but honestly think we're a year away from it. And if you're honest this Bama team is doing things no other has before. Hope to keep it close!
Agree, 10 win seasons should be the floor and not the ceiling.
I would like to see SC beat Clemson and cause some chaos in the CFP. Maybe I'm wrong but this will be out of control before halftime and you'll be lucky if they don't hang 60 on that SC defense. Bentley might throw 3 TDs but it'll be against the Easley HS kids playing the 4Q.
Let's say Mecole braks a KO or punt and the defense puts up points early. What happens then? No they won't fold, but no has punched them in the face yet. How do they react? Gotta play the game!
Duly noted. Great comeback. Just like giving Bcreek crap.
Be careful what you ask for. Agree ACC is mostly one team. But SC isn't exactly a pillar of srength in the SEC. You're probably gonna get one of those ACC "weaklings" in the Belk Bowl.
Agree, test the water for some of these young kids by starting them and see what they do. Let Swift and Holyfield rest and utilize Cook and Herrien. What about D Rob? Play Cox and Anderson a lot to find a compliment for Walker. Definitely start Stokes .
Guess I'm gonna have to put this in simple terms for the simple minded. The article's focus and my question to you was, "what is SC's ceiling with Muschamp at the helm?" He's saying and I agree the ceiling is fringe Top 25 with 7-9 wins per year. I don't think you understand recent history either when it refers to Muschamp and my point is he's on a pace to reduce the avg wins per year... right now at 6.7 in 3 years. While Kirby is on a 10.5 pace and increasing this year with at least 11 wins. So for the mathematically challenged, the gap is getting wider. I know, you love deflecting to what UGA is going to do against Bama and that's OK. You got nothing else to do. For this year realistically, I don't think the Dawgs beat Alabama and if they did they'd likely have to play them again in the CFP and beating em twice, ehhh. Now for the question you're gonna ask, the ceiling for UGA is a CFP Championship! And, more than one. At a minimum, multiple SEC Championships and New Years Six Bowls. Recruiting and pace of program growth in his short term support that. So answer my question, "what is SC's ceiling with Muschamp?" Don't be afraid, I know it's fringe Top 25 in some yrs and about 8 wins avg, win the East once every 25 yrs or so and multiple lower level bowls! And that's probably OK at SC.
So for the boys who believe there is absolute parity in CFB, here ya go. The focus of the article is "what is Muschamp's ceiling at SC?" And, to the credit of BLPB, he is accurate that the only real dynasty is Bama... agree there. But there are certain levels below what is now an NFL caliber college team! And if you're honest with yourself, SC is not at that second tier level but UGA, LSU, FLA, Clemson, etc are. Now that's not the question. Mr all knowing BLPB, who has adorned himself as the king of knowing all and everyone else is stupid. Answer this question that directly relates to the article that you took off in a ditch, cause you'd rather talk about "your standard" (Georgia) than the chicens. What is SC's ceiling with Muschamp? Now take off your garnet glasses to answer please. I'd argue the writer is fairly accurate and your comments that history doesn't matter are not at all correct. History and reputation does matter to recruits and the latest stats on who makes the CFP bear that out. If you look at the modern era (1975-2017) SC avg of 6.3 wins, (2000-2017) avg 7.5 wins, (2010-2017) avg 8.4 wins, so there is a trend upward slightly but Muschamp is bringing it down at an avg now of 6.7 in three years. Compare that with your standard (UGA) since you like to ask about them so much. Same period (1975-2017) avg 8.7 wins, (2000-2017) avg 9.7 wins, (2010-2017) avg 9.6 wins, and Kirby is avg 10.5 wins and this year will increase that avg with at least 11 wins. This doesn't take into account either National Championships, Conf Championships, multiple 10 win seasons, multiple upper tier bowl wins. So with that in mind, you tell me smart a$$, what is SC's ceiling with Muschamp at the controls? Oh, also his history at UF with much better talent than he'll ever get at SC doesn't support it either! I've taken my bias against SC out of this and maybe you should too. And, hit me up in a couple of years when history proves the ceiling is about 7-9 wins with the outlier of 10 or so for 1-3 yrs during any coaches duration.
Me to. Remember those epic battles during the 80s when both were good. Would definitely like to see this again! Maybe trade "the other team" in South Carolina for Clemson and just assume that's a win anyway... usually is.