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The tools are there. 1) Kirby must let Monken loose 2) Still a lot of unknowns against Elite teams (sorry, USCjr, Mizzou, MissSt don't count).
Lots of respect for Tebow. Genuinely tries to do things the right way!
@DGD82, now that post seems odd coming from a liberal. "Break the law, get a ticket; pay the ticket, no boot. Actions have consequences." Just seems odd you'd write something logical that makes sense. And to your point, you are correct the idiots that ransacked the Capitol Bldg should be brought to justice. But, so should all the idiots that, all through the summer, destroyed Federal buildings and honest, hard working folks businesses. And BTW, started the crap again last night in Manhattan! It's a two way street jack@ss.
Same here Mountain. Been a Dawg fan since 1976 and things like this make me proud to be a Dawg. I'm sure many other schools do similar, but this is great.
Come on Bill you know that ain't gonna last much longer. Enjoy while you can though, and BTW, you keep forgetting we own the Willy B as do a lot of others. Good hearing from ya though! Enjoy the offseason of smack talk.
That is hilarious coming from a fan of THE CESSPOOL OF SEC FOOTBALl and the school that coaches go to die. Lou Holtz (no longer HC), Spurrier (no longer HC), Muschamp (no longer HC) and that's not to mention the hoard of also rans before Holtz tried his best. Sakerlina fans have no basis to talk crap about any other SEC football program, when you are now officially the 3rd or 4th best in your own state.
Why on earth does SDS continue to bring up the narrative that if JT goes down that SBIV would get shoved in to start. A feel good story in 2020 that didn't pan out due to lots of other stuff. I'll be the first to say, that with Vandagriff and Beck, SBIV should never see the field again in an SEC game as the starter. Keeping the latter two happy and willing to bide their time, well that will be the challenge.. especially with Stockton coming in in '22.
I think the Bama loss could be any one of LSU, UF, or Texas A&M. And one of or more of the others gets upset. As you say just a SWAG at this point but fun. I just hope we can finally put it all together...nothing else matters.
Not sure about all that empire stuff but a good get for the gators....the next Pitts, could be?
This class is shaping up nicely and a guy to ring the bell for others to come.
UF (Bama, GA, and someone they shouldn't, maybe LSU again) LSU (Bama, TA&M, Fla or UCLA)
Not 100% true. One in my lifetime (1980) and another in '42 (shared with OSU).
@shortstack, "one bad sack away" is silly. The QB position is in good shape and much better than the situation in that craphole Gainesville. And we're better at RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, and LB than the turds. DB is a ? but your secondary sucked in 2019 anyway. Show up in Jax and go home cryin' as the world will be set right and the Dawgs romp in your back yard. Kirby>Mullet.
Does this really matter? Mullet calls plays anyway, right?
Well, Bammer 11-1 (they gotta slip up somewhere) Arky 4-8 AU 7-5 Gators 9-3 Dawgs 11-1 Kentucky 8-4 LSU 9-3 Ole Miss 8-4 Miss ST 7-5 Mizzou 8-4 SC 4-8 TN 4-8 TA&M 10-2 Vandy 2-10
Now, why you wanna go there? Not to worried about UF, that will correct itself. Now you Gumps, that is a mountain Kirby has to scale to really be elite.
About the dumbest article posted on SDS. Write about Saban's breakfast menu, Kirby's barber, or Mullen's shoe collection for crying out loud...oh wait, those were thrown away!
Wow, T-Rob throwing shade on the Gaytors and aimed directly at Mullet!
Seems like a good hire. Have never heard of him and wonder what happened with Glenn Ford, maybe the on field exp. Welcome Coach Addae!
@vol1, the troll. So some try to post a positive comment about your hire and you go off and bring up Richt. What a jacka$$!
Nope, sorry, that'll be a beatdown of Miami... may not qualify as a game to watch!
Let's just hope this ends in the same result as much of the where the Dawgs were 6-1 against the Tiggers. Their defense will be nasty again, but a lot of production gone from the offense. So it could be strength on strength of our offense vs CU defense. Even with the secondary losses, I think our front 7 can work well against an offense w/o Etienne, Lawrence, et all. I mean OSU confused them and shut Etienne down and their second tier backs aren't that good.
Wow the first part of that rant was dark. Hopefully this works out and he can put TN back on the map in a short term. I just wonder if Steele is part of the deal still or if Huepel would bring his own guy?
IMHO, this is a better higher than Beamer Jr at USCjr, but time will tell. History of good player relationships and seems solid on offense. Will be interesting to see how the staff comes together. He's got a lot to clean up and Vol fans will need to be patient.