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Is Lattimore still on staff? Y'all need to keep him around the program.
Check the rosters, LU talent is similar to SC, not a lot of blue chips, and coaching in ACC you only gotta worry about one team.
Hope he redshirts and sticks around. Gonna need him next year.
Dang, pump the brakes on JT Daniels. One good game against a suspect defense and probably more of the same this week with all of the Coot defections. And, the First Rd pick stuff? Come on man! I for one still think Vandagriff is the future.
Agree. Kirby needs to get all of these 4* and 5* backups some meaningful reps so there are no defections headed into 2021, which looks to be another loaded class.
Good point and to the argument from Klem's Son fans that, "don't tell me about our schedule, we beat an SEC team every year!" As for this article, Spencer is probably the worst on SDS...nothing insightful, but regurgitation of info from other articles.
@Bill, I think the jury is still debating on Lanning. He's been good but the Bama/Florida games tell an inconsistent story against premier offenses. I get it, the UF game was full of injuries, but no excuses for the 2nd half against Bama. I can see Kirby bringing him in as a Defensive QC guy, cause he don't need the money after robbing SC. BLPB's take on UNC is interesting as they are now using DC by committee with Thigpen/Bateman. Haven't exactly built a juggernaut D at Carolina, so Champ there could be interesting.
Agree. For 2020, put Beck in and see what happens. Heck, that's what we've done with Stetson and Mathis. I do feel bad for Mathis after all he's been through, but the kid just doesn't have it. I really think all chips need to be in to finish out '20 and bet on Vandagriff for '21.
I really don't think Daniels is the guy next year. Kirby needs to bet the farm and hold on to Vandagriff in the 2021 class and start the kid right outta the box. Pull a Dabo and put all the chips in on a blue chip. We CANNOT afford to have him leave too.
Article title says it all. Congrats gators. UF v Bama should be interesting.
Agreed! This pain is gonna last a long time. As much as I liked Fromm, we didn't even try (IMHO) to test Fields full capability. It wasn't obvious to most then, but it surely is now. With the skill guys we have,the O-Line, Fields under center and that defense the Bama game would've been different, and UF wouldn't even be in the discussion for the East.
Cook will be used in ways Dalvin was not. While White/Milton will pound away at the front, Cook will provide a matchup nightmare against an already suspect LB corp.
This offense will not beat Florida! The gators offense isn't Bama good, but if they can run the ball we're in for a long day.
I would bet right now that, regardless of the ACC's "rule on Covid", Lawrence plays against ND. This is just a bump in the road. Except for Clemson, the ACC is trash and ND is just at the top of the trash heap and a 7-3 team in the SEC or Big10 and maybe the Big12. Clemson wouldn't be undefeated every year in either of those conferences.
I agree with most of this. Cook will step up when healthy. White needs to step up and for cryin' out loud give Milton more carries...kid reminds me of Swift. And, Pickens, what the heck has happened. I know Bama locked Jackson down so he should've been more into the game and no reason he shouldn't have went off on TN, AU, or ARK? Kearis is a nice surprise. I still don't get the Stetson, Mathis, Daniels soap opera? I'm sorry, Stetson ain't the guy for the SECCG, although he can be enough for the rest of the schedule. Is Daniels just no good? Or, is Kirby hiding that he is still to injured to be effective?
Don't agree with Joe a lot but I do here. If we can't beat Bama in ATL, then what's the point. Unfortunately, if we were fortunate enough to win out and win in ATL, then likely would need to beat Bama in a 3rd game for the CFP. I just don't see the Buckettes, Okie St, or Clem's Son beating Bama.
Bama's gonna be fine w/o Waddle, due to success they've recruited WRs with loads of talent. Hopefully he gets the medical procedure he needs to be ready for the next phase. He's a can't miss for any NFL team.
Hopefully a quick recovery so he can show out in the league. Tough loss for Bama!
Welcome young man.... keep building!
Maybe more "in the know" Dawg fans can help me out here. What is the deal with Daniels. All we've heard is tremendous upside, but is something wrong where he can't unseat a lifelong backup? I mean Stetson has done what's been asked of him and for the most part been good (not great), but Bama exposed his short comings (pun intended) and as much as I like the story, he is not the guy to get us past Bama or anyone in the CFP if we are fortunate enough to get in. I do think he's good enough for the remainder of our schedule, with the defense improving every week, but a rematch against the Tide will be the same story, different day!
LynnBobTX, you gotta understand UF doesn't just get beat by a better team on any given day. They always whine about giving it away. Just like I said about Bama, they took our A$$ to the woodshed in the second half, ya'll trumped the self proclaimed "best offense in the country."
It ain't the receivers. There are some studs there in Pickens (when his head is straight), Jackson, Burton and throw Cook in there for the slot. Yeah, they aren't Waddle/Smith great, but they're also young. I loved story of Bennett, but when you miss as many throws as he did, don't have the arm strength, and get's throws batted down at the line consistently, we gotta move on. Bama didn't really have him under sustained duress, but did make an effort to limit the throws over the middle. And what happened to the TE?