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But, I guess you know what that feels like...a lot!
Couldn't see it from my seat. It was all down hill from there though.
I think the statement above says it. UGA got whipped.
That was a statement alright. Texas just kicked our butts. Use it for motivation!
LSU handicapped with a lot of "stars" missing. Good win and thanks for putting this to bed!
As mentioned from others, you're an embarrassment to SC fans and probably have several "participation" trophies stacked up from your rec league soccer days 4 or 5 yrs ago. Go play with those.
Not intended for BLSINSC. Most SC fans are reasonable. UGA still has work to do to top the Bama mountain,who doesn't? But the SECCG proved again the Dawgs are very close and so far this season closer than anyone. We'll find out in a couple of weeks if CU is. I think they are though. Now we gotta show up against Texas and handle business here in NO.
I think the Tanner just called the American Conf about joining!
Check the facts and my posts. I said the committee got it right. With the system a 2 loss UGA doesn't get in. That however doesn't change the point that the Dawgs are one of the four best teams. Only simple irrelevant USC fans don't agree. Well maybe just you jackwagon! Even some of your more logical brothers agree. It is funny though watching you blast a Mizzou fan about how bad they suck though! Last time I looked they're 8-4 and the floundering muschamps are 7-6 and just got beat down by a middling ACC team. While we're talking recent history 41-17 b!tch! Now go back in your hole and wait for next year to be relevant. Never mind ain't happening.
There you go again. Can't talk football and back up your team so a drunken rant of you entire vocabulary. Middle of the road ACC 28 Coots 0. Kinda looks like an egg doesn't it. How appropriate.
Now that's funny. True but funny. And BLPB, enough riding LSU and Bama coat tails to get wins for the Bull St bunch. GEORGIA SAYS HI! AGAIN AND AGAIN, get used to it. Maybe SC can go back to the ACC and compete...ahh, that didn't work either. All that trash you talk and UVa kicked your @$$.
Tide rollin through the first half. It is very obvious now for all intent, the CFP championship fight was on Dec 1 with the two best teams in football. Bama will finish off OK and likely do the same to Clem's Son. Good luck there and see you in Atlanta again next year. Congratulations in advance!
Not an Auburn fan during the sec season but nice beatdown of a Small Ten team.
Good player at UGA but sucks as HC. Maybe Kirby can give him a shot at DC and teach him. Naaah, SC keep him and we're guaranteed one win over an SEC coat tail team every year.
100% correct. Looking the same for OK. Just saw Saban motioning for Bama's flag Corp to play offense.
EXACTLY. But can't beat a middle of the road ACC team either. Where would they go? Funny all year the chickens talking smack about Clem's Son running through a week conference. Heck the 8th best team just kicked your @$$.
A SC fan telling someone else their team sucks. Quit your Walmart job and do comedy... you're hillarious.
Wow. Didn't expect that beatdown Gators holding their part of SEC!
Pretty obvious Notre Dame was NOT one of the four BEST teams. Looking that way for Oklahoma too.
In NO once for 1981 Sugar Bowl. Gumbo for first time and it was fantastic. Didn't care too much for crawfish though. Maybe that's an acquired taste. Possibly try again next weekend. Good luck to LSU. Go Dawgs!
100% agree here. Jake was to good and consistent to beat out. Good luck to Fields. Dawgs need to move on and find the next Jake From.
Looked good in Spring, sometimes looked lost in games. Maybe forced into game situations that often didn't make sense. Lots of potential that was yet to be proven. I hope it works out for him. This generation can be frustrating!
Guess there's a lot of common ground here then. Both Miami and UGA DCs leaving but Tucker would have been his position coach as well. Maybe the Kirby factor and stability with the defense will prove to be the deciding point.