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Dabo don't want none of both UGA and ND joining the ACC.... that'd ruin his automatic bid to the playoff every year.
Oh, the hypocrisy in that statement from Sankey, "...enrich the experiences of our student-athletes and lead to greater academic and athletic achievement across our campuses." It was and never will be about academic achievement, even at a small percentage. We know it, the athletes know it, so why even include that statement?
Carter is legit and definitely belongs on this list; Cox not so much. If you watch his tape of every game, he takes a lot of plays off and doesn't respond well in the run game.
Excellent article with a personal touch. As an outsider, watching FSU and UF disappoint each other year in and year out was a lot of fun. Prayers to the Bowden family! Coach Bowden will be missed!
2021 - Zeus, Cook, Milton 2022 - Milton, McIntosh, Edwards 2023 - Edwards, Robinson, James 2024 - Robinson, James, Haynes? Welcom to RBU young Mr Robinson.
I actually like that idea, then take the two best teams for the SECCG.
Agree. The SEC doesn't need them as much as they NEED the SEC. But, MIZZOU and TA&M aren't southeast teams either but both have worked out fine. We might as well get ready, cause it's prolly gonna happen.
@lovin, not so fast on UT getting left out because of schedule in a weak league.... Klem's Son gets a free pass every year due to a weak league. Even if UGA is fortunate enough to beat em in Sept, they'll still get in cause there's no one in the ACC good enough. So yeah, UT would run rough shod through a weakened Big 12.
In the year of our Lord twenty and twenty-one and Winterfylleth, the Renaissance Man shall smite thee with the weapons at his disposal (Zeus, Milton, Cook, Kearis, Washington, Blaylock, Smith, Gilbert, Mitchell, and McIntosh.!
@I95, I thought it was funny and looked a lot like the Chic-Fil-A logo.
Sorry Stephon, but NONE of you guys are "worth" what you get paid! You get paid and extreme amount of money to PLAY A GAME, so quit whining!
Interesting conversations with Clemson friends/family...awfully high on Kendrick when he was with the Tigers, but now all of a sudden he wasn't that great and blah, blah, blah, problem child, blah, blah. Personally, I'd like to see him get a couple of picks in Charlotte.
Hated to see D-Rob leave. Good work ethic and burning speed. I never thought I'd say with the latest influx of talent, he was moved over. AU has good WRs, but I would not be surprised at all if he cracks the rotation early and excites that crowd on the plains. Best of luck DGD, now a War Eagle!
Harris, Bigsby and Rodriguez should be higher on this list. They are legit backs but Harris and Bigsby may suffer from OL woes. I'd drop Daniels to "contender" and probably have Corral in the "favorites" and I really don't see the legitimate hype on Young...hasn't done anything yet? And, there will be 3-4 QBs in the league better than the much hyped but can't hit a barn standing in the door, Jones.
D-line will be legit. We'll find out early in the season if this unit will stand up or lay down.
Prayers up for Coach Richt. Always a class act and a great human being. He will undoubtedly fight this battle with class and character as well!
"My God a Freshman (senator)!" Run over Warnock Herschel!
Looks like Beamer is starting to hit a stride bringing guys in for the Coots. This guy seems legit.
Tend to agree Fuzzy. I don't see this game getting to the high 30s or 40s for either. I'm leaning more to UGA's defense being closer to the same as 2020 rather than better. Some pieces to the secondary have been added (wait and see) and the front 7 should be nasty. But until this unit consistently performs against elite offenses, I will be cautious (see UF and UA from 2020). With that said I see the Dawgs toughing one out in Charlotte to the tune of 27-23, but I'd love to see em blow the doors off Klempson, just don't think it'll happen.
Walker leaves footprints on Warnock's chest just like he did Bill Bates. "My God, a Freshman (senator)"
Well, I hope that jackwagon Finebaum is right. I've been waiting patiently since my trip to New Orleans in Jan '81.
i4Bama, comment isn't relevant to the article and just for facts, Arky lost 2 of 3 to NCSU in the Super Regional.... so the one loss narrative doesn't fit.
Agree with that... NOTHING is guaranteed, especially in the SEC... well except Bama.
Agree AFan. Gilbert, if as advertised and works (on and off field), will be fun to watch. If he's a distraction, he needs to go. I am confident in this offense being able to secure a spot in Atlanta if the OL can come together. A talented but unproven group, but that's what we pay Luke the big bucks for. It has been a looooooong time since watching a UGA offense with the weapons to score at will. Don't think they will but I'd love to see them put 1/2 a hundred on Dabo's Tiggers.
Tough for the gators.... were there any shoes thrown? Seems to be a trend in @$$ whoopins for the gators.