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Not sure what to make of this hire? Gotta be better, right? Hopefully Coley stays as he is a good recruiter.
LSU ain't a one and done. But Bama will be back with an attitude. The west will be interesting, as will the east.
@LSUMC and all Tiger Fans on SDS... great season, great win! Congrats on taking all the hardware!
Should make the QB room interesting. My take is though, yep adding a DT is a good thing, but given the current OC coaching, will it really change to "suit his abilities"?
Well it won't be the one we wished for. The Bayou Bengals apparently have Brady signed for 3 yrs.
Wondering if anyone in SEC would ever pick up this gem. Great hire and it will be entertaining in Starkville!
Never really gave this one a second thought... just knew he'd come back. DGD and high character young man! Hope he does well in the league. Please Kirby DO NOT bring Franks in off the transfer portal!
Probably not allowed for me to say this as a Dawg Fan, but Geaux Tigers!
DGD. Hate to see Swift depart, but best of luck in the league.
I think under Luke's watch our OL is going to be OK. I really like his energy on the field and think recruits will flock to that type of position coach.
Nice get for the Dawgs. Now we gotta sign Ringo and Evans! Although, I do have concerns about Evans' character a bit.
@Mountain Dog, along with Mullen increasing his recruiting prowess to get the 5*s, that would mean Kirby would also have to regress in not getting them. Well, one would think that this year, more than any recent, that would've happened. He's poised to sign the top class again and at a minimum remain in the top 3, so that ain't happening. I'd say the talent gap is increasing still, although not at as high a rate. Joe's just salty that Mullen's gator mouth in the Summer isn't backed up at kickoff against the Dawgs.
Nice solid win. Defense great as usual. Offense showed some improvement and if Pickens play continues to improve, the passing woes of 2019 will long be forgotten in 2020 with him and the new kids coming in. Great ending to a good year!
Don't copy. Hire the guy. If Kirby doesn't go all out for someone like Brady, we'll be stuck behind Bama and LSU.
Congrats LSU. Guess I shouldn't feel too bad since the Dawgs lost by ONLY 27.
Sure would like to see the Dawgs steal Burch from CU and SC.
Well, Dawg78, you didn't get the UF trolls, but you got Corch.... that's close enough. He snorts too much baking soda but is entertaining.
Not sure I agree. It "seems" he is creating a culture at LSU similar to (and forgive me for saying this) Swinney at Clemson and kids are gravitating to that. I don't think LSU is going away anytime soon. We're good, but obviously not at Bama level or LSU this year. Kirby is still a young HC and deserves some time. But, he needs to learn quickly to adjust and what he does in the next few weeks will determine UGA's trajectory for several years out. Hopefully Pittman's leaving doesn't cause us to lose any of the 2020 talent recruited so far but he will be tough to replace. The offense has to change to be more productive.
The Kiffin hire will be interesting and entertaining if nothing else. Him paired with Plumlee will be a good thing in Oxford. "Hey, Matt Luke, we need an OL coach!"
Very tough loss for this recruiting class. Hope the best for Pittman. Take that $900k and add more for a qualified OC and QB coach to get the old Fromm back.
Hate to see Pittman leave UGA, but hope he does well at Ark. Curious hire for HC though.