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Can't see this offense better without Edwards? The guy was a beast. RB may be better with Lloyd but the OL may not help much with the lack of depth? Hilinski also needs to show he can be consistent and not look like the second coming of Jake Bentley.
Shoulda truncated the title to "Will Muschamp is running out of chances.."
You jest. But in the crazy year that is 2020, it could happen. However, I do see us losing one of these eventually. No reason for Stetson Bennett to stay. Haven't seen enough of the others to make a claim though including Mathis who looked good before surgery.
The overall WR room should be much improved. Cager was one guy and as you say a lot of other WR couldn't run routes and drops. Pickens will prove to be as advertised and if healthy, Blaylock can be great along with moving Cook to a lot of the slot role will all help. I don't believe the O-line will be better, but I think will be AS GOOD. TE will be better. RBs will be good by committee vs one main guy in Swift. Newman has a lot to learn but seems capable and gives an extra threat Jake didn't have. So, overall, I think the offense will be better, but we may not see it for several games given the current situation with this dang virus.
IMHO, Newman could be anything from a bust to a significant upgrade. The guy will have more talent around him than he ever had at WF, but he will also play consistently against better competition (i.e. defenses not coached by Grantham). I do think he will struggle early but by mid-season should be in step with receivers, o-line, etc. Unfortunately, Bama looms large in WK 3 and I wouldn't discount UVa in WK 1. Hopefully, things are clicking by mid-October when those Plains Tigers roll into town.
@NotReal, Go ahead and pick on UT, USCjr, UK, et all. But you continually leave one out. What has Mullen or UF in general done against Jawja in the Smart era? Answer that simple question, and please don't use the "narrowing the gap" line of thinking. I'll wait...
Much respect for Coach Dye. I had the opportunity to witness many epic battles during the 80s between him and Coach Dooley. RIP COACH!
All it took was one trip to Baton Rouge. Intimidating!
"Georgia Thing" - descriptive noun; powerful; consistent winner;synonym - gator @$$ kicker. BTW, no one has said "most talented team 'in' the planet" but definitely more talented than Mullen's bunch.
You are correct. Haven't seen too many Vol fans talking about the gap shrinking, but plenty of crap from gator mouths about how Mullen is closing the talent gap. BTW, I hope your Vols do continue to recruit and play well. I'd much rather settle the East score between Sanford and Neyland than that crap hole in Jax.
Same story on Avg rating but yet the gap is shrinking with UF????
Smart money would bet the over, although slightly. This crowd is likely to slip up and win a couple they shouldn't. I think they'll win 6.
I'd take the over at 8-4. They'll likely slip up and beat someone they shouldn't (cough, cough, UF in Neyland), but also slip up and lose one they shouln't in SC or KY.
I'm sure Landers, unless he improves his basic skills, is gonna get lost in the weeds with all the new pups coming in. I'll be shocked if he is in the rotation much past mid-season.
Have to agree with all on this list. Outside the obvious choice for me in Pickens, the guy I see to really break out is the Moore kid from Ole Miss.
I agree Marine. With Spring practice, I might have been inclined to pick the over at 11. That extra hurdle with all the changes on offense will take some time to develop and I see 10 wins and maybe 9 if things don't gel quickly. I also see the WR room as talented but "the most talented", eh, pump the brakes on that. Pickens can eventually be a first rounder but he needs to manage his attitude so he doesn't take himself out of games. To me Blaylock is still somewhat unknown and the rest are All unknowns. Good WR room and talented but the most... maybe wait on results first.
TN winning the East? I like the Vols, but "grab a snickers!"
Play the games. Take the top 4 SEC teams and have a playoff.
@DawgMan, that is true. I'm confident it will be a gradual change testing the waters with Monken on board. I don't believe we flip a switch and change everything, but with the playmakers coming and and those developing, the new staff should be better equipped to use that talent. Much like Smart has done with the defense.
Yup. Sakerlina is going to need better to compete with Upstate Kinfolk.
Shane Matthews "hung around" for nine years. OK. Saw action in 32 games over those 9 years and threw for about 5k yards... maybe not a complete bust but close. I'll give you Grossman... the rest were busts, Manziel the worst!
Guess it depends on how you define "bust". Greene was great at UGA, 3rd round pick and spent 95% of his career on the practice squad of NFL rosters.... = BUST
Exactly, Heisman winner; 4th round pick; 6 yrs NFL with 4 teams; not a consistent starter = BUST.
I don't think its a matter of Kerryon getting hurt. I think they will likely end up as a very good 1-2 punch with neither taking a significant beating as the every down back.
Manziel of course! Sadly David Greene. Shane Matthews. Rex Grossman. Danny Wueferl.