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Back in 1980, I was hoping I'd live long enough to see another Natty in Athens; now I have. I don't think I'll live long enough to endure another in gainesville though; 2008 was so long ago.
DGD and a high motor. Hate to see Walker go as he would've been a stud next year, but will likely be a steal for someone in Rd 3-5.
DGD but I'm not sure he is NFL ready. I don't see him drafted until very late, if at all.
Seems to be an interesting time on the plains. After Bo Nix 13th season (sure seems that way), the QB ?? will loom large. Defense will be stout again and they always seem to have talent at RB. Who knows, maybe they get JT Daniels from the portal.
A coot fan, you gotta consider the source there. Outside of 3 yrs with Spurrier, not a lot to brag about so dragging other "upswing teams" down is the mantra. And as you've alluded, Stoops owns them.
There will be some key pieces missing but Stoops has recruited well. The CATs are in good shape for continued improvement and I think will be UGA's chief competition in the East for 2022.
Best of luck and hope he lights it up wherever he goes.
He would do well at AU in Harsin's offense.
Agree. He's gotta get the majority of starts wherever he lands to be considered. In the end though, I'd like to see the details on how/why this played out the way it did. Many rumors about health and parents' involvement, etc.
Big move. Hopefully he has a Will Anderson type yr in 2022.
Smart move, another yr of growth and experience will improve his draft stock and help out the D in 2022.
Pretty good list. Smith will definitely be the Alpha in the Dawgs revamped defense.
Fantasy, you been mixing too much crawdad juice with your coffee in the morning.
Yep, they just reload. This group will be scary good in 2022.
Bama - yep they will be angry Dawgs - maybe a darkhorse to get back in, it will be tough though and dependent on how many guys leave and who steps up. SoCal - NO WAY Ohio St - they probably right the ship Clemson - maybe on the backs of a very weak schedule about your automatic entries, but I see them struggling for a couple yrs without the only "real football coach" they had in Venables.
Things are looking up in Knoxville. If they can improve the defense a bit, I don't see why 9 or 10 wins isn't reasonable. I don't see USCjr as a toss here and I think you get 2/3 from LSU, KY and FLa.
@Bill, I know this is late but had to get you a bit for all the ribbing. Georgia didn't "Georgia" this time; that along with the 1980 jokes are history now! BTW, thanks for the comments. Some of us have been waiting on this since we were in our teens...others didn't know the frustration as long. Hope your chickens improve enough to best your big brother in the NW corner of the state...'cause they've grown to be one of the more annoying fan bases in CFB.
that is true. Definitely don't wanna sacrifice 2022 for the "development" of another QB, but then look at what Brice Y has done....not saying either one of those are at his level, but could be. Guess that's why Kirby is making $$$$ to fret over these decisions and we just sit here and second guess.
Kinda got mixed feelings on this one. On one hand I can't deny Bennett's accomplishments on the field. But, if there wasn't an all world defense on the field, do we beat Bama or Michigan...I don't think so. I like Bennett's story, his work ethic, dedication but if I'm honest he doesn't have the ceiling of BVG or maybe Stockton. I'd say it would help GA in the long run if SBIV rides off with the Natty and enjoys free everything everywhere he goes.
Good luck Ameer. The young kids will have to step up next year; but for now enjoy!
There will be attrition, but it does hurt to lose DBs when we've been thin there this season. Good group coming in though. Good luck to these young men as they seek opportunities elsewhere and thanks for your contribution to the first Natty since I was a teenager.
A little early to be calling out a dynasty. Let's just enjoy the heck outta this for the next yr and let 2022 take care of itself. GO DAWGS!
Not a good look. A few bad apples. Shouldn't be allowed and any season tickets should be revoked for folks that do this, regardless of fan base.