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Interesting that the Alabama projection is 23% for LSU. I know one game (Texas) doesn't make a season, but these boys are looking great! Defense clicking and offense on spreading things around. The West is gonna be interesting!
That is true. IF Fla State and The U had kept up, things may be a little different.
I honestly don't see Florida or Texas A&M as high as projected. And Auburn has some issues on offense, but Jordan Hare is always tough.
I really don't see how this is a blow out. Hopefully I'm proved wrong, but I expect a 10pt game. I don't think ND is as good as advertised, but they're still pretty good.
That is true. I'd like to see Clem's Son play an SEC schedule then see if they get a free pass to the playoff.
I guess you can look at that as "this team can beat anybody" if you ignore the fact you still got kicked to the curb by 20+ in both games.
You got me there, grilling and listening to Allman! Hillinski is legit, but definitely needs more dudes around him. Muschamp needs to quit talking to Kirby about the fakes. Give him credit he pulled out all stops. The fake FG was there; the other two not so much.
Nice touch! You really never know what today's teens and you adults are dealing with!
Not really Lil' Billy, but we sure do like talking about the 58 times beating the coots. Last year was great seeing all those chicken fans leaving Willy B early.
And BLPB, Every Georgia fan is your daddy and you know it. GA gonna GA all over your Coots.
Lil' Billy ain't a SC fan. He's a Bamma, LSU, Texas, and 2016 Vandy fan. I guess when you have no tradition, relevancy or history to go with, you wave the flags of teams who can beat the one who IS YOUR DADDY!
Pig you have some outlandish comments/predictions, but this one is funny!
Agree. Interesting with the point of how does UK's backup QB do and which Feleipe Franks shows up (the talented one or the mouthy one looking for cameras and opposing DBs to throw to).
I don't troll SC fans, just BLPB. He is entertaining and fun to get going and as demonstrated above when he gets a few Natty Lights in him can orate with the best of them. But, the most fun is reminding him to put down his Bama, LSU, Texas, and now 2016 Vandy flags when the Dawgs grill some chicken again. BTW, just to let him know, I'm confident he'll be crying when his coots leave Columbia, MO as well as Athens. Most SC fans are rational in their discussions, except for the Pig's drunken prediction of a Bama win and 8-4 season...maybe he was joking though! Ole Billy likes to mouth off at UGA fans, cause he really doesn't have a team worth cheering for and doesn't know a dang thing about football; only stats he reads off the web. He's a good laugh on a bad day at work though.
@BamaTime, and I do usually like to read your insight, but have to respectfully disagree with the comment about Dawg fans jumping on the Clemson bandwagon. Those of us who've been around long enough to remember and participate in those knock down drag outs with Clemson in the 70s, 80s, 90s don't really like Clemson either; respect but don't like. And to be quite honest a lot of respect from most Dawg fans to Bama as well. Ya'll are the standard for the SEC. And in the words of the great philosopher Ric Flair,"to be the man, you gotta beat the man." UGA is close, but has to play the full 4 qtrs to beat Bama, we've proved that twice.
Unfortunately, was at all three of those UGA/SC games in that span. Spurrier had our number then, not to mention Lattimore was exceptional.
UGADawg, you just have to ignore BLPB although he is entertaining. He is the self appointed all-knowing, fact quoting, expert of SDS. As much as he is fun to read, he can't put down waving the flag of Bama, LSU, and anyone else that has beat UGA in the last few years. Because he knows they've done something, that the coots haven't in the Boom era and that's come CLOSE to beating the Dawgs. BTW, BLPB how's that USC (sorry S Carolina) streak against ACC basketball teams. Mid-level ACC VA and CAROLINA (the real one) have your number. Can't wait for your trip between the REAL Hedges.
It is great to see this early confidence with Zeus. Can you imagine as the tests get stronger, using a consistent rotation of Swift, Herrien, White, and McIntosh...then the expanding role of Cook everywhere on the field. And, not to mention it looks like those young pups at WR are starting to come into their own.
Now that is funny. But it's zoysia. Too high priced for me. I stick with the old standard of Bermuda.
I think with most of the national media, maybe not. But with SEC Fans, etc, most folks could see this coming. If they played right now, I think they'd beat Bama. Would love to see the Dawgs get a shot at redemption in the SECCG. LSU is very strong! LSU fans, I've not seen your guys start this strong/fast in recent memory? Seem to always build to mid-season.
The context of #10 was playing in a New Year's Six Bowl instead of getting to the SECCG; by the way getting the doors blown off by Auburn negates getting there. But I'm not sure the term "New Years Six" was even a thing before the CFP.
Tough loss here. Would love to see TN turn this thing around, but it ain't gonna happen with Pruitt at the helm! See you guys in Knoxville in a couple of weeks. In spite of the struggles, Neyland is still one of my favorite stadiums to watch a game. Great atmosphere and the "VOL Navy" is a unique thing to see!
From 2017/2018 experience against Bama when it counts, BOOM is 100% on point. The get a lead and try to hold it method definitely doesn't work.