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I disagree that LSU is "not a premier job". To me it is one of the top 10 or 15 in CFB. Tell me what jobs are premier over LSU; there aren't that many. I say go after Kiffin!
Good points. Saban ain't leaving. Fisher ain't leaving. And, in spite of 2021 Datboy ain't leaving Klem's Son; he's still got a free ticket to the CFP in most years without trying hard. You can always bring back Urban, since he's about to get fired.
They are "almost" on the cusp of something! Like "almost" beating Bama, "almost" beating KY (but had more yards) and "almost" beating LSU.
Slight longshot, but Kiffin at LSU with the resources and $$ they have available would be scary!
Point is that was an ugly game no one really wanted to win. Any thing else is delusional.
But not quite as good as that b&$#h slap the Dawgs give the coots on a regular basis. Prolly should be glad Kirby called em off at 1/2 time a few weeks ago, instead of projecting back 5 yrs for a Vandy win.
Bcreek I thought y'all might have a chance against Klem's Son but not after this.
Alabama? Florida is next on the schedule. A lot of games still to be played. Talk about Bama after Thanksgiving if we win those.
An opponent yes, but I like Stoops and what he is doing in Lexington.
Have to admit, I am being proven wrong on Bennett. He is playing well in Monken's system. At this point if it ain't broke don't fix it. Go Dawgs.
Great win for the Dawgs against a tough KY team. cats will win out and get a NY6 game, replacing the turds from Gainesville.
Great win for the Dawgs against a tough KY team. Acts will win out and get a NY6 game, replacing the turds from Gainesville.
Can't agree with that. It was all about pride. Why not try to score. It was our defense job to stop them. Cats are tough.
They (Clemson) was an elite defense only when we played them. You forget what our defense did to Clemson. KY has moved the ball some. I still think they will win out.
Cats are as advertised and playing tough. By far the best team the Dawgs have played so far.
Great game to watch. Bo Nix showed up to play.
LOL I guess that gator defense is still "under rated" or is that translated to under performing. One LSU back nearly got 300. And what happened to that so called rush game at UF.....?
That narrative will change as soon as they exit the locker room for whatever poor souls they play next!
Ya'll just need some dudes. Sorry, but Doty ain't The Guy. What does the '22/'23 recruiting look like? Beamer is supposed to be a good recruiter, but he's gotta have some success for kids to buy in to what he's sellin'.
Still riding those coat tails of Bama and Florida to do your dirty work. You are correct an "down day by our defense" could spell disaster...maybe. There's no doubt though you will see disaster though.
Easy to break this one down. TA&M opens up a big ole can of whoop@$$ and pours it all over Tony The Tiger.
Well, they are except usually getting fried up, roasted, or just flat run over. That chicken ain't crossing NO roads for a while, well except in Nashville maybe.
Too funny. Unlike most, I would be surprised if this is not a close game.