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The Coots do it again! A "gamecock" with spurs isn't that intimidating, but one without is just funny! Maybe it identifies as something else?
Should be a great game. USCjr definitely will have to stop the run and conversely run the ball effectively, but I just don't see that without Lloyd out. Interesting battle with SC "new defensive" front vs that TN OL. Didn't SC lose a couple of OL guys that opted out? If so, that might give TN DL the edge too.
Sadly, I just don't see it. The offense has to be better than the dismal performance in 2019, but will it be good enough? Not concerned at all about the O-Line, WR or RBs but can Mathis or Daniels be the guy? I like Mathis personally and the kid has up side, but can he step in. I'm expecting 1-2 losses overall, but a return to Atlanta, because I think this defense and depth can carry us that far. As usual nearly impossible to beat Bama twice, and Clemson or OSU or both in the playoff. Both of the latter have it too easy not to make it, so pencil them in. As usual, the SEC combatant will be bruised and beat up.
IF Chaney doesn't hamstring your offense you are correct (@Braves). These two kids can be dynamic. Personally, I'd pick the Vols at #3 in the East, especially if they can steal one from TA&M or AU. Start out strong this week by invading the chicken coop in Columbia. A good hound dog loose in a chicken coop is never a good thing for the chickens.
The article plainly says, "...3 things to look for in Gators opener at Ole Miss". Well, I'm looking for the LaneTrain to open up a can of whoop a$$. Will it happen, probably not, but I can hope can't I. BTW, you two boys must still be hurtin' over 102-41 the last three years! "To be the man, you gotta beat the man." And that's something Mullet hasn't done yet. Oh, he's talked a lot about it but hasn't beatin Kirby or really done anything against a Kirby defense. Nov. 7 can't get here fast enough.
Kirby needs to call up Ole Dabo and find out what he does to keep Venables and replicate it!
RangerSpur, I didn't immediately think of that point when posted this week that Hill would be the starter. Wasn't a surprise at all, given familiarity with Bobo's offense. "Maybe" Muschamp finally realizes he has a capable OC and will leave that side of the ball alone and focus on management and defense.
@Weagle, you just gave some chicken fans an idea,"Well now, haven't thought of that."
Really only "One Thing You Need To Know".... the kid's a STUD!
I hope coach Pitt wins em all, well except that first one! Good luck to him and his rebuilding project.
I just can't see AU going 6-4. I don't see the KY loss in Wk 1. AU vs UGA to me is a toss up, but give the edge to the Dawgs at home and the D. They also may be good enough to sneak up on a depleted LSU squad.
All "somewhat" good points but the real test will be in the SEC against SEC DL and SEC DBs.... all else is just fluff until he proves he can against Auburn, Bama, et al.
Just hope he doesn't rip us off again like last year to make the list. Good point though and I think he's more deserving on this list than Jaycee Horn?
Spot on "Nash". Personally, I think all the Heisman buzz and also Natty talk was a bit premature during the Summer. Newman could have been good, but without data against SEC type defenses (especially this year), he was still somewhat of an unknown as are all of the QBs. He could have just as easily been awful and pulled early. Even Daniels is a question mark but does appear to be talented... but, again we don't know until he takes snaps against good defenses. It will, as always come down to the Cocktail Party, so this doesn't really change the East Front Runner Race. Can the Dawg defense shut down Trask and Co. or does the re-tooled Gator defense get the job done? Everyone else in the East is still playing for third.
#1 is THE BOLD prediction here.... an extension would just be plain stupid. #7 is also very Bold without Marshawn Lloyd... that kid is for real and would have made a difference in the chickens run game.
Wow, a meaningful article from SDS. It would have been nice to see more detail of the activities this young man was involved in. Great job. It'd be great to see more stories like this!
Well, yes he will. Just like 2017, 2018, 2019...
A lot of "boldness" in those pics. #9, not so much, more truth than prediction. In the words of the great philosopher, Rick Flair, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man". Until Mullen does that, well..... "Whooooo!"
This will be an interesting QB battle to watch. Will Hillinski lose all the hype and grow as a QB under Bobo or will he become the second coming of J Bentley? Adding Hill and the hyped Doty will make it tough to keep another interception machine as your starter. Hillinski had more "Oh My" moments than "Oh, Wow" moments.
Agree RangeSpur! Ranch should go. Gotta have Ketchup/mustard for burgers and dogs and you CANNOT have a good ole Southern tomato sandwich without mayo.... and it's gotta be Dukes (none of that Hellmanns, Kraft, or God forbid Miracle Whip crap)!
@ Model 12, you get the prize for post of the week! Hillarious.
No way. Tell OSU and the rest to go pound sand, let em suffer by losing players if they don't have a season.
I just hope enough SEC teams have roster spots for all of those about to hit the transfer portal.
Dang unfortunate, retract the DGD statements from a while back. You reap what you sow!
Good get for the Dawgs and extends that developing CA pipeline.