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I would definitely agree. Gimme the Natty anytime over an SEC Championship. Spurrier just needs to go away and coach is minor league team. Not sure about the Saban cheating comment or Spurrier doing things the "right way." He's low class and just look at the bundles of integrity while leaving a smoldering dumpster fire at SC mid-season.
I do think Fromm has to go the distance. I like Fields,but maybe Kirby is right that he's not ready to manage the game. I too am starting to come around to Chaney's play calling being an issue. When you run the ball without resistance on one drive (not to mention the momentum killing fake FG), then on the next series throw three passes, I lose confidence. Coach O says they changed the defense and maybe so or was it more of the play calling from that point. I get it, when down by 2 scores or more you need to throw and it's on Fromm and the OL, but at that point it was 10-0 and no time to come out passing. I am still holding hope that when the OL gets healthy again things could change in the run game. I don't know if its a trust thing with the younger backs or not, but we abandon it too early. Last year it was "keep pounding until we wear down the defense" and now Chaney seems to abandon the run too early. He's gone back to the bone headed play calls of 2016.
Same here "rico". Congrats to LSU, good win and kicked our butts. Hope to see them again in Atlanta if we can recover.
@LSUSMC, that was a good ole fashion a$$ whoopin' on Saturday. Now, take that same attitude and intensity when Bama comes to Death Valley. Good luck there and hope to get a re-match in the SECCG.
Looking forward to watching this one Sat night. Death Valley is on my bucket list of places to see the Dawgs play. Not enough $$ to make the trip this year, but one day! Should be a great game. Dawgs, here's the "physicality" Kirby's been preaching about, no go get some!
How many times have we seen these "reveals" of uniforms? How 'bout learn to play some football instead of hanging out at the state fair midway.
Maybe so on Joyner and understand the logic. But why not give #12 a due shot. He did things in the Mizzou game Bentley has yet to do.
Hmmm, wonder if this somewhat explains at least one of the movements from last week. Hate to lose any recruit, but getting this guy certainly seems to be at least an equal trade.
Wow! That is stretching it a lot. Granted Auburn did beat Bama last year and put a beat down on the Dawgs in Jordan Hare, but this Auburn team is a shell of the 2017 version, especially on offense. Defense is still top notch and will give both fits, but beating both won't happen in 2018.
Big mistake. Bentley is so inconsistent. #12 was much more methodical in his progressions. He didn't stare down receivers and wasn't as prone to "baiting" as the overrated Bentley. Or, take the redshirt off the Joyner kid.
The two teams I love to hate the most but dang it NCAA stay out of it and let the two teams play a game to benefit those struggling in both SC and NC! Applaud the efforts of UNC and USC.... won't ever hear me say that again!
How 'bout just go the the SC site where their fans believe anything!
Somewhat agree that one of those narratives would play out. But, LSU is still a pretty dang good football team in spite of losing to the Gators. And to be honest, UF is proving to be very good as well (hated to admit that one)! Bottom line is as it always is... SEC teams beatin' up on each other and the survivor or survivors get to the CFP. Too bad none of the other conferences are this tough top to bottom! What would Clemson or OSU do if they played an SEC schedule? Oh, and if that ain't enough and we are fortunate enough to beat LSU, Fla, KY, and AU then there's that crowd in Tuscaloosa waiting. "There's no cryin' in..... SEC football!"
That's what I like about Kirby.... it's time to put the big boy britches (although silver) and go git em! Although it was just Vandy, there was some improvement, but a lot to clean up this week before going to Baton Rouge.
I would love to see the expansion to 8 teams. With that there shouldn't be much argument of teams getting left out. Then UCF could get their butts kicked by a Power 5 team in Round 1.
At this point in the season, this is all a bunch of nonsense from the talking heads to get folks to watch ESPN and comment here. This is Week 6 and you can mark it down, chaos is about to happen. It always does and several of the wannabes will drop out. Just hope the Dawgs ain't one of 'em!
Originally committed as a sophomore... young kid, and mind changes with the wind. We're gonna be OK no matter what he decides. We've got top talent receivers now. Yeah he has a high ceiling. Good luck to him.
You gotta understand the history and the fan base, playing second fiddle to Clemson for 100yrs. Lived in SC for a long time and know the fan base really well... it's always been this way long before joining the SEC. In 110 yrs of football, the first season at least 10 wins was 1984, the next wasn't until Spurrier in 2011. He did rattle off three in a row, but nothin to show for it except an SEC East crown in 2010 (9-5, which resulted in a beatdown by Auburn in the Championship game. When you don't have a history or any tradition, you grab on to any glimmer of hope regardless if it's hype. Heck, Spurrier and Holtz couldn't turn it around and sustain it, what makes folks think Muschamp can?
No one except the few East of I77 in SC believes that crap! You gotta understand the media is exciting a fan base with no extensive history in winning football, no tradition and believers of any bait material thrown that way. First it was challenge UGA for the East (Dawgs put that to bed quick), then it was definitely leaders for 2nd in the East (KY bashed that one) and all based on a 2017 season that was full of pure luck to win 9 games by an over-achieving bunch who took advantage of a very down year for TN and FLa. The QB has always been over-hyped. He's decent but not SEC elite. No running game. No depth on defense. And since Kirby pretty much locked down the state of GA, their recruiting has dried up.
Where is the Joyner kid from N. Charleston... supposed to be very good and athletic? Are they gonna red shirt him. I've said all along Bentley is a hyped up joke. He's not cerebral at all. Sure he runs around and makes a play here and there, but for the most part inconsistent and easily baited into throwing INTs. Maybe you guys should call on Kelly Bryant. A major improvement over Bentley.
Very true. Definitely can't overlook anyone right now. Kentucky is legit and that stretch of LSU, Florida, Kentucky and Auburn DOES NOT look easy right now. Dawgs should be favored in all four, but definitely have some issues to fix.
Is it just me or are we all picking the fleas off the dog! I mean, we expect a 40 pt blowout every week. I agree the O line isn't pushing the LOS like they did against SC. If you go back and watch that film you can see it move. But, are we expecting too much too early? Fromm is efficient and the fumbles were caused in breakdowns in the blocking scheme. Or, and this is reaching a bit... is Kirby really holding something back? I mean if you watch, it seems like the offense can just turn up the volume seemingly when they want to. Agree, that won't work against LSU, Bama, and now Kentucky, but something just seems odd. The defense is solid, but not great, and they also don't give up the big play. I think they are starting to settle in. But since Game 2, the offense seems stuck in mud, then spins the tires a bit and they're off and running.
Smoked the DB who actually had a decent angle.... vintage Chubb! Great player and great individual.
... reading defenses." Just not a top flight SEC QB and never has been. Mostly a product of Deebo being so good
By the way, what happened to that "fraud" KY team the Lamecocks were talkin' about? We know who the fraud is for sure! On another note I hate to see anyone get hurt so hope Bentley is OK. But he ain't the QB this crowd has been crowin' about. Even the announcers Sat night didn't give KY defense much of a chance against "a QB with that much experience and skill at
Don't worry, Lock will shred that Muschamp defense.
UT from one Dawg fan. Sure I'm happy with the win. UGA didn't play as good as they are capable of, but UT is improving. Good luck the rest of the season.
Agree. UT is improving, they were pumped and played pretty well. Dawgs gotta improve and start pushing folks around though. Maybe we are expecting too much with all the talent/leadership gone. They're gonna grow and learn, but I hope it's before LSU and Auburn. Don't even want to think about Bama right now.
Can't disagree more. It's not a Fromm or QB problem in general. The O-line hasn't moved the line of scrimmage consistently since the SC game. Definitely not against O-line and D-line play are about consistency and repetition. The constant shuffling due to injuries and just plain trying folks robs that consistency. I hope we can get some folks healthy and run the same line for a while to gain those stepped improvements. Sure Fromm had a couple of drops, but go back and watch the film. The Nauta TD was definitely a breakdown in the line. Fields is good and is learning and boy he is electric, but he's still got a lot to learn between the ears before he's ready to start against SEC defenses. He'll get there, but right now Fromm has to be the guy.