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Come on Keith, ain't you got nothin' to write about? Why do we have to post a Fields story every couple weeks or so? He's been gone for over two years. Show some journalism skills.
Probably could've been one point.... Consistently being effective at stopping elite offenses. In spite of losses at Clemson, you can bet that will still be a top notch unit; UF is questionable but could be; and then there's Bama, assuming we make the early Dec game in ATL.
Thanks Bill. That QB room is stacked. I just hope Kirby can keep em all. It's also gonna be interesting with Muschamp back in the fold. I just wonder how this shakes out if Lanning gets a HC gig soon.
Seems odd that Klem's Son is not in his top 5. Probably as most high profile kids, picking USCjr may be a wait and see on the first year or so of the Beamer era. But, he does have that dumpster fire in Knoxville in his list... SMH.
Good flip for the Coots, the kid has good upside if you watch his tape.
I guess safety is the one spot in the secondary that may be crowded, but the kid would've got some playing time this year. Good luck young Mr Burns and may you light it up wherever your destination is!
Why do some "journalists" on SDS continue to promote the stores of Justin Fields and Jamie Newman on the UGA site? Fields left over 2 yrs ago and Newman never put the red & black on for a game. What fan of the Dawgs really cares at this point and what on earth does it have to do with the 2021 season..... NOTHING! I know it's late Spring and there's not much newsworthy material, but heck be a journalist and go dig up something worthwhile.
Hopefully he lights it up in PA. Best of luck young man!
Take that Top 5 or 6, but em in a bag, shake em up and pick one at this point. All look pretty good.
Tebow would probably be an excellent HC or position coach at a minimum and I'd agree with Mullen, Tebow's platform is much higher then football. He's an excellent example to all young men on how to try and do things the right way. High character, morals, and true to himself.
Overall good performance, some concerns about the O-Line and ever shrinking WR room (that was supposed to be the strength). The front 7 on D will be awesome. But, I'm in wait and see mode and a lot will be revealed come Sept 4 in Charlotte.
Good comeback Nash. I believe Mr Smith will get to know your boy Emory quite a bit on Halloween Eve as he plants him firmly in the turf at Jax. You best hope our secondary doesn't get figured out by then, cause that front 7 is going to be nasty.
1. Jordan Davis 2. Devonte Wyatt 3. Travon Walker 4. Adam Anderson 5. Nolan Smith
I think that's the point.... Herschel may not be "right for political office" but he would be right for the state of Georgia and the American people. He's smart, articulate, loves his state and country and has something most of those who are "right for political office" don't have; integrity!
I'm just trying to understand what "lack of immaturity" means... so Harris shows maturity then? Budget degree from UGA $$$, high price tagged education from Vandy and still can't execute simple grammar....priceless!
Spot on Fuzzy. Some disturbing items but most occur at all schools. Hope ya'll get this sorted.
That's funny coming from a guy who is trusting Emory Jones? Blah, blah, blah about 40 yrs. Your last natty is quickly getting outta site too and if you think Mullett is the second coming of Urban, the joke's on you! Get your facts straight too; remind me of Mullett's record against Smart? I'll wait.
Watched a couple of WVa games in '20, kid is the real deal. Would be a good addition to a young DB room.
Well that just sucks! There is talent in the room to compensate for the catches/yards/TDs, but the great (or not so great) point in this article is that Pickens would make a difference on the 50/50 balls against better DBs at Clemson/Bama.
Corch, the comparison's with Martinez defenses is fair. But, until Kirby, Lanning and Co. prove they can shut down (or at least slow down) elite offenses (i.e. 2019 LSU, 2020 Bama and UF), we will struggle. Nobody shut down 2019 LSU! In the '20 SECCG, if UF has a defense at all they probably beat Bama and on the flip side Bama's D didn't shut down UF but made enough plays so their own elite offense could get it done.
Actually, a pretty good/fair assessment Nash! I tend to agree with most of your points here. One of my biggest concerns too about Daniels is the "gunslinger" mentality. There were several times in 2020 where Daniels went for the long ball when a better and more open short receiver was there. Clemson is there for the taking, but we are too I believe, especially when the hype gets in the heads of 18 yr olds.
Absolutely and it's just not the one issue, if you recall his incident against Ga Tech that cost him 1/2 the SEC Champ Game. Also, he came in with that type reputation and really hasn't disappointed. While I agree he is the most talented and with the most upside, none of the others have shown the same issues.
Until Pickens can prove he can improve the mental side of the game, I'd agree on Jackson or maybe Burton.
Going out on a limb here, but IMHO, Pickens is not consistent enough to be a high round pick. He's gotta get his head right and JUST PLAY FOOTBALL....lose the drama and go ball out!
The tools are there. 1) Kirby must let Monken loose 2) Still a lot of unknowns against Elite teams (sorry, USCjr, Mizzou, MissSt don't count).
Lots of respect for Tebow. Genuinely tries to do things the right way!
@DGD82, now that post seems odd coming from a liberal. "Break the law, get a ticket; pay the ticket, no boot. Actions have consequences." Just seems odd you'd write something logical that makes sense. And to your point, you are correct the idiots that ransacked the Capitol Bldg should be brought to justice. But, so should all the idiots that, all through the summer, destroyed Federal buildings and honest, hard working folks businesses. And BTW, started the crap again last night in Manhattan! It's a two way street jack@ss.