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Coley needs to pull that play call sheet he used against the Gators outta the trash and try again. He obviously threw it away before the Mizzou game.
BLPB, ya'll gotta stop this death spin. It is making our October loss look REALLY bad! BTW, I don't understand the injuries. Same thing last year. I mean every team has em. We had a bunch of guys go down this week against Mizzou, but it seems ya'll are snake bitten. Heck borrow some money from FSU and pay the buyout, but then who do you get?
Tough loss Bcreek. Can't take UNC Tweetsie too lightly.
Great flop, but Isaiah Wilson still gets the Oscar for the Florida performance.
Two things here. 1) Stoops IS good for Kentucky and has got something going. 2) Stoops at FSU would, in short term, end Clemson's run through a week conference every year to the CFP.
That was funny to me. Better than a lot of flops in round all.
As an "innocent bystander" in this one, based on the body of work thus far, I'd have to pick LSU who, at this point seems to be a little more complete and certainly have played the tougher slate. But you can never count out (as we know all to well), a Saban coached team.
Not gonna get easier from here. Auburn (at Jordan Hare) will be tough... they are better on D than UF, but we should be able to stop their offense. Missouri won't be an easy out and then there's the Bama/LSU SECCG.... we gotta get over that hump. Ya'll take care of the Tiggers at home please!
Yeah, having him alone would take our D-Line to elite status.
He is a beast and a lot of fun. Maybe he falls down getting off the bus in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, Swift's deadleg change of direction will make him miss, but that dude is a "grown man" and will be tough for our O-Line to handle. Gonna be the toughest test we've had in spite of what the Gators had to say.
Spin it how you want. The reality is you gotta get by the Dawgs to even get a sniff of the SECCG now and maybe my math ain't that good but I think this is 3 in a row, keeping your butts at home in early December and the playoff for that matter.
That may be true and he is getting better, but he needs to "at least not get beat deep" and that happens too often. I'd also like to see him come down hill more and start laying people out.
All of this is just noise. We don't need to get into the entitlement attitude of 2018 and get our butts kicked. Win the remaining games and we're in, regardless of what this poll indicates!
That has to be one of the "classic" plays of 2019. Maybe not scripted and ad-hock, but it was great to watch over and over. That with him tripping over the 45 yard line earlier in the year. D Brown will definitely be playing on Sundays and will be missed on Saturdays.
Well, there may have been some adult beverage driving that statement. The two knuckleheads talked as much crap (or more) than I did before SC humbled us.
CO, where you at boy? Looks like the Dawgs knocked the wheels off the gator bandwagon... AGAIN! I guess you'll go silent again.
Good comeback game for Fromm and the offense. Coley called a pretty good game, but having Cager back made it work.
There are some good gator fans on here. But Mr2Bits and CO, we'll wait for your whining and complaining.
2 bits, 4 bits,6 bits, a dollar; all for the Gators...sit down and shut up!
You need to be focused on this week, else that SC gift goes to your head in a close one with the Dawgs!
Less with more? Than UF over the last 3 years? How's that working? Remind me when your last SEC East of SEC Championship was? Been to the playoff yet? Maybe loosen up those jorts, they're cutting off circulation to the noggin son.
That is why, even opposing fan bases, appreciate a coach like "O". Honest, what you see is what you get, seems to genuinely enjoy coaching/mentoring young men. Can't understand a dang thing he says, but you know he's being honest and saying what he feels.
That is solid. However, up the middle, up the middle, try to pass, punt isn't the answer, but what we've been trying it consistently. When our RBs are at their best, it is off tackle or outside and providing Swift that cutback option he uses so well. I say run right at the UF DEs and let Swift use their speed (and his) against them and put Fromm in the position he excels at with picking options on shorter yardage downs. Fromm has to step up, YES. But Coley really needs to step up. Chaney was predictable, but he usually came outta the gate with a good plan. Right now Coley is predictable and doesn't seem to know how to use his best weapons.
Probably should check the last few years of recruiting ranking before being stupid. Apparently, the 5*s like the red and black. The puke orange/blue, not so much.
Yeah got to. These gator fans talk more trash than I did before we got humbled. And folks say we're annoying.