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Easy article to write. With that much loss of production and experience, gotta be worse. Hard to equal the '21 defense.
vaq, you're just scared 'cause that'd be one guaranteed conf loss for your coots every year.
Adding UNC/Duke would be great for SEC basketball and OK for baseball, but for football, it'd be like adding another SC and Vandy.... one that wins sometimes and one that would get drubbed every week.
I do see Datboi leaving Clemson for Bama! His ride is about over anyway.
How bout research and use that Humanities degree you have instead of pasting a few words around a tweet that basically says, "I talked to some drunk and this is what he said." I mean, that someone she talked to was probably Neegan!
Would love to see Klempson beg and get turned away for FSU or Miami.
That is a very good question, "what will happen to the super power alliance of the Big10, ACC and PACwhatever"? It should surely be defunct now and will the playoff get expanded? The ACC is truly left out in the cold now. Even if they convince ND, then what other power would they get?
Nope, those recruit signings won't necessarily translate to success in the SEC. Until they prove it on the field week in, week out for several years, then you can say they're SEC-worthy.
I guess I'd have to say slightly worse, 'cause this bunch was pretty good in '21 and I don't see how they get better with the two primary havoc weapons gone (Enagbare & Sterling). Pickens is legit but Burch hasn't proven his ranking yet; a big fish in a small pond hasn't translated yet. The secondary was really good in '21 and we'll need to see if the transfers help through the losses. To me the LBs are still a big question mark. We'll find out in the first 3 games what this team and defense is made of. Can they stop three very good rushing teams outta the box?
Please tell me Bumper Pool is still on this defense.
You and Neegan ARE NOT allowed ever again in the playground together!
For one, I HOPE Will Anderson doesn't get better!
No it doesn't ark_vol. Its sad both of our fanbases have someone to drag down the rest. Tough luck in the CWS, good luck in the Fall except for that Nov 5 game.
Two straight CWS titles out the state of Miss. Great win for the Rebels and I'd say a show of class from Oklahoma in the loss. Can't deny these kids - National Champions!
Peaked at the right time. Based on how these guys played during the CWS, it seems odd their regular season record wasn't that impressive. Great games in the CWS and CONGRATS OLE MISS!
Fair statement if you think about it. Even Beck still has 4yrs eligibility; Vandagriff 4yrs; same with Stockton. Maybe he won't get one. If these guys stay, maybe put the priority in '23 elsewhere.
Prolly shoulda thought that statement through before hitting the go button. BTW, Kirby's proven time and again nothing is "locked" until he's finished.
Nice addition to a growing LB room. Always been consistent with LBs but lately, wow!
Another great game between Arky and Ole Miss. I guess now we pull for the Rebels to send Boomer Schooner back to Norman all sad!
Decent article and I guess going with Sark makes sense for QB development. Kirby will need to look to steal Lonergan from the coots.
Agree, I thoroughly enjoyed that game vs the blowouts for most of the CWS.
Just can't see FLa (swamp) and TN...maybe you sneak up on one of em but not both. I see wins of Ga St, UNCC, SC State, Mizzou, Vandy and one of TN, FLa, KY. I just hope that mid-Sept game at noon doesn't trip up the Dawgs.
Yeah, I only see one kicker and one punter listed for the '23 class and both are 3* and they ain't this kid. On our list of commits he doesn't even show a rating. Maybe he'll be great, but as far as ratings, he's not listed.
Agree, I think the offense will be slightly better in 2022, but more out of necessity than influx of talent, which I think is about = with 2021. The defense has to take a step back so the offense won't be sitting on their hands in the 4Q in as many games.
This offense, Rattler and the running game, will live or die by the OL performance. I'd agree they are veteran and haven't yet figured it out. Rattler's mobility will help, but will he be running or "running for his life"? Is there a playmaker outside of Vann? The backs are solid but unproven. Better is fair but it would be hard to get worse than 13th in the SEC. This team, though, will live or die based on the best unit they have... the Defensive Line.
I got a headache in the first 20min reading.