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He is the best thing to happen to UT in a long time.
His dad was AD at Notre Dame and Duke so he knows how to run a program. Now all he has to do is hire a FB coach that wants to start from scratch with a huge rebuild under NCAA sanctions.
Anyone that thinks LSU will not be much better is fooling themselves. The offense will be really good. The defense would have been better last year if a circus monkey had been the DC rather than Pelini. So next year it is a cinch the defense will improve on their 127th ranking and 492yds per game average.
Who is the UT chancellor? Stalin, Beria? Show me the man and I will show you the crime. Right now UT is facing a generation from having been relevant in SEC football. With an administration like this they may be facing multiple generations from relevancy. No quality coach is about to subject himself to dishonorable people like those in Knoxville. Recently Auburn did the proper thing when seeking a different path. Hey Knoxville you should have been taking notes.
Wow, Vandy is looking like they will be the preeminent football school in the state for awhile. Who would have thunk it? Oh how the once mighty have fallen. Money and facilities alone do not make a football program. Coaching and culture are mighty important and this is where UT has swung and missed time after time.
Per Bill Parcells: "you are what your record says you are". If you want to see your future just look at your last 10 years. Unless lightening strikes UT is facing bad to mediocre football for 5 more years. That means you are one full generation from being relevant in the SEC. The trend is not your friend if you are sitting in Knoxville right now.
Well now there is plenty of depth on the o-line. Next year is sizing up to be a good one for LSU.
Pruitt may not be able to coach anywhere other than high school if he gets a show cause from the NCAA. But Nielsen is a solid hire for LSU and he should do really well. Ed got very lucky to get a guy he knows he can trust and who is an excellent recruiter to boot.
First a top flight AD then let him sort out the HC best suited to turn this mess around.
There is no way to sugar coat what is the state of UT's football program. They are looking at a long slow rebuild. The new AD better be ready to roll up his sleeves and know this is a 5 year reclamation project and he needs to get someone willing to start from scratch. There are no short cuts to what faces the new AD and coach.
UT is a dumpster fire that has been smoldering for 10+ years. They need to hire the best AD available and hope he can put the fire out. Then hope for the best with the new AD's judgement on a new FB coaching hire. It would appear UT will be toast for at least the next 5 years. I doubt anyone with prior NCAA issues has a snowball's chance in Knoxville right now.
If nothing more than the needed depth on both lines. Things are lining up for a really good team in 2021. Lots of competition at most key spots. And god knows they have tons of talent, so now it is on the staff to put them together.
Got my stats from They show 492yds per game and 127/130. And as you say it was bad defense regardless of ranking. The next DC is setup for being a hero comparing to last season. I do think LSU can have a great year with just a little tweak on the offensive side of the ball. The defense will be much better regardless. I am confident of that.
Every position should be open competition after last season. Defense will be better but that does not say much given last season's performance. Ryan Nielsen would be a great addition, he did a wonderful job at NCSU when he was there. With some tweaking and better line play they could be a top 20 ranked offense. LSU has the talent to be really good offensively.
No, actually total team defense, LSU came in at 127 out of 130 with 492 yds per game allowed.
QB competition at LSU is off the charts. I would not just hand it to Brennan based on seniority let all 3 fight for it. Besides at this point who is to say Brennan's injury will heal properly. Defensively the new DC will have the chance to make the biggest improvement ranking wise in NCAA history. LSU ranked 127th in total defense, so you could say there is some room for improvement.
Tennessee has been writing the book on how to destroy a football program for over 10 years now. If they did everything right for a change, and that is not likely, it will take them 5 years to get back to being a competitive program in the SEC East. As Bill Parcells said "you are who your record says you are" and right now the UT program continues to regress to the bottom of the SEC. I do not think UT has hit their bottom yet.
The past two seasons Bama's offense was impeccable in their execution. This year's defense got better as the season progressed similar to LSU's performance last year. Could watch their offense everyday, they were that good.
The Pruitt thing sounds a bit like "show me the man and I'll show you the crime" type of situation. If that is the route they take with Pruitt do not look for any good coach to come to their rescue. Do what Auburn did and pay the guy his due, then go find someone else. Now I did not agree with Auburn's decision at the time, but at least they did the honorable thing and not look for a weasel's way out.
Texas got a great upgrade and I imagine their recruiting will reflect this next year. His success will be determined by the DC and defensive staff he hires.
And what does history teach us? SEC= football ACC= basketball Rarely does this fail to be the case.
OSU showed they have the line play to give Bama a fight. But I think Sark has too many weapons for OSU's defensive secondary. I'd say Bama by 7 to 9 point margin.
The problem is not the QB room, or which one is the starter, but the O-Line needs to step it up big time next year. Better O-line play and a some semblance of a running game will be all the QB's need. And without that it will be more of the same next year offensively speaking.
Sorry but this is the most overrated award in all of sports. It generates lots of interest but usually little in substance.
Ryan Nielsen from the Saints. He is sharp and a good recruiter based on what he did at NCSU. And he played for O at USC so there is that tie. He is better than retreads like Steele, Mason, Muschamp etc.
LSU QB competition for next year will be crazy. All of them have their positives and negatives. And with a new OC it will interesting to watch. On another interesting note. Most fans would say Bama was much better defensively this year compared to last year and offensively they were just as good as last year. Well they gave up 4.8 yds/play both last year and this season. The exact same results but the perception is they were better this season. And maybe more shocking is Tua leaves and Mac steps in and the team averages the same 7.7 yds/play. Same results for 2019 and 2020 seasons on both defense and offense. Credit to Saban and staff.
This is what I've been saying since the news came out about Harsin. The people that know football all say he is a really good coach, but in the SEC it is all about your talent on hand. Gus and staff dropped the ball this year so you start out needing to reload quickly. Harsin will need at least 2, maybe 3, dynamic recruiters on his staff to get the job done. The job at Auburn is the toughest in college football between who you must play every season and the extreme level of politics that exist there. Harsin will earn his money if he's successful.
The people that know football think this is a good hire for Auburn. But Auburn is year in and year out the toughest job in America. Welcome to the SEC West and UGA every year. Now get a couple of great recruiters and show everyone what you can do.
And just for fun and games I looked up the past 10 years of y/p stats and the national leaders ran between 3.0 to 4.0 per play. And to be in the top 30-35 nationally you had to be under 5.0. Normally the NC came from the top 5 in this ranking. 2010 Auburn was #47, 2014 OSU was 11th and 2019 LSU was 27th were the outliers, and all three had dynamic offenses. Finally, the NC finished #1 in defense yd/play 5 times in the past 10 years. It is the most telling stat for both defense and team success their is.
LSU last year and Bama this year are the outliers. And both had/have spectacular offenses. When you give up over 5 yds/avg. play you are going to have a tough time winning games due to a worn out defense. Offenses never seem to tire out averaging 5-7 yds per play but defenses sure do.