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Choices and consequences. Auburn chose to tie down Malzahn long term and look what that choice has wrought. Unless your last name is Saban nobody in the SEC is worth what Malzahn is being paid. Fisher, Malzahn and Mullen are all overpaid based on their production to date at their current jobs. Now maybe Mullen and Fisher may get it done this year but until they do they fall in the overpaid category. AD's in the SEC should not fear Jimmy Sexton any longer. Malzahn is safe for at least two, if not three, more seasons due to AU's poor contract choice.
Today's Forecast: There is an 80% chance USC will bungle the new hire. History has a way of repeating itself.
I think Kirby inherited a better, stronger program than Richt was handed. Kirby is doing a great job, and the real measure will be when he has 15 years under his belt. That will give a truer read on comparing the two head coaches. Kirby may end up doing a better job but either one was a really good coach that most schools would be glad to have leading their program.
NCSU football is in a similar situation to USC and we are no longer your competition, but UF, UGA, UT, and Mo are. That's where you have not measured up and without a Spurrier you are not likely to anytime soon. History shows USC is still a place coaches go to have their careers die and walk away with a big payoff. And yes let the record show SC vs NCSU the record is 28W - 26L and 4 Ties in USC's favor.
The title should be "Freeze to USC Makes No Sense". The history of USC football is not great at all but for Spurrier's 3 season miracle. Fans there are passionate but they need a reality check if they think they can compete yearly with UF, UGA. They are in a race they can not win on any consistent basis. Freeze is a really good football coach and he can do a lot better elsewhere. Heck his current job is much less stressful and the pay differential doesn't warrant the move. USC is a coach killer job just look at their history.
Freeze can do a lot better than SC. SC is going no where anytime soon, they need a coach 'em up X and O kind of guy due to their recruiting footprint. The best players in their market are going to Clemson, UGA or North Carolina not Columbia. Remember Holtz and Spurrier had some success there but they had tough times too. And WM is no Holtz or Spurrier.
Congratulations to UF. Their defense really stepped up and Trask and his receivers were out of sight. And the O-line did a good job as well. I thought UF would need to run effectively to win but they proved me wrong on that one. They really exposed the UGA secondary.
#1. Lack of leadership. The prominent players on this team seem to be introverted. #2. Chemistry. The coaching staff and team just don't have that winning chemistry which is tied to the above. Talent is not lacking, and they could use more experience but it is hard to overcome chemistry and leadership deficiencies regardless of talent.
So Ed is writing off the remainder of this year? Sorry but there is too much talent on this year's team for a write off season. Talent is there but leadership?? Not so much.
Trask certainly gives UF a real chance but it always seems the team to run the ball best wins this game. I think UGA is better suited to do that this time. It should be one of the best games this season and an early playoff game/atmosphere. Hope the game lives up to the hype.
LSU's problem is not a lack of talent. Lack of leadership? YES. Someone has to step up and fill the leadership Burrow, Delpit, Cushenberry provided. I just do not see that kind of fire on the field or sideline this year.
The LSU o-line makes playing QB like trying to storm Omaha Beach. No matter who you are you are not likely to survive. Bama is just licking their chops for revenge and that will only make things worse.
If Bama were to bring only their defense unit and agrees to only play defense the entire game against LSU then maybe it could be a competitive game. Since that will not happen, the game will be a blow out with the Alabama side of the scoreboard looking something like Pelini's annual LSU salary.
Porous o-line and porous defense leads to the inevitable. Too much talent on the field for LSU to have this kind of performance.
So the state flag has remained the same for 126 years and all of a sudden now it is a problem? The NCAA should shut up and mind their business which is administrating college sports not being a social justice warrior. Sad but predictable in today's climate.
Mr. Hubbard can choose not to ever play at OSU again and that is his right and his choice. But his rights end when it comes to what t-shirt the coach wears on his time. Gundy needs to explain to Chubba the midgets do not run the circus even if they are talented midgets.
Finebaum is a nothing more than a ESPN weathervane and will always tell you which way the liberal/progressive wind is blowing. When wearing an OAN t-shirt is seen as offensive you know how screwed we are as a society. Would wearing a CNN or MSNBC t-shirt have gotten this response? Never!!! Regardless of the tripe they spew.
I would tell Mr. Hubbard it is his choice to be a member of our team. He has 24 hours to decide and his decision will be final when made. Then move on. You can not let the midgets run the circus no matter how talented a midget they might be.