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Its interesting to note that Bianchi is a graduate from UF.
One of the officer's is a New Albany cop. They earn extra income by doing games. He is also the type of person you could expect this conduct from.
I know one of the officers. He's from Nee Albany. He's exactly the type of person I'd expect this from.
Falling back to history now? Only the loser does that.
You've lost steam Dak. Rest assured, State will get their turn.
Theres one in Baton Rouge too. It's not that great.
Also, it should be known that Doe's Eat Place isn't based in AR. The original is in Greenville MS.
John Currance can only have one of his places on this list.
I just assuming here, but I imagine after Kelly's issue back home, Freeze made him agree to a PR stunt and to sacrifice his Spring Break in order to stick around. Plus, Kelly probably isn't hurting for funds to make a trip like that happen.
You must not pay attention to Bama's croot'in. If you think players willingly want to live in Tuscaloosa for three years with out some sort of handout, you're sadly mistaken. That place is the nicest dump Ive ever lived in. But then again, you've probably never been there, as most Bama fans haven't.
Ole Miss must be the first team ever to do that eh? I know you're still butthurt from last season, but go troll another site before armyguy goes on another embarrassing rant.
Yeah, no other team has ever done that before....
I'm glad someone mentioned this. Armyguy... dude you really need to chill out. I'm stoked about about the possibilities of another season as the next football fan, but you really do nothing for argument's sake.
Blake Barnett is listed as a pocket passer. I know from the highlight reels that's a very loose term applied. Kid as wheels.
You're assuming he will wear those colors.
That's a little harsh. After playing for EMCC and doing so without incident, it's not unreasonable to assume the best in a talented player. Luckily, this happened now and not later.
Honestly... was there ever any doubt? We knew this kid was a waste of talent before he ever signed on. On the flip side... maybe Kinkade won't transfer now.
I think they're annoying, but it obviously wasn't enough of advantage to provide a surplus of big wins through the decades. Let them ring at home, but don't you bring those pieces of tin into Vaught.
"Mississippi State? Isn't that where the Mannings played football at?" "No, but I did really enjoy the Blindside. Missississppi State was where Michael Oher played football and stayed with that adopted family." "No, I don't think that's right. But I'm pretty sure Brett Favre played for them." "Oh yeah!... We should go check out that Grove. Mississippi State is famous for tailgating. I hear about it every football season." "Yeah we should do that. They are well-known for their attractive women."
I'm not sure how many other fan bases have to unify on this before it becomes clear: Their "timeless tradition" is just an annoying advantage at home. No other stadium wants that noisy garbage passing through the gates. Also... sorry to everyone trying to say there is a NCAA rule against noisemakers. All I can find on the subject is an SEC ban.... which incidentally spawned from after a deafening Auburn game in the early 1970s. "This prompted Shug Jordan to complain loudly to the SEC office and the artificial noisemaker ban was spawned."
Says the guy whose team is losing something like 15 seniors and potentially their killer QB. Have fun taking our sloppy seconds with Georgia Tech. Hope that "Triple Option" doesn't make a fool of your defense. But seriously. You guys have to beat Georgia Tech. ACC must lose.
This was posted on another article I read. "Alabama state Rep. Jack Williams says the board has always been opposed to UAB football—because they thought it ate into the Crimson Tide’s market (Birmingham is an hour away from Tuscaloosa), and because of a feud between Gene Bartow, who founded UAB athletics, and Bear Bryant, the legendary coach of the Crimson Tide. The program was allowed to exist as long as it was lousy. But now that UAB football is respectable, Williams believes Paul Bryant, Jr., the son of Bear Bryant who just so happens to sit on the board, has finally succeeded in getting the board to kill the program. Whacky conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But it makes more sense than “we can’t afford to run a successful college football program in the state of Alabama.” "
I thought it was kinda lame regardless.
Mississippi football fans make the weakest memes.
Agreed. That following belongs to Ole Miss, Alabama, and MS State.