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The problem is, Gus can’t develop QB’s! Have you not been observing the past few years?? They recruit alleged four & five star QBs who don’t progress and continue to perform like high schoolers. The only successful AU QBs came from the JC ranks. It’s time out for this foolishness and high time to bring in a true offensive mind who can leverage talent and teach, coach, and guide the offense. The pop gun, trick play, four or five play offense is done. Get over it folks and stop denying the obvious. Gus is an average coach who reached his ceiling in the Sun Belt Conference. Bring on Kevin Steele and get this program moving in the right direction. That’s towards excellence vice mediocrity for those who are wondering.
I’m with you...individuals who think Malzahn is a good coach don’t know or understand football. Additionally, stating that Auburn has a freshman quarterback is also a lame excuse because that’s Malzahn’s I’ll-fated decision. Malzahn knows that Gatewood is the more capable QB which is why he doesn’t get quality snaps. Once fans see him in action (while in rhythm) they’ll forget about the freshman. That’s why Gatewood only gets mop-up duty.
They should be out of contention, considering what they've done (or not done) over the past few weeks. The coach calls it a hangover; I call it lack of fortitude and the correct defensive player skillset to get the job done. If he hasn't contacted Muschamp yet, he's not interested in winning.