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If this does happen, who would go to the East division? Would UT and OU stay in west and (gasp!) Bama & Auburn move to East? Or would like was done with Mizzou, just assign one of them to the east for simplicity?
Minor correction in article- Alabama last visited Gainesville in 2011. It wad Muschamp’s first year with UF, both John Brantley and Jeff Driskell got injured in game which setup Jacoby Brissett as starter. The 2010 matchup with Urban Meyer still as UF coach (his last) was in Tuscaloosa.
It's just human mental fatigue. I've read it in several articles for past couple months. Kind of thought it would kick in after a few months of this last summer. I wear a mask and try to distance and forgo going out or enclosed places, but I'm almost 50 and more of a homebody by nature- it's easy for me. College kids at that age, with all the partying, bars, female eye candy, very hard to ask them to stay indoors all the time and play video games. Football players are human. Always thought the single week to makeup games was optimistic, but here we are. Remember this is still 2020- Any ounce of normalcy in anything this year left us long ago.