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Kirby can say he almost beat Bama several times LOL
When will Georgia get the guts to play them in the Swamp?
In the SWAMP A place Ga never is willing to go to
Clemson, the team that lost to an unranked NC State today and to Georgia to open the season? that Clemson??
Real Football, Texas and OK are in for a surprise
A scenario I haven't seen discussed anywhere. Go with 4 pods, for discussion I will call them a,b,c, and D. Year 1 Pod A and B play form a division and C and D form one. They play everyone else in their Division and the winner goes to the Championship, through in one or two cross division games. Year 2 Pod A and C form a division and B and D form one, same type of schedule, year 3 Pod A and D and Pod B and C. This way you play everyone in the SEC at least once every 3 years. Not getting into what team is in what pod currently. Thoughts?