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The Aflac commercials suck because he’s a terrible actor. He should stick to coaching.
I mean if you’re going to dream, dream big right? Heck, maybe Tennessee has a shot at getting Payton Manning back on the team.
I’m no Gruden fan but it’s obviously suspicious that if the thousands of emails they looked at, only his were leaked and then the investigation into the team wrapped up and ignored entirely. It just screams “look at this! Over here!” To distract people from the sleight of hand. Granted I also think people shouldn’t be fired for comments that were private.
We get to the fourth quarter against Georgia not completely slaughtered, I’ll be happy. We put up more points than anyone else? I’ll be ecstatic. But we already know who is going to come out on top of the scoreboard
Unfortunately that become a feature with every fanbase. I remember Florida fans doing the Gator chomp when they loaded one of our players onto a stretcher. People need to remember it’s a game, that’s all.
Every fanbase has some, I just couldn’t believe someone would be so stupid… But as a Vols fan I do enjoy a Saturday where Vols win and Bama loses, does not happen pftsn
Will it happen in 2020? Probably not. But all the Georgia fans talking smack seem to be forgetting they lost to South Carolina and Tennessee bear them. Before anyone says “Georgia State” my point isn’t that Tennessee is somehow better. My point is, anything can happen on that field.
He’s a kid. You say and do stupid things at that age. Let it go
Classy post. Many fans from any team would say something completely different
This came off as incredibly creepy. Tua will stay because God wants him to? I It seems to me this author knows nothing about God in this article and is just grasping at straws in the vain hope Tua will stay
Kentucky WISHES they had dominated us for years. For a football site you clearly don’t know enough about it.