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Feels good being on the other side of that rivalry
Agreed, I like seeing players like him do well in the NFL. Just an all around genuine nice guy.
When PETA stops luring pets out of yards and killing them within hours, maybe then they’ll have a modicum of a leg to stand on. But that dog lives better than I do. So…shut the eff up
Shoot this is hilarious, UT fans get to laugh and Dabo gets free burgers he can grill up and enjoy. Everyone wins
Vol Twitter is a real entity that can be used for good or ill. It’s caused great joy and great harm. It’s a mythical beast that no one should cross or fell its wrath. But said beast can also sometimes harm itself It’s awesome LOL
Hooker, you are the type of player we were waiting years for. I know I’m going to miss cheering you on Saturdays but I’m hoping I get to watch you make some moves in the NFL
I read pirate themed and cringed but these look fantastic. Go Miss State, win this one for your captain!
I’m not saying Tennessee deserved to be there either (but we did beat Bama which is supposed to factor in these things) The point is that he’s got a two loss team and this is the system we have. Stop whining, it’s over.
Good grief Saban, you had two losses. Until the playoffs expand that means you are out. Huepel isn’t going on tv whining about going to the Orange Bowl. Suck it up buttercup
Count me in for a dish of crow. When Huepel was hired I was underwhelmed to say the least. But man did Danny White know a legit coach when he saw one.
LOL those big checks are not real. Payments get made at a much later date. They don’t get to take a giant check to the bank.
I agree, TN shouldn’t be in the playoffs. But Bama deserves it even less. It’s ludicrous that Bama is even in the conversation. The sole reason is BRAND. They did not earn the right to a playoff this year. The whole point is not about past seasons or teams. It’s supposed to solely be about THIS year. Bama failed to earn a spot.
I don’t think this was a girlfriend pic situation. By all accounts this was flagged by the feds involved with stopping child porn.
Well according to Saban if the player was scared, then it’s no big deal. Heck he can punch as many fans as he wants
This is about reminding our little brother who owns this state
I’m not sure that snooze fest of a game is worth trolling over. Definitely not worth slobbering over them as if they were coached by Saban
Seriously, it’s not about TN losing its chance at the playoffs. It’s the fact that TCU has no business being there. It’s a freaking embarrassment. They’ll be blown out by Georgia in the first quarter and everyone will be turning the channel to an NCIS repeat. A one loss Michigan, Ohio St, TN or 2 loss LSU would be a better team in the play offs than TSU
I’ve seen targeting calls with immediate ejections a lot less brutal than that. Got to wonder why he was allowed to stay in the game, intentional or not. The targeting rule certainly doesn’t care if it was an accident or not.
Yeah my bvs keeps me from outright saying TN will win but I think this is harder matchup for Georgia than some fans think. TN has an offense that is darn near impossible to stop and a defense that can make the stops when needed. It’s going to be an epic game at any rate
They should just cancel the other games taking place at that time. No one is going to watch them.
If the team that played KY tonight shows up in Athens next week then we will win.
Half of the SEC was on a bye, TN played a cupcake, Missouri and Vandy battled it out for the bottom. So basically there were only three legitimate games in the SEC this week. I can’t blame him for wanting to talk about last week and outside the conference this week.
That could explain the loss against us, but it doesn’t explain the bad games against others like Texas and Arkansas. To me that shows a clear pattern that this year they just aren’t up to previous years, the Lack of discipline too.
LOL I’m sorry what? You’re team is going to be sucking wind by the third quarter trying to keep up with us as our defense gets nice rests as your offense takes forever snapping the ball
They are scared because UT is not a guaranteed win now.
You would rather not make the playoffs???? You’re insane!