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Should probably go ahead and impose self-ban this year. But on the other hand, Birmingham is a fine city.
Hey everybody, look at how Thomas feels. Here's his feeling right here. Read it, look at it, laugh at it.
He's counting Florida's loss to Arkansas as well.
Let me translate this for everybody that doesn't understand. The Vegas books have taken a bath on this matchup the past 2 years. They're opening what appears to be a very favorable line early to get Arkansas money on the books. It'll balance itself nicely by kickoff in 3 weeks. They just want to load money on both sides of the game that way, they win, no matter which team does.
We're gonna torch them mf like toilet paper on toomer's corner
“We’ve got a number of bodies we feel that are capable” does make this Hog fan feel very confident sliding into SEC play. You can get away with having "bodies" in some conferences, but this here ain't one of 'em. Hopefully these guys get on the fast track and become a serviceable unit. We gotta have AA on his feet and not his back. What I've seen, so far of Ty Storey, he looks like a young colt trying to get his legs underneath him. He's not ready.
TCU/Oklahoma was hard to watch last weekend if you like defense.
I think this will be a good game Saturday. We all know Alabama has more talent than Arkansas but they also have a freshman QB. He's been very good to this point but freshman QBs usually have a bad game or two. Sometimes they win in spite of that. I just hope one of those games is this Saturday and my Hogs can capitalize on any mistakes Alabama makes. It will probably be a back and forth game considering both teams are possession style offenses, although Alabama has spread it out a little lately. I'm ready for Saturday!
The QB position in the SEC is looking better now than it did after weeks one and two. There are a couple/few QBs in the SEC that could play dang near anywhere in the country. The ACC has a couple REALLY GREAT QBs right now, but outside that, SEC is just as good as any other conference under center. The top 3 on this list are legit and though I'm not a Dobbs fan, due to his inaccuracy, he's getting the job done. And a W is job #1. So I think the QB position in the SEC is actually getting better while QBs from say ND, TX, FSU that got all the week one hype, haven't lived up to expectations.
You're exactly right Army. This old SWC rivalry goes back over 100 years. Much bigger than the 2016 week 3 rankings. While I'm 36 years old, I do still remember the old SWC days somewhat.
The game in JerryWorld was a bigger recruiting tool for Arkansas before the Aggies came into the SEC. Now that they're a division opponent I'd much rather get them in Razorback Stadium every other year. PLUS, this would be a GREAT game to host recruits if it were in Fayettville (or College Station for the Ags). Love having a young recruit in a top 20 matchup gameday atmosphere. I can't wait for this matchup Saturday! It should be a good one.
Now you're bragging about starting off the season with a loss. Because Arkansas beat LA Tech. That's good stuff right there. But you're right WV is a P5 team. If that makes the whipping easier. Took Mizzou 58 min to score a TD in garbage time against WV scout team defense. But then again, you already knew what was coming before the coin toss. Just like everyone else.
Everyone acts as though that 15 yard penalty assured the Hogs of a win. After the penalized kickoff the Hogs took the ball down the field 64 yards on 4 plays. In something like 69 seconds. The penalty didn't hurt the Hogs for sure. But I don't think it was the reason TCUs defense played like absolute garbage on the ensuing drive. Hogs win with or without the throat slash (rising king). Game Over!
"Arkansas AD Jeff Long is undecided on whether the Razorbacks will continue to play games at War Memorial Stadium" The decision was made a long time ago. He just hasn't come out and said it.
Safe Space U flexed their muscles on the little sisters of the poor Saturday and Sean's in here making smartass comments now. LOL I must of missed your comments last week after Missouri got thumped by a middling Big 12 team. Figured you Mizzou fans would show a little more respect than that. Especially after Bielema sat on the ball for 20 min last year so as not to embarrass Pinkel by more than 4 TD in his final game as coach.
Alright BamaTime, don't you go muddying the water with facts and such.
Most of the people opposed to this stadium expansion don't understand how the economics of it work. They look at the $160M overall price tag and see that it's only going to add approx. 4800 seats. They don't understand that most of that will be paid for in short order once the suites and boxes are sold. Just like your Kyle Field example. Luckily the people with brains are the ones making this decision. I've always been in favor of closing up the end zone anyway. Makes your stadium look smaller when it only has seating 3/4 of the way around. Even just adding 4800 seats, the aesthetics alone are worth it to me.
Arkansas 1-0 (*barely escaping) LSU 0-1 You feel better now?
Does anybody know what the story is with Beanum?
His straight away speed is what hurt his draft stock. He's not going to turn any heads running the 40 at the combine but he has "quick feet" , patience and good vision. I think he'll end being a much better NFL back than Seattle's earlier draft pick, CJ Prosise. Time will tell.
You're an idiot. Austin Allen threw a total of 3 passes last year. But you know all about him and where he can take his team. Again... you're an idiot.
He's just butt-hurt because his team doesn't have an offense a month away from the opener.
hawg_heaven, Now don't you go stating facts... DAMNIT!!! And tackman, it's not an upset if it happens "a lot". As you said. Hogs are 10-14 against LSU since joining the SEC. It's not 12-12 but it's pretty competitive.
You're optimistic! I'll give you that. Sprinkle ≠ Henry. I'm a fan of Sprinkle. But let's not get crazy. A. Allen < B. Allen. He'll have to prove he's better than a 3 year starter. I hope you're right about the RB situation. Time will tell. I think we could get 7 wins this year. Possibly 8 to match last year's total. We DID lose a lot on the offensive side of the ball.
I could see those 3 matching Collins' totals from last year. But that's not what worries me. If it's going to take all 3 of them to account for Collins production, who's going to pick up the other 500 rushing yards we'll need? Hogs need to rush for AT LEAST 2000 yards this season with a first year starter under center to have any kind of success. Austin Allen may surprise me, but I'm not expecting that he'll set the world on fire. Most of Allen's success, if he has any, will come off play-action (like his brother). If you can't effectively run the ball, play-action doesn't work.
Agreed. The best defense is the one that's standing on the sidelines. They never give up points. Hopefully our offense can get it going and keep these guys off the field. I think that's the million dollar question. Like you said, the defense WILL be better.