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So it was a cover up that was splashed through every major news outlet in the country? I'm not so sure your bama education taught you the definition of the word cover up. Try again.
So you don't understand how this whole "reply" thing works? You may want to take a gander at the comment he replied to.
I like it, KY confidence.
Kinda sounds like someone needs a tissue.
Ok gotcha, lots of butthurt in Texas. Please continue telling us all how you are the most dominant defense in all of college football and no SEC quarter has ever seen your equal. I enjoy fairy tales.
Or....... Alabama's offense didn't really need to score, so played super conservative.
Kind of like last time we played? Oh wait, that didn't work out well for you. Look on the bright side, you get to hear lots of Rocky Top Saturday. I bet you have missed it.
I forgot about Miz and your safe spaces. Feel free to post a list of terms that violate your safe space and I will do my best to avoid hurting delicate sensibilities. I went and read your post again. Calling it retarded (safe space violation! safe space violation!) was being nice. Listen plain and simple you need to eat some crow. Until you do, you deserve the ridicule.
Just so I am clear about this Dobbs, who has played Alabama three years, has never seen a defense like he is going to see Saturday? Dobbs who torched Florida for over 400 yards has never faced a defense like A&Ms? And here I though Miz was the most delusional fan base.
Just so you know HTXAG, you have to win, then you get to talk the trash. Maybe you do things backwards in Texas?
Right...cause Dobbs has never played any SEC defenses before.
And when I start telling everyone that because Tennessee won the national championship in 1998 that means we will beat bama this year you will have a point. Until then.... well staus quo...
I'm looking forward to a good, injury free game.
Want some facts? Fact, of the three teams you mentioned one is 5-0 one is 3-2 and one is 2-3. Tell me again which is which? Fact, you posted on this site that because you played in the 2013 SEC championship game you would be competitive Saturday. Your analysis was beyond retarded. Fact your opinion means nothing.
Maybe next time spend a little less time trying to claim the SECe title because you hung 79 points on the little sisters of the poor (and telling everyone how overhyped Tennessee is) and maybe prepare for your opponent.
Ark beats bama this weekend, then Tenn beats bama, then LSU beats bama, then AU beats bama. Tenn and Ark in Atlanta, bama to the taxslayer bowl.
The only question GA needs to answer is... How many times do you want us to serenade you? let me start the first verse... Rocky top you will always be.....home sweet home to me...
georgia is hot garbage. Miz ran the score up on the little sisters of the poor.
We know miz is 2 and 2. but tell me about your accolades, they are fun to hear.
Oh I'm sure you tell me how over hyped we are, while declaring Miz the offensive power of the East because you ran up the score on the little sisters of the poor. In other words, a typical Miz fan...
You claimed a battle between two ranked teams is less interesting because they "struggled" against unranked opponents. What you failed to mention is that the game you're hailing as the game of the week is between two teams that lost to unranked opponents. Sorry, but the battle of the 2-2s aint that interesting.
With all due disrespect to UGA, Miz ain't played nobody yet. And they are 2 and 2.
And both these teams lost to unranked opponents...