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Always tough to lose an icon. Much respect to John Ward on this anniversary.
The key for UK is to break in the new lineman early. Catching a bit of luck with a Week 2 game at Florida. Don't tell me the Gators don't have a sh*t ton of athletes (as usual)--I'll be losing sleep prior to that one...but if the Cats do enough to win, the schedule sets up nicely for a hot start. But like I said, 31 straight L's with a handful of recent heartbreakers makes that game hardly an easy one. As for the Vols, it could be more of the same. Thorn in UK's side, but not quite enough on defense, we could easily see UK falling again but finishing ahead in the standings.
Tennessee teams just have trouble in the postseason for some reason. Who can figure?
Taking a wait-and-see approach with the O-line. There’s no reason to panic. With Stoops the floor at all position groups has been higher than just about any point, so even when we’re “down” you just see a lot more consistency.
It's objectively hard to say Kentucky was 100% stiffed by the committee. The failure to beat a handful of Group of 5 opponents was too great to overcome, even if the highlights include being the only SEC school to win a series against Tennessee. Oh, well, good luck to the rest of the league, hope one of y'all brings the title home.
Clay Travis is a very smart guy, he has gone where the money is and cashed in. If I was 22 and just out of the frat house I'd probably carrying the Clay flag too. At least (unlike TC) he writes his own material.
Nice article that I'm sure is shocking many SEC fans who may not be aware of certain factions of the fanbase growing tired of Cal's act. I am not. This Kentucky fan is looking forward to football season, rather than griping about what Cal is doing or not doing. The 2021-22 basketball team was one of my five favorite Cal groups that just happened to lose its mojo in March, but that doesn't change how much fun the season largely was. Cal needs to win in March, bottom line, and at a minimum we need to get back to the Final Four. And I think we will. And I will worry about that in October.
Texas A&M should have been in the tournament over any one of those overrated Big Ten teams, like say Indiana. All committees are political and this no exception. A real shame. But congrats to the Aggies for making a run to the finals anyway. Something to build on for next season.
Jordan Wright played big. Stackhouse should have benched Mr. Ballhog Pippen, who was excellent at using the almost double dribble but unfortunately hurt his team repeatedly. The missed out of bounds call was unfortunate, but those are the replay rules. Doesn’t matter if Vandy had gotten the ball anyway, Pippen would have dribbled and dribbled and dribbled only to take an ill advised shot or have it stuffed by Oscar.
Excited to see what THIS Robinson can do in the Coen-now-Scangarello offensive scheme. Wan’dale was supremely underrated in his ability to take massive hits against those speedy, lethal SEC secondaries, shake ‘em off and bounce back up. If Tayvion can handle the same kind of punishment, look out.
So far Stoops has hired Neal Brown, Shannon Dawson, Eddie Gran, and Liam Coen at OC...I like his track record (other than passing on Lincoln Riley to hire Dawson, who was not a great fit.)
Joker Phillips nearly ruined the Kentucky football program that was at least making progress…four straight bowls and Randall Cobb…and then fell off a cliff. Runner-up, Bill Curry. We thought we’d done stole one from Alabama. Just awful. A good man, full of stories about playing for Vince Lombardi. But a fraud of a head coach.
Don’t like going into Tuesday night minus the potential services of TyTy Washington & Jacob Toppin. Will be a big test for these Cats.
Agree. It’s basketball but it was also a Saturday and…wait for it…played down South. I made a plea to Joe to give UK-Auburn some ballyhoo the same way a big-time football matchup would get. We don’t need fifteen articles on it…but one would have been nice.
Nice job with this. Joe B. was not loved by the media in his day and didn’t seem interested in improving relations…he just wanted to mold men while keeping the program intact. He did far more. Rest In Peace.
I think you’re giving this Tennessee fan way too much energy, man. Vol fans have reached pftt levels of response. It’s just no longer warranted.
Tom Crean was a tragic hire, and unfortunately entirely preventable given how obviously mediocre he made the Indiana program while there.
Sorry about 2007, Georgia fans. That team was nigh unbeatable at the end of the year, but due to my team’s overtime choke against Tennessee (what else is new), the Vols went to Atlanta instead. Would have made a tremendous argument for Georgia to make the BCS title game.
There is Bryce Young and then there is everyone else. Levis has earned no worse than number 5.
Love you Mark. Don’t leave. For some reason you can’t beat the Vols, but Bear couldn’t either. Take the Kentucky money and stay awhile. Florida just ain’t worth that mess.
I’d like to see Darian Kinnard on that list, but no Jordan Davis is an absolute affront to anyone with a functioning set of eyeballs.
Please stop with the Mark Stoops-to-LSU nonsense. Especially you Ole Miss fans hoping to keep Lane haha
Auburn is my dark horse pick. Underperformed in a few games, but so much talent, and it always takes time when there’s a new system/coaching style to learn.
As a UK fan I’m not planning to book any hotels in Atlanta, but New Orleans maybe. However I will wait until we complete the Miss. State and Tennessee portion of the schedule.
Good for her. Can respect her decision as it was based on what seems like pretty sound reasoning, and I’ll leave it at that.
Davion Mintz and TyTy Washington might be our two best players. Don't see them anywhere. Go Cats!
Josh Paschal absolutely should be on this list. And Jordan Davis should win the Heisman.