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Big get for my Cats. Will immediately impact the program. This isn’t like landing Bossman Fat from LSU. From what I gather DJJ is a DGD…could be a culture-changer, and UK has been missing a quarterback for the defense. A program like Georgia’s requires not only elite players but those who have to play a very specific way and be a fit for what the team is trying to do to beat the Bamas and the Buckeyes. Maybe Kirby just wants some young 5-star gazelles out there. Have seen this with UK basketball before. Love this. Unthinkable to be getting transfers from a program like Georgia’s.
If Ray Davis opts out and it falls on Leary, it's going to be a long afternoon in Jaxville. )Unless Josh Allen can slip on a uni and play LB.)
Looking forward to seeing how my Cats measure up against the two-time defending national champions. I don't care that some sportswriters have dropped UGA down in their rankings. Dawgs are #1 for a reason and until somebody is able to put a leash on them they deserve the top slot. Luckily I have seats with the UK alumni in the lowers. I went in 2021 and sat in the 600s and it is so high up, and steep as hell, I about peed my britches. And it was windy. And that Georgia D-line was ferocious. Go Cats!
Noooooo! Please don’t rank Kentucky 5th. We are far better when we’re disrespected. I guess that’s out the window now. Man is UK’s defense fun to watch. Kinda wish Stoops kept the pedal down and put up 40, only because Spurrier and Meyer routinely would pour it on through the years. Can you tell that 31-year losing streak gave me football PTSD? That’s why this 3-win streak feels so good, it’s something I never imagined could happen.
Printing this article out and pinning it to Devin Leary's locker.
Pre-season media picks are fun to read but mean zippo. Post-season teams do matters. These are just for s&g's. Having said that, Devin Leary and Ray Davis are snubbed because, hey, it's only Kentucky. Whatever. Playing 1.2 centuries of mostly bad football is a lot to overcome.
I like it. I like our new quarterback. I like our new running back. I like our old OC returning. I like that the Big Blue Wall has been rebuilt. And most especially I like that the media is undervaluing Kentucky once again in the pre-season. That's been the recipe for two 10-win seasons in the last four years.
I was hoping we’d have Mark Stoops (and his brother Mike) head back to Oklahoma, where that last name is obviously pretty special.
Certainly it’s hard to remember a better NBA playoff performance. Murray has my vote. And it may not even be up for debate. Although Booker has more consistent cred. Bam is not flashy, but it seems like you have pegged him a little low. He has been to two Finals.
The irony here is that Levis has leapt up draft boards off the strength of his Georgia game film, lol
A bad O-line would make Tom Brady look bad, and Cleveland got Couch killed repeatedly.
And of course, condolences to our SEC friends at Mississippi State. Thank you for bringing him back to the league.
Well done post Matt. Thankful for Mike Leach. He and Hal Mumme made Kentucky football so much fun to watch. One-of-a-kind. RIP coach.
Thanks V!!! We’ll happily take him as we try to rebuild that Big Blue Wall. Best of luck to the Dawgs, hope you get the repeat this year.
Agree, Ville. The last five seasons have seen 10, 8, 5, 10 and either 7 or 8 this year. Losing to Vandy *was* terrible and inexcusable. But if this SDS writer thinks a 7 or 8 win Kentucky football team is trending down...well he's welcome to think that. UK fans have more things to be concerned about, like getting beer served in Kroger Field.
Kentucky, Miss. State, South Carolina and I’d say even Missouri could beat any team from 15 on down.
It sure is strange how Kentucky always gets the benefit of the doubt with the refs in Columbia. Anywhere else in the league and the Rodriquez fumble call (which was not an obvious fumble) goes against UK. Missouri is improving. Unlike the mirage of South Carolina, I see Eli coming close to turning the corner. (Can you tell I like him more than Beamer?)
I wouldn’t worry about the trolls, TigerTD. Missouri is a fine school with solid athletic programs. As if other fanbases have the right to have a say who is worthy of SEC admission and who is isn’t. Please. I’ve been surprised that Missouri basketball hasn’t been better since joining the league. That one is puzzling. I have a lot of respect for your fanbase. It’s got a Midwest appreciation for sports that to me, is preferable to some of the Deep South mentalities that persist where only football success matters I think Mizzou has been a great fit for a more well-rounded conference!
Proud of the Cats. I think UK should always play a game in the mountains…it’s where Rupp used to get players, and any money to that area is a thing. Way to go, BBN
In no way am I suggesting Kentucky is a world-beater but c‘Mon. Lost a heartbreaker on the road to #7 and the only other loss was with Levis out.
Surely you're joking, right? Credit to SC for taking advantage of a perfect situation: a first-year OC, a freshman QB. I'd pump the brakes a bit first, Gene.
Barrion Brown not even an honorable mention? OK then.
The SEC is a tough, tough league and the games are fun to watch. And it's thrilling to have a football program that is no longer a joke. I want to win 10 games and go to Atlanta and it will be a blast seeing if the Cats can do it. Go Big Blue.
Oh man what coulda been. Road games in the SEC are tough. Credit to Ole Miss for once again pulling out a narrow win over Kentucky.
I know it's the job of this site to share any and all news, but at this point I'd rank Andy Katz's rankings with those of Big Game Boomer. This one is silly. What is it even based on?
You know Bob Stoops, the all-time wins leader at Oklahoma who must have replaced his brother Mark as coach this year, although that sure looked like Mark on the sidelines. ???
Vols fans can say what they want, the hate between UK and UT is strong, but you ask anyone in BBN which victory carries more clout, hands down it’s the Florida game. We could win the next 10 vs the Gators and they’d still be burning couches in Lex. Simply put, you beat Florida, the nationals writers know about it. Beating Tennessee barely moves the needle.