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This ain’t 2010 El Tigre, it’s 2021. Kansas let the rivalry grow stale, I hope Mizzou looks forward to a new team being its “arch rival” like ArKANSAS who we will be playing every year in football/basketball
Thank god aubforlife actually has the brain to deconstruct this trash take that you backed up with nothing but opinions...
Not everyone is as old as you Hengst, she objectively is very attractive and it’s not a crime to say so.
Shut up, I don’t get you hard on to hate Pinkel but I’ve already showed you he’s at worst our 2nd best coach ever and you didn’t have jack $h1t to say. I’d expect Mizzou’s team from 2007, 2013, 2014, and many other years to beat BC with ease. The only failure we’ve had is Odom in the past two decades and you as reasonable fan. Drinkwitz looks to be on the right track, but let’s see if he can make the SEC championship multiple times like we used to do.
Don’t reply to this idiot, you’re just giving him what he wants: attention.
Well considering Texas A&M had 28 points at HALFTIME, and Arkansas only had 17 points by the end of the THIRD quarter, it’s mathematically impossible to be within 4 points in the third quarter. It’s not “revising history” it’s just being straight wrong and it takes 5 seconds to look it up and figure it out. No one likes a liar, or maybe you really do believe that and in that case you’re just delusional. Which isn’t surprising with an Arkansas “education” LMAO
Let’s spell this out for you... Winning percentage at MU: Faurot: 55.3% Pinkel: 61.8% Bowl Record at Mizzou: Faurot: 0-4 (00.0%) Pinkel: 4-2 (66.7%) Total Wins at Mizzou: Faurot: 100 Pinkel: 118 Best AP Post Finish at MU: Faurot: 6 (1939) Pinkel: 4 (2007) Pinkel is at worst Mizzou’s 2nd best coach all time, there’s no comparison between him and Faurot. Don’t be foolish
You’re so wrong about Saban it hurts to read. Many have coached at Alabama and only ONE (Bear Bryant) has come close to the results Saban has, and yet even he is not as great as Saban (imo). Don’t kid yourself
Mizzou made! Congratulations to Jordan Clarkson, and shout-out the Joe Ingles for the classy presentation
Yeah if it’s either college or this much money, you gotta take the money. You have to think he’s the exception to the rule though, because I agree in that I do not recall it typically being this much money from the g-league for a high school player. Either way, he’s on track to a successful basketball career
I’d love to know why you think Bo Nix is better than Bazelak. Actual play and stats say Bazelak>Nix
Stoops seemed to not have it figured out the most recent time he played Mizzou, ya know when he lost 20-10... your QB “gashed” us for 38 yards throwing and your running game wasn’t doing jack, couldn’t even get 100 yards unlike our RB Rountree running over your sad excuse of a defense for 120 yards. Go back to the basketball court
Agreed, I was shocked to see him so low and to see Michael Maietti on the first team
I never realized going 49-50 made you a top 25 head coach like Stoops.... what a crap list.
LMAO if Will Levis is so elite why couldn’t he ever start more than one game at Penn State? If he was as talented as you think he is he would NEVER go to Kentucky. Delusional. He ran more than he threw, which I guess is a perfect fit for Kentucky considering Mark Stoops has never figured out the passing attack at Kentucky. Might as well put another WR back there and run wildcat again this year.
Thought it was pretty obvious that our new DC Steve Wilks, a former NFL head coach and DC, is the most important new addition. Maybe next time SDS
It deemphasizes out of conference game importance WAY too much. In this scenario, OOC games literally have no value and there would be no reason to ever play your starters in OOC games due to injury risk. In a theoretical example, under your system, LSU could beat Bama and the rest of their SEC schedule while losing all of their OOC games, going 8-4 on the year to make the SEC championship. In this same scenario Alabama could lose ONLY that game to LSU but win the rest of their schedule and go 11-1, but miss the SEC championship game and have NO chance at the playoffs while a clearly worse performing 8-4 team gets into the playoffs. And that scenario could apply to any conference. You should have no chance at being in the playoffs if you lose multiple OOC games, but in your system that wouldn’t matter. To me that would be some intangibly wrong to make that the system to crown the best, or even most deserving team as the national champion. Oh you’re also just completely crazy Negan, please never change for the entertainment you provide.
“ Kentucky has creeped up to around #20 (which amazingly is still almost dead last place in the SEC)” Probably because you haven’t creeped up to “around 20”, you got a 25th ranked class in 2020 and all the rest of your classes since 2015 have been ranked 30th or worse. My gosh should I could around saying Mizzou is recruiting “around 15 now” since who cares about lying now apparently lmao.
@Gtrips07 Most of our QBs recently have gone pro, including Daniel, Gabbert, Franklin, Bryant, and Lock. Sitting behind a future pro QB seems to be the pattern at Mizzou I guess, seems WAY better compared to Kansas
Guinny “Fuzzy, never said we had a vast recruiting advantage. You got to stop having those imaginary conversations in your head, they don’t jive with what’s going on outside of it.” Course that might be a bit much for your brain for today, just try to just slowly take it in at your own pace
Ah trying to refer to when you thought a Mizzou poster said some perceived recruiting slight towards Tennessee, except he never mentioned anything about it, only you did.... I guess reading comprehension is the next thing you should add of things to learn LOL
The 8th best team each year does NOT deserve a chance at a national championship imo... 4 teams is perfect enough, at max I think there are 3 teams worthy each year. Only the best should play in the playoffs, not everyone!
Is Mizzou living rent free in your head or something? Seems like you need some counseling. I suppose I can see how years of Pruitt and Jones would do that to the mind....
If you spent as much time searching for your question as you did typing this dumb comment, you would find that yes Mizzou is starting construction later this year
And then he found out Mizzou has a winning record against more SEC teams than Kentucky does and he laughed at himself for even thinking of joining the BBN. And then he looked how y’all put up 10 points against us and lost last year and laughed even more
So you dislike someone because other people took Bo’s quote and put their narrative on it, and because Alabama’s Twitter tweeted some stuff about it? I’m failing to see what Mac Jones did in that situation to warrant any dislike lmao. How can you type that out and not see how foolish you are for that thought process?
I’m a big fan of playing regional, P5 teams during OOC play. I think it helps promote the sport and creates good matchups/possible rivalries. Good move Tennessee
Ah the basement of the SEC West is speaking up huh? How does one even finish last in their division 5 years in a row? Even Vanderbilt doesn't do that LOL
God Kentucky is the most delusional fan base on this forum, what SEC teams does Kentucky own a winning record against? Vandy, maybe? Less than Mizzou that’s for sure.