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In his 3 years it went from 8th nationally, to 18th nationally, to 25th nationally. Why was Heupel’s rushing game regressing year by year? The average also went from 5.8 yards/carry, to 5.2 yards/carry, to 4.7 yards/carry (3rd worst average in top 25 rushing nationally, yikes!) Are Tennessee fans actually confident that Heupel will progress their running game, or just run it into the ground?
Big Rooster that seems to be the problem in of itself. How can Clemson administration catch wind of the news and send condolences before SC even has time to find out? Lol
He needs to be kicked off the team and sent to jail.
Nothing technical about it, they finished first in the Colley-Matrix poll, which is officially recognized by the NCAA. Sounds like a legitimate motivation to claim a national championship compared to all past illegitimate championships claimed by other Alabama in 1973
UCF already got a national championship
Always happy to see someone’s hard work pay off!
Very smart that he enrolled early, with the way he was ballooning up in weight he may have been near 450 if he waited til fall camp....this dude is going to be a problem for the SEC once he gets into game shape
Best college QB Mizzou ever had was 4th in Heisman voting, Chase 6’0 Daniel......
Pinkel is the best coach Mizzou has ever had, Tigurr must forget how how mediocre we were the 30 years before Pinkel…. Mizzou is not an easy to job to have five 10+ win seasons at and he was a good coach on and off the field
It’s the coaches that determine the football team and its ability, not the school. Kids should absolutely be committing based on the coaching staff they believe will be coaching and watching for them for the next 4-5 years. It’s about who you play for now, not where.
I think you’re high on glue if you think Kentucky is winning the SEC east in any season leading up to Stoop’s 10 year anniversary at Kentucky (2023). Kentucky is soundly a tier below Georgia, Florida (who it seems you can never beat), I think 3rd in the East is Kentucky’s ceiling
why wouldn’t the competition be even less serious? Alabama has dominated recruiting for years and until Saban leaves that will not change, if anything it’s getting worse considering he just signed the best signing class of all time
You’re the one bringing up the past 7 years, I thought I’d remind you of who got closer to winning the SEC between the two programs since that’s the point of this article. If you’re all of a sudden worried about only the record of the current coaches at the programs, then Eli Drinkwitz is a nice 1-0 against Kentucky.
Since joining the SEC, Mizzou has won 35 SEC games and gone to the SEC championship twice. In that same time frame Kentucky has won 24 SEC games and gone to 0 SEC championship games. Some more facts to add in for ya, enjoy!