Mizzou student trying to survive the season.

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Your first pro is actually a con, being injured and playing on one leg is exactly why he shouldn’t have been playing. Also the the student section and I were booing because this is the most side to side, horizontal offense I have ever seen that can only dink and dunk since Connor Bazelak has no running ability nor consistent deep ball. I really doubt the offense would be WORSE with a full game of Brady Cook starting (and his sample size this season was a HALF game, so he can’t even get into a rhythm, against Georgia’s NFL defense).
I honestly can’t believe the author can say with a straight face that the 3rd best QB in the SEC is Stetson Bennett, it’s a joke. He’s only that high up because of the team around him. He belongs in more of the 7-9 tier, no way he’s better than KJ Jefferson. This author is a joke if he thinks Georgia would be better with Stetson Bennett at QB compared to KJ Jefferson
Arkansas has the better QB and probably a better defense too, I don’t see Mizzou being able to go into a hostile Fayetteville crowd and pull out a W. They’re a tough team, Burks or no
Yeah I was in the student section tonight and it was rocking the whole game! An electric atmosphere and perfect send off for Mizzou’s seniors
The sign may say Campus Bar and Grill, but all Mizzou students know it’s called Big 12
And Tyler Badie leads the SEC in yards and TDs. Everyone has a player they feel like is getting screwed over. There can only be ten players on this list and there are ~22 positions, some people like Damone Clark (who was in the honorable mentions) are gonna get left out. Also, he’s not getting “interceptionS”. He has only one for the season. And by sacking the QB are you referring to the one sack his has for the entire season? Seems clear to me why he’s not on this list, heck he’s not even the top player at his position for the SEC.
“ Missouri is dead last in rushing defense in the SEC as the Tigers are allowing 308.4 yards per game” While correct, it’d be more accurate to say “ Missouri is dead last in rushing defense in the FBS as the Tigers are allowing 308.4 yards per game”
Mizzou is going 4-8, and that’s assuming Vanderbilt doesn’t figure out all they need to do to beat Mizzou is run halfback dive every play.
“He still has among the best throwing accuracy and percentage of QB’s in the SEC.” Let’s look at some stats then. Among starting SEC QB’s, Connor Bazelak is 7th in completion percentage. Among starting SEC QB’s, Connor Bazelak is 8th in yards per pass attempt. Among starting SEC QB’s, Bazelak is 9th in QBR. Among starting SEC QB’s, Bazelak is tied for 3rd in interceptions. But yeah he’s pretty accurate for a SEC QB
You must be pretty slow or not have watched Mizzou games (I’m assuming both) to think Mizzou should have kept Walters.
Can’t scheme when you don’t have the jimmies and Joe’s along the d-line and particularly the linebackers to stop the run. Switching from a 4-2-5 to a 4-3 doesn’t help either because the drop off from our 5th best DB (Allie Green or Rakestraw probably) to our 3rd best LB (Chad Bailey maybe?) is pretty significant and won’t solve the run woes. Mizzou is 13th in talent composition in the SEC due to Odom’s poor recruiting so it’s gonna take a few years to rebuild (already started with our top 30 2021 class Drinkwitz got). The 2022 class is looking good with a 4 star LB and 4 star DT so far to shore up the defense in the future, it should be a top 25 class. We can’t compare our rebuild to teams that seem to be much further along like Arkansas, Sam Pittman walked into a 2020 roster with 20 4* players. Drinkwitz walked into Odom’s roster that had 6* players (again, 2nd lowest number of 4* at the time in the SEC, just above Vanderbilt who had 4). We as Mizzou fans gotta accept it’s gonna take a couple years for the recruiting classes to mature and begin to show a noticeable difference in depth and talent. Until then all we can do is show up and show out to support our team the best we can.
I see you purposefully forgot to mention Kelly Bryant lol, I wonder why that is. Btw I love James Franklin but he was not a college "superstar"
Their advantage is 2 words: Nick Saban. /end article
MVP of the team so far, Badie has been amazing. People who watched him a couple years ago saw that potential, he was just lost behind the workload of Rountree last year (which is one of my few criticisms of Drink from last year, use Badie more!) but even so, Badie has surpassed my expectations thus far. Dude is a beast
Pretty disappointed from the production from Kolbie Whiteside so far, starting to look like his big 2019 year was more so a byproduct of playing along side Jordan Elliot. Jeffcoat is our only SEC caliber DL, Mehki Wingo is solid but still very young. Blaze Alldredge is struggling to get off SEC caliber blockers in the run game and that doesn’t look like it will end soon. Rakestraw is still getting burned on plays. The DL and LB units barring Jeffcoat provide very little resistance against the run and that may cost Mizzou a few more games.
However the people going up and touching her are very creepy and that’s inappropriate
She shouldn’t be in such a crowded area taking up that much space, especially with rowdy football fans. Thats just simple awareness of your environment, I don’t know what she was expecting. People aren’t gonna care she’s doing an interview, they’re stumbling to their seats or concessions in whatever space there is for the walkways. She should go somewhere less crowded if she doesn’t want to be interfered
The offensive line look lost at some parts in the running game and Bazelak still struggles to hit the deep ball. Mizzou d-line also didn’t dominate like it needed to. Can’t have these issues next week if we want to win @Kentucky
Noticed how you didn’t put the points underdog of Central Michigan for the disappointment of Mizzou being UP by three at halftime; probably because it wasn’t nearly as much as the other teams by comparison (they were like a 13.5 or 14.5 point underdog). Gotta reach the word count minimum somehow I guess
@BlackandGarnet being 4-3 against USC over the past 7 years doesn’t sound like “domination” to me. May want to go to a doctor for your memory issues
Uh you’re pretty delusional if you think any Mizzou fan considers UK their rival. Literally don’t even think about y’all as much as you think about us, that’s why you’re here lmao rent free. Who are Kentucky’s SEC rivals? Can’t be Tennessee, you’re 3-33 (!) against them over the last 36 (!!) years while Mizzou is 5-4 against them in 9 years LMAO. That’s Vanderbilt levels of bad. Actually that’s not true, even Vandy beat Tennessee 5 times last decade. So you’re below Vandy. You’re 1-34 against Florida since 1987 while Mizzou has already beat them 4 times since joining the SEC. It’s actually impressive how CONSISTENTLY Kentucky manages to get beat every year by these teams. And how many times have y’all beat Georgia since Mizzou joined the SEC? 0? That’s what I figured. Go back to your basketball court and we can talk when football season ends, maybe your delusions of Kentucky football ever being relevant will finally subside. Stick to basketball.
The last time we won at least 9 games was in 2014, those are pretty high expectations for Drinkwitz in his second year. Injuries and other issues will happen as they always do and our lack of depth will show. I’d lower the bar if I were you, it’s pretty clear 2022 is what’s going to be the big year.
Mizzou under Drinkwitz has yet to lose to Kentucky, I’m not worried about y’all. Mizzou won 5 SEC games under Drinkwitz, the last time Kentucky won that many games was 2018, and the time before that…..1977? LMAO. Yeah I’d focus on just finishing above Vanderbilt and USC if I were y’all
I think lack of camps/exposure + some canceled high school seasons from Covid will cause this class of football players to be the most “misranked” class of the past few years. Regardless, like you mentioned, the offer sheet doesn’t lie. At worst this would be a high 3 star if those schools are actually his finalists and all pursing him. Good pick up by the Gators though.
Iowa State just had their best season ever and is returning most of their team, why wouldn’t they be hyped up?
Liberty finished last season ranked with a 10 win season and is 22nd in returning production, and Ole Miss is supposed to be pretty good this year. So if Liberty>Texas and Ole Miss>Arkansas, then Liberty vs Ole Miss>Arkansas vs Texas. Pretty simple.
*Mizzou’s Board of Curators hired Drinkwitz, not Sterk
Badie may get just as much if not more rushing attempts this year though being the feature back and being more versatile in the passing game than Trelon could lead to better overall volume stats. Let Adam Spencer put who he wants at 10, nothing wrong with a little Tiger bias.