Mizzou student trying to survive the season.

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Tigurrr Bence Polgar very well could have been Mizzou’s starting center this year à la Michael Maetti, he was Buffalo’s starting center last year on a solid O-Line. The only really talented OL Mizzou has this year playing is Javon Foster, the rest of our OL is just slightly above average starters across the board and then some quality backup depth. It’s no world beater though.
*one more win. You only had one game you lost by less than 3 points, the other two you would still have to win in OT so it’s not a gimme.
“King threw for 292 yards in his only full game last season. In the 11 games that followed, Calzada never threw for that many yards in any one game.“ Oh I can do these fun stats too! In King’s one full game (against Kent State!) he threw for 3 interceptions. In the 11 games that followed (including 8 SEC games), Calzada never threw for that many interceptions in any one game. Also if you’re assuming that every one of these offenses you’re previewing won’t have ANY injuries (which always occur), then yeah a fully healthy off-season offense is almost always going to “seem” to look better than a previous year’s offense that did have to deal with actual injuries. Maybe with King being healthy last year, then 2021 Texas A&M offense>2022 Texas A&M offense. Same can be said for Mizzou, a healthy Bazelak could mean that last year’s offense would be better than this year’s Mizzou offense. This applies to all the other SEC teams that dealt with considerable injuries on the offensive side of the ball as well.
Crying the same way Florida fans have been crying since losing to FCS squad Georgia Southern in 2013.
Tucker McCann was a highly ranked kicker too, Kohl’s kicking had him ranked the #1 kicker in his class.
Anyone know why Connor O’Gara’s softball articles have comments disabled? He afraid of his writing get criticized? Weak.
Okay? Yale has 18 recognized by the NCAA and 27 claimed titles. Do you consider them a blue blood? Do you consider Princeton’s 15 enough to be a blue blood? How about Harvard’s 8 titles? It’s asinine to strictly think national titles is what makes a blue blood.
Yes, OU and UT are blue bloods if you read the comment I responded to. National titles is not the only determining factor for being a blue blood, otherwise you would consider a Yale a blue blood. If you want to know why Nebraska, OU, UT, Alabama, USC, Notre Dame, OSU, and Michigan are blue bloods then google the graph that shows weeks spent at #1 in the AP poll on one axis and weeks spent in the AP poll for the other axis. Those 8 teams are clearly separated from the rest of the teams, including UT. Being “2nd best record” in the SEC doesn’t make you a blue blood. Google the graph like I said, and you’ll easily see the distinguishment. I’d post a link to it but this site doesn’t allow that. And as for you, Wadeless, Nebraska has had more than one great coach (ever heard of Bob Devaney?). I never said the Neyland era never existed so I don’t know why you’re acting like I did. Frankly, UT’s history is still dwarfed in the grand scheme of things by Nebraska thus far. With a good decade from UT and another bad one from Nebraska, that could possibly change. But not as of now.
Those 7 teams you mentioned and Nebraska are the eight blue bloods of CFB. Yes I know Nebraska has been horrible lately, but they’re still 10th in all time win % (really 9th since I don’t count Boise State, and they only dropped behind Penn State after this most recent season so they still could jump back up), 2nd in conference championships, 6th in bowl games, 8th in all time wins, 8th in consensus all Americans, 7th in weeks spent at #1 in AP poll, and 8th in weeks in AP poll. If they don’t get their act together though they’ll lose their status this decade. People considering teams like UT, Georgia, Auburn, etc as blue bloods are sorely mistaken. Although I could see Georgia replacing Nebraska by the end of the decade for that eighth spot. Regardless, this author isn’t very smart if he thinks the SEC will have 8 blue bloods (LOL) in the conference and shows how little he knows.
No Georgia does seem a little bit odd. Maybe they never offered?
Don’t remember ever hearing about this guy
I’m proud the SEC isn’t giving in to automatic invites, that idea is stupid. I’m fine with the SEC playing hardball and sticking with 4 teams in the playoffs, all adding more teams does is add more blowouts. The STRONG majority of the playoff semis have been blowouts, showing that the majority of years there really is only 2-3 teams above the rest that deserve a chance to play for a championship. Why open the door to undeserving teams? All you’re doing is diluting the playoffs and setting it up for even more boring, useless, blowout playoff games. We have plenty of those already, I’d be more interested in CFB trying to set up competitive games.
Well Unclenutz some of us are focused on the present and not the past, like Georgia being in the confederacy. Oh, too far back for you? Then stfu
Which teams do you think didn’t take their bowl game seriously?
There’s nothing that Badie had to prove at that point, you actually think a good game against ARMY is what would convince NFL teams to draft him? Not any of the other games against SEC teams, but the freakin bowl game against a service academy? Yeah you could not be more wrong. And you do NOT know he would rush for a bunch of yards, you’re just assuming. NFL teams know who Badie is and one more game against a service academy is not going to be the difference maker compared to his other games, as any reasonable fan would tell you. And imagine if Badie tore his ACL in the useless bowl game, how dumb would you feel then? That would not help his stock.
Either change the title or add a new Mizzou section. Lazy writing
Would that mean that your team was led by a rat who jumped off someone else’s ship in Hendon Hooker?
“Missouri fans may want to watch Cuonzo Martin’s team instead: the football team’s run defense is terrible, and Army is the best rushing offense in the country." Mizzou is ranked No. 253, the lowest among high-major conference teams, in the NCAA’s NET rankings. So no, I will not be watching Cuonzo’s team get waxed by Illinois. I’ll probably stick to day drinking and watching the Army game
Your first pro is actually a con, being injured and playing on one leg is exactly why he shouldn’t have been playing. Also the the student section and I were booing because this is the most side to side, horizontal offense I have ever seen that can only dink and dunk since Connor Bazelak has no running ability nor consistent deep ball. I really doubt the offense would be WORSE with a full game of Brady Cook starting (and his sample size this season was a HALF game, so he can’t even get into a rhythm, against Georgia’s NFL defense).
I honestly can’t believe the author can say with a straight face that the 3rd best QB in the SEC is Stetson Bennett, it’s a joke. He’s only that high up because of the team around him. He belongs in more of the 7-9 tier, no way he’s better than KJ Jefferson. This author is a joke if he thinks Georgia would be better with Stetson Bennett at QB compared to KJ Jefferson
Arkansas has the better QB and probably a better defense too, I don’t see Mizzou being able to go into a hostile Fayetteville crowd and pull out a W. They’re a tough team, Burks or no
Yeah I was in the student section tonight and it was rocking the whole game! An electric atmosphere and perfect send off for Mizzou’s seniors
The sign may say Campus Bar and Grill, but all Mizzou students know it’s called Big 12
And Tyler Badie leads the SEC in yards and TDs. Everyone has a player they feel like is getting screwed over. There can only be ten players on this list and there are ~22 positions, some people like Damone Clark (who was in the honorable mentions) are gonna get left out. Also, he’s not getting “interceptionS”. He has only one for the season. And by sacking the QB are you referring to the one sack his has for the entire season? Seems clear to me why he’s not on this list, heck he’s not even the top player at his position for the SEC.
“ Missouri is dead last in rushing defense in the SEC as the Tigers are allowing 308.4 yards per game” While correct, it’d be more accurate to say “ Missouri is dead last in rushing defense in the FBS as the Tigers are allowing 308.4 yards per game”
Mizzou is going 4-8, and that’s assuming Vanderbilt doesn’t figure out all they need to do to beat Mizzou is run halfback dive every play.
“He still has among the best throwing accuracy and percentage of QB’s in the SEC.” Let’s look at some stats then. Among starting SEC QB’s, Connor Bazelak is 7th in completion percentage. Among starting SEC QB’s, Connor Bazelak is 8th in yards per pass attempt. Among starting SEC QB’s, Bazelak is 9th in QBR. Among starting SEC QB’s, Bazelak is tied for 3rd in interceptions. But yeah he’s pretty accurate for a SEC QB
You must be pretty slow or not have watched Mizzou games (I’m assuming both) to think Mizzou should have kept Walters.