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Stop calling Georgia fans hillbillies….that’s an insult to hillbillies. Just let those blue-state dems have their little moment. Hopefully the pronoun “their” doesn’t offend too many of the woke biden lovers in Stacy Abrams country.
Oh give us a break Corch, you’re a fan of the ONLY SEC team that is from a blue state that voted for Brandon in the last election. The day some fool from the Stacy Abrams Woke state of georgia starts telling us politics you can bet is lib fake news!
Lol….couldn’t happen to a bigger douchebag.
So sick of Georgia….what a disgrace to the SEC. Just pack up and move to the PAC10 with other like minded folks. Can’t even get Hershel a win.
At least the Hillbillies can get it right at the ballot box. Can we give the blue state of GA the boot out of the SEC? I mean, they can’t even vote for Hershel. Good grief….so sick of the W O K E state of GA.
Jezsus-h-Chrst, how long do we have to put up with these blue-state Georgia librals ? Can’t we just vote them out of the SEC?
It’s just tradition for teams from TN to beat Kentucky.
Dear KY Jelly kittens, thanks for always being our B I T C H.
Why does anyone care what this pinhead says? He picked Jawja to win as well. I think Young is the Heisman winner, but it’s time we start calling out these “experts” when the sling their rat poison without consequences to reputation.
Jawja fans turn faster than voting fraud in Georgia!
Kirby outSmarted again. Making Auburn defense look like all Americans. What a joke Jawja defense is.
Don’t pay that Alabama corksucker a dime. Mr potatohead can make all the threats he want but he’s a washed up bama reject who has zero knowledge or ability to coach a team HE PAID McD’s money for, and still sucked.
Yeah, that’s how socialism works exactly. Free healthcare and free college. It’s completely free, no one has to pay for it, it’s just “free”. Are you out of your mind? Do your research and get some more free education before expounding on the benefits of socialism. This is so sad that you’ve been brainwashed to believe this.
STFU. Frustrating that so many GA fans are interested in TN football. If they would have taken just a small percentage of the same interest in their own state maybe it wouldn’t have gone full blue communist democrat. Go find a tree to hug and keep your socialist America-hating opinions in the failed state of georgia.
Who gives flip about what those blue-state liberals in Georgia do. Get the hell out of the SEC as your whole state is an embarrassment to the rest of us in the south.
I don’t want nothing out of the Democrat Biden loving state of Georgia....and get Georgia the hell out of the SEC. They belong in the PAC10 with the rest of the Pelosi lovers
To hell with anything to do with Georgia. Boot that whole democrat loving state out of the SEC. Georgia is a disgrace to the rest of us in the South!
He spews the same BS every week. Go back and look, but it’s always something like “We have to play a lot cleaner game. That starts with me. Starts with the coaching staff.” When does it start JP? You keep talking about how you know what an elite program looks like, but you obviously can’t build one. Clean the house Phil.
Been a fan of CJP since day 1. Thought he was the guy, but tonight’s failure just indicates that he is not. Pissed off? How about you piss off CJP.
Great to see the red state of Florida beat those JawJa blue democrats!
Reason #6: At least Florida belongs in the south going as a red state. They can’t even count in Georgia....if they go blue it’s time for them to join some other conference, they don’t belong in the SEC
I vote we kick Georgia out of the SEC if they vote blue tonight.....what a disgrace