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What an abysmal article. It's farcical to suggest that off-field issues have been an issue. UT has way fewer academic and legal problems than any of the serious SEC competitors; it's a more cogent argument that we have way too few off-field issues and a team of "good 'ole guys." I hardly think Da'Rick being a bit of a selfish teammate constitutes grounds for the line in your article about off-field problems. Explain to me how the one good thing we have going is the Alabama transplant? Typical. How about a roster with minute turnover and the return of almost every starter from a year ago. How about the fact that although a high number of coaches churned out, the resumes of their replacements suggest an upgrade in both recruiting and coaching ability overall. How about an extremely experienced line protecting a gunslinger QB who will have two future 1st or 2nd rounders and the top-rated Juco player to throw to. Finally, I love the suggestion of the last line, that success this year may buy him a year or two, but inevitably Dooley will fail........
I don't have the same feelings about Chaney's scheme, but I wouldn't mind seeing a change simply because he does not add anything in the recruiting world. From the sounds of it, he barely gets involved in that aspect of the program. We could use another elite recruiter in a big way.
The good news for us is that Bray isn't afraid of anyone. He's the best QB in the conference, and he's going to uncork one on Vandy.
Ugh, Missouri. You've got to be kidding me. The great fraud here is the notion that the SEC making more money than all of the other conferences translates into a better product for the fans. If the PAC-12 (or eventually, the PAC-16) makes 25% more cash than the SEC, that's great for those who stand to benefit, but it dilutes the football product for us fans. The administrators of the conference and the schools speak as though, and have tricked most people into believing that more television money = better football. Money isn't, and never has been, what makes Southern Football great. One thing is for sure: Missouri and aTm won't make Southern Football better, not lease because they geographically and culturally have nothing to do with Southern Football.
You're kidding right? Could have left him paralyzed? So could every other play in football. Look, I hate Mathieu as much as the next guy, but it was like he attempted a flying helmet-to-helmet killshot. He grabbed Kirpatrick's shoulder and spun him around to make up for getting beat. To talk about paralysis is so grossly over-dramatized.
He's easily my least favorite person in college football right now, and not because LSU just beat us like a drum. I think he should take a hint from a truly great DB, Eric Berry, and let his play do the talking.
Bama's linebackers scare the daylights out of me. I'm still looking forward to the game, but please, football God, let Bray make it out alive.
I should clarify: it looks like fun, but I don't think it fits or has any real merit as a notable tradition in the SEC.
I don't follow. What's your issue with Rocky Top?
Regardless of me being a joke or not, you aren't going to win many arguments regarding southern football if you begin with "It's not about tradition." Frankly, almost everything is about tradition when it come to the SEC. It's the reason I hated Kiffin and his black jerseys, and it's the same reason I think the sandstorm thing is silly.
I think it's embarrassing as far as SEC traditions go. I'm not sure what it has to do with USC in any way, and I think traditions should have a little more tie to the area, the people, or the team. This is just a new song that happens to be easy to jump up and down to. Maybe at night games they should give everyone glow sticks and ecstasy. Thanks, but I'll keep Rocky Top which actually has some regional ties. And that stadium was kinda cute.
Bray won't realistically be in the discussion until next year, unfortunately, what with Hunter gone, the O-line's continued growth, and no run game to speak of. I agree with Justinshaffer that the Demps/Rainey combo will cannabalize either player's chances at the heisman. Right now I have to think that it will be a Lattimore/Richardson race, with Richardson having an advantage in that his team will likely perform better (I wish that didn't matter in Heisman voting, but it sure does).
Indeed, they did. Trust me, straaaange things happen when Kiffen is at the helm.
That definitely looked penalty-worthy, but the scary part for me was watching the upback completely miss Rainey running in. You have to know where Rainey's coming from on any punt situation.
Wait, the SEC is starting an arena football league?
Yeah, Bruce Pearl twisted and deceived and lost his job for it. Not saying at all that Muschamp deserves a firing, but I think it reflects negatively on him.
Gotcha. Well, I still think the story here is no that Muschamp put up bulletin board material. That's not interesting or unique in any way. The story is that he doctored the quotes he used as bulletin board material. He may be a "player's coach," but I wouldn't want to play for anyone that felt the need to be disingenuous in order to motivate me.
I agree with the above. Jon, this article doesn't do the story justice if it fails to mention that those quotes were inaccurate. It would've been worth a little digging to find the real quotes. Moreover, the Hunter quote came from a video interview and hearing the tone with which he said it will reveal that the exclamation point Muschamp included is completely over the top. Hunter was simply being analytical and pointing out, accurately, the the UT receivers had a height advantage. I've also never seen Rogers' "call us Ray Allen" quote. Maybe it's real, but I haven't come across it.
As you can tell by my user name, I'm extremely biased. That said, in the words of Bear Bryant, "People think I'm the greatest damn coach in the world, but Neyland taught me everything I know." It warmed my heart to see him top this list.