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I'm a Bama fan. I recently moved to New Hampshire. Lived in Massachusetts for a couple months. I was extremely surprised at how many people are Bama fans and actually follow them. This could explain why Auburn is disliked up here.
Well Stanford, if you would have just won the games you needed to win to set up the possible matchup, then you would have got your wish. Winning the Rose bowl against a highly overrated Iowa team does not make you capable of hanging with Bama.
Blame the sorry excuse of bowl (Rose bowl) for the low ratings. The only time from here on out the Rose bowl will be of any importance will be when they host a playoff game. They need to get off their high horse thinking the Rose bowl is relavant every year.
No Bob, your players are slow and can't maintain for 60 mins. They were getting outplayed badly in the 3rd quarter, thus the interference penalties. Did I mention your players are slow.
Funny how these "experts" keep referring to Watson as "the best player in the nation" or "best offensive player". Didn't see him win any awards backing up such claims. It's as though Henry is an afterthought. That's ok, keep thinking that. Idiots
To use the Ole Miss game as an argument against Coker not being able perform under duress is illogical. He played from behind from the time he came into the game and nearly pulled out the victory. That blame should be placed on the coaches and Bateman. Coker will be just fine. I wonder if a retraction will be written when Bama wins it all. Who am I kidding, it's down time so these "so called" sports writers have to create some hype.
How is it the following players were overlooked as the best in their respective conferences: ACC...Watson or Cook Big 12...Baker Mayfield Pac 12... McCaffery SEC...Henry or even Fornette See this is exactly why the media (even in sports) isn't trustworthy. We don't mind opinion pieces, but when you start quantifying, bias needs to be put aside rather than trying to sway a readers opinion. As a writer, you can't honestly believe the players listed above are not better than the ones you've listed. Oh and as far as coaches, "Mr. Khaki pants" isn't elite (at least not to this point), he's just a big, recognizable name. That doesn't make him elite.