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Kentucky was 27th after beating EKU. They are now 33rd after beating SC
You must understand that recruiting services are not 100% accurate. I point Josh Allen an unrated player who led the SEC in forced fumbles
Josh Allen was unranked with no stars and led the SEC with forced fumbles. This staff has a track record of developing low rated players.
This is the most excitement around the program in a long time. You also can't say that the Kentucky team that lost to SoMiss is the same that beat Louisville. If we played WKU today now that Stoops has got his guys in I'm confident we'd win
How can you call this program a sinking ship this is yhr
He's a good coach but I don't think he is all that good with in game coordinating
Wouldn't say I'm sad to see him go.
Kentucky was in contention until week 10 comparing how they were the prior seasons it's a massive leap and perhaps exaggerated a little didn't warrant your whining
Watched some film on him very athletic for someone his size very fluid route runner
Well I'm 17 so that would be a lil creepy
This is the most momentum this program has had in years
What does it matter if we tell you are names or not what does that prove
Are you a Kentucky fan, because you don't talk like one
You are the most toxic fan I've ever seen like seriously we go 7-5 and you find a way to bitch about
He is getting the proper coaching, what are you talking about
You represent the worst of the Kentucky fanbase
Kentucky is going 🎳