Nick Bear Saban

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Good for him. The Cardinals at least try to win. I think he will do well in that offense.
Good grief, I have never seen such whining. As a neutral observer, Florida was the better team last Saturday. Refs were not good either way. Sc needs to accept that they were whipped at home by double digits. You can say the wheels fell off the wagon because of the Pierce run but Florida dominated the fourth quarter 21-7. That’s what good well coached teams do. Will Muschamp coaches teams play conservative late in the game and rely on the other team turning the ball over and missing overtime field goals. This is why he and his team are mediocre.
I read a report about Florida’s graphic design team saying that Tennessee’s white is “2 shades above the minimum standard.” The Tennessee locker room is on fire!
Double it? More like triple or quadruple that bet. Wake Forest is trying to send you a sign. Only a fool would fail to act on it.
The Georgia offense should be able to move the ball for the first 3 quarters against our D. Then in the 4th, they will collapse and blow a 2 td lead.