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Have any of y'all ever shot a AR? If not It's fun as hell to shoot.
I'm biased as hell on this one but to me Kelly and Mahomes have the best arms in this draft. of course accuracy needs work for both but the arms are there.
As a Saints fan I'd rather them try and draft Mahomes or Kelly in the draft this year before resorting to this.
I like freeze but if this saves us from a second year of not playing for a bowl we all know that the school will take that chance and get rid of him. But if they fire him will the players transfer out or will they see who the next coach is gonna be? My guess is that they will suspend freeze this coming season.
I know but hey maybe Les Miles will want to coach again. Lol I don't even give a F@ck anymore.
If Freeze does get canned which is highly possible who do we hire as our next HC? My dream would be Chip Kelly.
Yep we should have paid extra for people to keep quiet.
That's possible but sill I would like to know if somebody outbidded us.
This begs the question of who out bidded us?
I think he was smoking something when he came up with this video.
Yes but having stolen firearms in a car you are riding in seems worth noting too.
This is the first hire Freeze has made that I don't really feel confident about.
Kelly Had his invite rescinded because of off the field issues right. so can someone tell me why Cam Robinson got invited?
I would say no because watching him play was the only bright spot for me this past season. since he got injured in the GA southern game I would have to agree he would have been a 4th to 5th rounder last year nevertheless he'll get a shot somewhere in the NFL.
Possibly but I don't have a clue.
its not like he has done something between Feb 1st and now that would get him kicked off the invitation list.