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It's amazing what Luke has done on the recruiting trail since the NCAA cloud went away.
Paying good defensive players would make to much sense.
I'm guessing 5th and he's probably gonna play LB at the pro level.
I believe it is 20-25 scholarships per year and if we get busted for penalty's while on probation we become eligible for the death penalty.
I fully expect Shea to transfer but Ta'Amu will probably stay.
Whew!!!! Atleast we didn't get hit with the dreaded TV ban.
To my knowledge it only protects Lewis and not the university. But I think the NCAA can remove the immunity if they need to.
I didn't know you were there at the Embassy Suites in Covington that day.
Yep the Egg Bowl is gonna look hella lot different than in past years.
Why are you laughing? This is actually a pretty damn good hire.
True but now he's the HC he needs to make the big boy decisions. Like disciplining players when they do something stupid or chewing out the OC and or DC when they call a stupid play.
I like Luke but I just don't think he's ready for this.
Last time I checked turnovers are apart of football!!!!!!
Who Dat!!! This is a great fit for Kamara and my Saints.
I'm a Saints fan but I'm am happy Engram landed in NY.
Gotta say I didn't expect Romo to retire I thought he had maybe 1-2 more years in him. Hopefully Dak will have a even better season this year knowing he's the Guy.
Not true we play in the Egg Bowl and the Magnolia Bowl.
Have any of y'all ever shot a AR? If not It's fun as hell to shoot.
I'm biased as hell on this one but to me Kelly and Mahomes have the best arms in this draft. of course accuracy needs work for both but the arms are there.
As a Saints fan I'd rather them try and draft Mahomes or Kelly in the draft this year before resorting to this.
I like freeze but if this saves us from a second year of not playing for a bowl we all know that the school will take that chance and get rid of him. But if they fire him will the players transfer out or will they see who the next coach is gonna be? My guess is that they will suspend freeze this coming season.