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Congrats Bama, I’m shocked but will acknowledge getting beat unlike most ‘turds fans who are silent after a number of their many recent losses. At least this game was decided by the players unlike 2018.
Don’t hold your breath on 50/50 calls going for the Dawgs. However, I’m not expecting the game to be close enough for the refs to affect the outcome.
I respect Saban as much as anybody, but it ain’t his year. I will be shocked if UGA does not easily cover the spread this week.
I appreciate these posts on an interesting topic, especially since the author is one of the very few here without an anti-Dawgs bias - keep up the good work. It will be interesting to see if the feds have the guts to call their bluff.
Keep up the fight, Corch. The only reason this blogger got my click was for your comment. I was not disappointed, and he will never get another click from me. His pathetic lack of integrity has truly gotten out of hand.
thoughts and prayers for Naomi Simone Ridley
yes it was. Dawgs, Braves, and no property destroyed (on camera) by the tennessee rednecks
I’ve seen many lame attempts at humor here over the years, but this may be the worst. Congrats I guess.
at least he does a decent job in those Progressive insurance ads
Vandy being described as “not a good team" (thank you for that timely in-depth analysis btw) is a great improvement over last year’s complete embarrassment of a team led by an incompetent head coach.
Twice the coach is the biggest understatement I’ve read here in a while - and that’s saying something..
I like how he’s #10 on the list as well as an honorable mention - blogger putting the gator education to good use.
seems reasonable to me, especially after seeing the Dores absolutely pole-axe the mighty Huskies.
I totally agree - fire CKS if we decide to emphasize the running game.
He’s not wrong, and Vandy is a perfect example of waiting years too long to fire an incompetent head coach and athletic director. One down, one to go.
Guess I’ll be listening to the Dawgs on radio this week.
It was a great week for the [public schools of the] SEC.
There was mo hate in this article; just an honest assessment of the Dawgs’ performance. Paranoia from Dawgs fans is not attractive.
Glad to see someone here acknowledge that the incompetent administration at Vandy keeping the overmatched coach one year (at least) too long has made Lea’s challenge so much more daunting.