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Curious to see how high vowel nation can count - already exceeded my expectations, so congrats.
Thank you for the laughs as this long weekend comes to an end. Folks, we have an early leader for worst post of the year. Those first two sections were not surprising, however, after reading the blogger’s bio. Please stay at BR.
See what happens when the token hire Mendoza is not part of the broadcast?
Looks like the ACC will be another meat grinder
I sincerely hope the Vandy and knoxville predictions come to pass.
auburn fans’ lack of self-awareness continues to be second only to knoxville
How good is Virginia’s offensive coordinator?
good thing you’re not living in the past.
Congrats on beating a third-tier ACC team. I guess.
Please explain to me why the over-his-head Mason is good for the program and conference, you virtue-signaling white-guilt pathetic excuse for a blogger.
wonder if barnforever is ever going to acknowledge how wrong he/she/it was about UGA not beating Saban/Bama ? very funny warching someone/something bury himself/herself/itself
Following the rules makes you a Nazi? This, folks, sums up Auburn perfectly (sorta like democrats, too).
Not saying that Vandy necessarily deserved to win the game, but the clock mis-management by the head coach was inexcusable. This guy has demonstrated time and time again he is completely in over his head- the sooner he is fired, the better (if anyone in Vandyland cares).
The coach at auburn is a whining scumbag that can dish it out but cannot take it - glad he’s employed where he belongs.
The worst example of one-sided officiating since the national championship fiasco last season. Just pathetic, and it’s not like Bama needs the help.
While I guess it is fun to rididcule this moron, I would prefer that you ignore him from now on - that way I am not reminded that he exists. Thanks in advance.
Vandy’s QB averaged over 10 yards per attempt with 2 TD’s and 0 interceptions but was not even mentioned by this blogger. I was surprised at this omission until I noticed where this hack graduated from.
Seeing all these barnyard people whining about delusional bama fans is hilarious - your lack of self awareness and guilty projecting is truly a sight to behold. Thank you very much for the entertainment.
Well said - but I don’t hate Bama, just respect the hell out of that program.
I have never have been a fan of this coach, but my hat’s off to a great effort today.
ND was one of the most special gameday experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy - still fun to watch them lose though.
certainly hope this resident of Music City is correct
Correct - much more believable and balanced than MSESPN, the cnn of sports that is unmatched in fake news and divisive narratives.
But I thought USC had the superior offensive coordinator. I read it here so it must be true.
KC Royals evidently have something called the Bo Jackson flex plan. Only catch is you have to enter through the gate on the wrong side of the stadium.
says the guy from the school that hired the scumbag bruce pearl - thanks for the laugh. Does anyone at barn have any self-awareness? Seriously, ayone?