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hope you’re right, but the VandyBoys need to score a run against them first
Just the latest example. I enjoyed watching the home teams’ announcers so much more than the 4-letter this baseball season than when Vandy was in the road. Even the knoxvile guys were more bearable.
Imagine being such a miserable person by not appreciating the great season of the Hogs and whining about some other team’s tournament draw. Unbelievable.
Half of me is excited about hearing the great Nessler on the air again; the other half...
so pathetic and predictable that the cult on the plains still believe wrong way bo could hold Herschel’s jock - and I was there for that Iron Bowl
Despite Leiter’s struggles, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game as the Gators announcers were such an improvement over the look-at-me crew on the 4-letter.
The sooner stackhouse is gone, the better. Hopefully the Chancellor gets rid of him, because there’s no way the token athletic director will.
I need to find a Gator with an extra ticket for 4/30 and 5/01.
Too bad the AD will never be held accountable for the shirt show (excluding baseball) that the school’s athletics have become.
I will start worrying when that bastion of integrity, the L1L commissioner, says that the game will be played as scheduled.
Almost as laughable as the fishwrapper new york times’ national champion
Thank you Keith, I guess the cbs production truck was too busy lining up the next promos for the sewage known as the network’s primetime programming. Also, shoutout Jamie, who was much more enjoyable to listen to than the gd analyst
Sydney is one of the ever-decreasing numbers of bloggers that I will click on - no virtue signaling, no vapid posts about what some morons say on the cesspool known as twitter, just solid news-related posts along with well thought out opinions. Unfortunately Sydney is the exception, not the rule here.
Very good news - hope both teams are as close to full strength as possible.
Don’t have a dog in the fight, and I agree that this was an inexcusable call by the SEC.
Not with Stetson at QB - he’s a great story with a high floor, but his ceiling is too low to be a championship winning QB - sincerely hope this post ages like milk.
For once, the headline was not misleading or exaggerating- great post!
other than being a leftist race-baiter, he’s an announcer on games that I will never watch
As a fan of this school for over four decades, I completely agree with what you posted. It is truly unfortunate what has happened there on so many levels - thank God for the baseball team and Tim Corbin.
Good luck Tommy, you certainly are going to need it.
I’ll take the over for Kentucky wins, and the under for Auburn. Vandy is a push.
I find it very difficult to believe there are 18 teams worse than Vandy.