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BillBrocius, Wouldn't any criminal trial (even shoplifting) meet the criteria of putting one's life and or liberty in jeopardy? I'm not aware of criminal conduct that one could go in front of a court for that could not potentially put your freedom and your liberties in jeopardy? As far as preponderance of the evidence, that's not reserved solely for the civil side of the courtroom. Many criminal proceedings use a standard of proof less than "beyond a reasonable doubt," such as bond hearings, and some even use precisely the "preponderance of the evidence" standard as the burden of proof. Probation revocation hearings, which are absolutely a criminal proceeding, only require a preponderance of the evidence for the defendant to be returned to confinement.
If we go back to 2008--when UGA won the tournament thanks to help from a tornado, a technical foul, a buzzer beating running 3 by a guy named Swansey, and a miracle of a performance against Arkansas in the finals--the disrespect was on display even more. Georgia was given a 14th seed, which I have to believe is by far the lowest seed ever given to a major conference tournament champion. This was on the heels of the previous two champions winning the NCAA tournament (Florida) and another team making a run all the way to the final four (LSU). I was at UGA from 04-08, and went to nearly every home game while I was there. I know we weren't deserving of a high seed, but to win the tournament and be given a 14th seed was a tough pill to swallow.
This type of article really exposes how limited the talent is on the SDS staff. The writers get away with it when they report on what Finebaum said yesterday or when they slightly repackage news and data that actual professionals at places like the Athletic or Pro Football Focus write. But when it comes to taking a social/political stand, their inability to construct a persuasive argument is glaring. Whether it's a call for outlandish measures against teams/players/coaches, a display of a total lack of understanding about the criminal justice system, hyperbolic outrage, or just a general failure to grasp reality, SDS writers have shown time and time again that they are several notches below the actual journalists and professionals that they are so fond of copying.
The way Minnesota was given their "three peat" from 34-36 is a little questionable anyway. The AP poll didn't start until 36, and the other selectors didn't unanimously choose them all three years. Army has nearly as much claim to a 3-peat from 1944-46, with them finishing number one in the AP the first two years and retroactively being declared champion by multiple selectors in 46. Regardless, if UGA wins a third straight, I don't think there will be a legitimate comparison to either of those teams in terms of historically significant dominance.
It wasn't an incentive for Kirby. After Grantham, Kirby's name was being mentioned as a potential replacement. He was at Bama as DC and wouldn't make the move back to UGA, so we got Pruitt. If anything, Kirby's advice would seem to be not to make a lateral move from the current powerhouse to your alma mater, but to wait on the head coach position to open.
That's a pretty long winded way of saying "I don't understand what the phrase 'of the playoff era' means" since Venables was hired in 2012.
If Stetson can make the trip at his age, UGA should be able to as well.
I think the biggest reason SBIV seems more clutch than Burrow is that Burrow was so great, he hardly ever had to be "clutch." Outside of a 3rd & 17 pass to extend a lead against Texas late in the fourth, I don't remember many clutch performances. I know the Auburn and Bama games were close, but even in those games he was protecting a lead and not leading a comeback. After the Bama win the second weekend in November, the closest anyone came to LSU was a 17 point loss by Clemson in the championship game. Stetson had the Mizzou comeback this year but also had come from behind drives on the biggest stages in last year's championship game and this season's semifinal. Burrow's 2019 postseason saw LSU out score us, Oklahoma, and Clemson by 79 points. It's hard to be considered clutch when you're so good no one can come close to beating you in the postseason.
I completely agree. I was at MBS when we lost to y'all in the SEC Championship when Tua got hurt. Seeing Stroud start scrambling for big yardage brought back nightmares of Jalen Hurts slicing through our defense en route to a comeback. In that game and the Peach Bowl, we never seemed to make adjustments to account for the QB's mobility. I'm much less concerned about our ability to game plan for a dual threat QB like Duggan, regardless of his talent, than I am our ability to adjust on the fly to a runner. We weren't expecting that side of Stroud to come out and it showed.
Great career for McIntosh with hopefully one more round of highlight reel footage still left for his tape. I'm somewhat surprised that the announcement came this week instead of next since most UGA players traditionally wait until after the final game. Makes me wonder if someone at Reese's jumped the gun because I would have expected the announcement to come from McIntosh or at least the athletic department.
"The Razorbacks led the Jayhawks 31-13 at the end of the 2nd quarter and 38-13 at the start of the 3rd." Maybe this line makes sense for someone who watched the game, but sentences like this and the one you mentioned about making things "slightly interesting" are why I continue to subscribe to the Athletic.
That's also my favorite but the start of "Krypton Fanfare" gives me chills as well. I do miss hearing Tara's Theme after the games though.
Did Cubelic learn how to post by reading QAnon?
There are a half dozen reasons why the comparison I'm about to make isn't valid, but I'm going to make it any way. If you look at how Jermaine Burton performed last year with Bennett throwing to him versus how he's done this year with Young throwing to him, the numbers don't show Young being nearly as big of an asset to Burton's career as I think he had hoped he would. He played in 12 games last year (I admittedly did not go deep enough to find out how many, if any, of his yards were completions from JT Daniels), averaged 2.16 catches per game, 19.1 yards per catch, 41.4 yards per game, and a TD every 2.4 games. With Young throwing to him, over 9 games he is averaging 2.44 catches per game, 14.8 yards per catch, 36.1 yards per game, and a TD every 3 games. The criticisms that were levied against Bennett and the UGA offense when he transferred were that he was not featured enough, the throws were being divvied up among too many targets for him to shine, and that our offense couldn't bring him the recognition he could get with Bryce Young throwing to him as his potential top target. I am by no means arguing that Bennett is better than Young, but the one player who has been on the receiving end of both of their passes did nearly as well if not better in all statistical categories when Bennett was throwing to him. Surely that should be a reason for the writers and critics to ease up on the constant barrage of complaints and questions about SBIV.
Has anyone checked on Kevin Mays to make sure he made it out of Athens with all (that's left of) his fingers?
I was looking for gwhite in the comments. Perhaps he's busy accepting his "championship of life" trophy.
Maybe they should hire Kevin Steele to coach a game or two then give him a million dollar buyout.
I was logging in to say the same thing when I saw your post. The attention to detail at SDS is laughable. It's the main reason I broke down and bought a subscription to The Athletic.
I know players can't have NIL payments tied to performance, but is there an avenue for collectives to decrease payments if a player is suspended/dismissed for cause, or are the payments set in stone?
"Mathis is one of four former Georgia quarterbacks to be starting for a separate program this season." Might want to check that statement.
His only problem was putting his chips in a McDonalds bag before he bet.
One of the great parts of Pollack's story is that he came to UGA as a fullback. He moved to defense his sophomore season (I think he played a few snaps on D as a freshman due to injuries) because we'd lost three players to graduation and Charles Grant to the NFL.
Serious question for Bama faithful...are there any coaches you would conceivably go after that you aren't fairly sure would say yes? I would like to think Kirby stays in Athens, but at this point--especially with the recruiting giving any incoming coach a stacked team for their first several years--is there anyone else who you flat out don't think you'd have a shot at getting whenever Saban does step down?
I don’t think anyone could have blamed him if he sat out the Sugar Bowl, but he made the trip to be with his teammates and was very instrumental in one of the biggest offensive plays of the game. Just knowing that he might play had to have affected Baylor’s game plan. Despite his struggles with injuries, he’s been one of my favorite Dawgs in the Kirby era.
There is no such penalty as too many men on the line. You just have to have no more than four men in the backfield (at least seven on the line). A lot of teams run a power set with two tight ends and an extra offensive tackle on the line, with only two running backs and a qb in the backfield.
Even if it’s not theoretical, I think Chip Caray has a much better chance of being the current Voice of the Dawgs than Munson or Ward.
I was at UGA from 04-08 and went to nearly every away game. At South Carolina (pre-Spurrier), I was trying to find a ticket from a scalper and a gamecock fan gave me an extra one he had, with the provision that I not sit in the SC section. Auburn fans were classy as well. Most of the tailgates and fraternity houses had a mixture of UGA and AU fans. The only time things seemed to get out of hand on a widespread level was at GA-FL. Other than that game, with the exception of some isolated incidents, most of the fan bases were classy and welcoming.