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Them GA Dawgs comments make a great point. The UT/SC/UK round robin is really important for recruits. The team that emerges 2-0 for a couple yrs in a row (and beat the lower rung teams / pull one upset over big boys) gives hope to recruits that their joining a program on the upswing.
I think Ben is realistic. 8-4 the mark with an upset of FL or GA, and Vols lose one they should otherwise win. 9-3 would heaven. Love the GA game move; too many big game loses in the first half makes Nov. uneventful.
There's an interesting change in the TN / SEC schedule for 2020: The last few years FL is followed by GA, with Bama looming two games later. All those losses seem to suck the wind out of the team early. In 2020 FL is followed by MO, and GA is in Nov. Much more balanced, hope that continues for a couple of years...