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And to think I was almost through the day without facepalming at something stupid done by other people...this is just ridiculous
I love Bama football as much as any true fan does, but come one already. At the end of the day, it's still just a game, one that will now cost this moron an extra grand
Welp, sucks to lose the big one, but saw some positive signs for the future. Here's to next year! RTR
Happen to live a bit north of Minneapolis, and he's completely right. It's f-ing cold up here
Well done Vols, nice to see someone like Dobbs go out with a win. Let's hope the rest of the conference can keep it up!
I never really cared about him never getting that top QB (until Hurts and now Tua). What I would love for him to sign is a dependable kicker...
Lol never knew their were so many Buckeye brats on the site...
Sorry, but Hurts doesn't deserve to go this year. He's played great for a true freshman, but he's still played like a freshman a good bit this year. In the coming years, if he improves where he needs to, I assume he'll get the invite. This year, it's not warranted
I feel the same way. He drove me crazy, but Saturday afternoons just won't be the same without Uncle Verne.
"Too many fans that actually graduated from the college" LOL Made my day
I once heard a coach describe football perfectly. Football is not a contact sport, it's a collision sport. If you can't take it, don't play.
Great game to watch. Kinda sad to see the N.O.T streak end for Bama though. Oh well, got the job done anyhow!
I hate Meyer, and would love Wisconsin to win, but how is it a penalty on Meyer if the ref backed into him?
Wait...could it be? A Fox Sports host has a stupid opinion? What are the chances?!? What a lousy excuse for a sports network
If they hire Tom Herman, LSU becomes the next closest thing we'll see to a dynasty. Dudes a genius