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I have a unique perspective on this. Graduate of both Charlotte and Tennessee. I follow both programs. I know first hand the difference between the two programs. From a 49er fan perspective, a good parallel for the disparity would be Kennedy saying in 1960 that the USA would land on the moon before the end of the decade. But it happened, and this could too, though the hurdles/obstacles are considerable. There's a path forward though. The city has the resources, demographics, and willingness to support not just a P5 program but an SEC program. To be honest, much moreso than a lower end G5 program. This city loves this big time, and the SEC is big time. As a fan of the 49ers, I would be curious how the SEC East members would feel about the prospect of travelling to Charlotte for away games, etc? Good destination city? Have you had a chance to see Charlotte's campus? I'll also happily answer any questions about where the 49er program is, and what it would take to get it up to muster (if anyone is interested). The fun part of that for SEC fans and for 49er fans in NC, is that elevating Charlotte to the SEC would absolutely cut UNC and NCSU off at the knees. It would cause such a seismic shift in not just athletics, but the entire culture in NC, that it would be very interesting to see it play out. I dunno, maybe other SEC fans would enjoy watching the mighty ACC squirm in its core state. Maybe not. I am more than a little biased there. Thoughts? Insults? Questions?