Noah Knight

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Right, all Trump did was carry a nation. We shall leave the jock carrying to you.
Well, So YOU can see Bama fudging numbers but the NCAA can't??? I challenge you to take what you know to the NCAA. You will be the man who brought Saban & Bama to its knees. A HERO!! If not then we ALL will know you are just another tiny little wanna-be man whose failures in life have been exposed and are on full display.
Najee thanks for all the hard work & dedication you put in at UA. You are a beast!! Now go get you some $$$$. Thanks again, Stay Safe & God Bless.
I do remember when Tuberville refused to renew 6 football players' scholarships his first year at Auburn.
You know of promises that Coach Oats made outside of the contract they signed?
Black & gold tells people to grow up and calls people dude? I will pass on posting the truth to this shy 13-year-old internet tough guy. Hopefully, he will encounter better adult leadership than what he has around him now. Time shall tell.
Show us YOUR resume. If it falls short, then perhaps YOU should shut up. Doubt I'm the first to ever tell you that.
Your post does not scream knowledge. It does scream jealousy & failure.
It's hard to measure heart. Najee has the heart of a lion to go along with talent, skill, dedication, and determination. Go do great things Najee!!
NFL, What about bringing back throwback RESPECT with a little humbleness and gratefulness on the side.
Shame on Bama for charging for this!! Money grabbing/loving Gre has to Go!!
No plans to ever get vaccinated. My body. My choice.
Why has Kirby Smart had 24 five-star players and not one of them has ever been drafted in the first round??? No not one! Looks like once they get to Georgia they seem to weaken down a mite. Guess that's why in the 4th quarter and it's time to man up Georgia can never quite reach manhood. Perhaps, those trailer park Bama players are way more than any weak little ol' Georgia folks can handle.
A Saban picked staff. You are scared. You should be.
Doesn't matter. Put the top 50 in & the Bama would have still be champ. The goal is for the BEST TEAM to win the championship. Why does it matter who they beat down????
Doesn't matter. Bulldogs, corndogs, chilidogs, wannabe hotdogs all get crushed by ELEPHANTS!!!!
Not so. Nick Saban doesn't hire coaches who aren't up to par or can't coach. Why did the Philadelphia Eagles hire him if he can't coach???
You & turd seem to fit well in the same thought.
Saban, We are going to Back the Blue. Perhaps Seattle, Portland, etc... are more of your type of places. Take your family there. I dare Ya!!