Noah Knight

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That kind of thing runs in your family's blood. Not Julio's. Tell us your football resume.
Auburn almost lost to JSU not long ago, 8-7. Aubun is overhyped.
Pipe down and bake some cookies crimsonette. You women are too emotional.
I love the way Reuben used to play football. Looked like a heat-seeking missile coming out of nowhere Hope things work out Reuben. God bless!!!
Watching 4 quarters of football to see Georgia kick a field goal ain't that impressive.
Taking players Kirby wants isn't memorable, it's a habit.
No. sometimes they change out of their uniforms.
Well, to notice low you gotta be down there with them.
Cam is going backward. Cam spelled backward is MAC.
Actually, Alabama will be better next year then this year, so if you are gonna get them better do it this year.
Murray is doing well in the NFL and taking NFL shots. Much tougher than you give credit for. Both are better than (WO)manzal.
You sooooo smart. You gonna make all us bama fans mad. You will ruin our week. You too smart for us. we will get you!!! weak attempt little man but since you don't like how Saban looks maybe you can find a boyfriend that appeals to you. No doubt you are a "Little lite in the loafers".
Cam's career is going backward. And wouldn't you know it..... Cam spelled backward is....MAC
Georgia hates America. The name Georgia came from the Russian empire. Atlanta was the first team to lose the world series to another country. Atlanta hosts the Olympics and picks an anti-American draft dodger lit the Olympic flame. How did that work out??? The Olympics got bombed. Braves stole "America's Team" from the Dallas Cowboys. Braves stole tomahawk chop from Florida State. Lost the All-Star game. Great supporters of Joe Biden & 2 Dem senators. Disgraceful & Shameful.
This story touches my heart. You see, many a year ago my dear sweet mother (during the dog days of summer) used to make Kool-Aid pop cycles. Good times. Good memories. It was a time when America was Great & Proud and everyone knew what gender they are. More updates on my next post. God Bless!!!
I will give Georgia credit for one thing. They have the cleanest trophy room ever. It doesn't take long to know the dust off of one lonely NC trophy.