Noah Knight

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I hope jones & white haven't become the pusher man.
The kids earn it. Doesn't matter what you, I, or anyone else thinks. Working at Wal-Mart is good, honest work. Perhaps you should try it.
Cam is all about Cam. Always has been. Always will be. NFL's greatest coach knows enough to draft a Bama guy to send Scam packing. Mac not teaching Scam about leadership, he's showing him.
Blake & Trent REALLY love to play. They will play anywhere!! Thank both for the memories, hard work, and dedication to the Bama program.
Come on down to Bama & be a hero or go elsewhere and be forever forgotten. That's means forgotten forever, not just a little while but forever & forever.
Thanks for the memories, Mark. Hope you can sign on with some team if that is what you wish. Stay healthy and God Bless!!!
Good Deal and congrats to both. If Bama would have won the softball championship perhaps The Tide could have had a sweep of the award with Montana Fouts winning it on the ladies side. Anyway, great job to all!!
Who said that????? I didn't see Micheal Jordan flashing his Haynes underwear while on the bench.
One thing for sure. You are not educated. You should grow up then come back and post.
So Kavanaugh runs the world??? Kavanaugh is nothing more than a counterfeit RINO not man enough to own up to who he really is.
Tell that to the foot soldier in a bunker as the General sits in his office.
Lipton and Georgia are perfect for each other!! As both continue to maintain "Not Quite The Best" status.
Will these contracts still be valid if a player transfers? Players should demand direct pay from the schools. If NCAA doesn't like it congress & the courts will blow the NCAA out of the water. Players you have the NCAA in your sites. Pull the trigger!!
Yep, by the women's soccer team a making a phone call. We Be Busted!!!
Hang on, I think Bama just scored again.
Paul Finebaum could use some kind of update as well. I may be alone in that thought, seems many enjoy his show. Just seems kind of tired with the same old same old every day. It is like a soap opera, don't listen for a month and you can't tell you missed a single minute of it.
Mostly in women's sports. Ladies get yo act together!!
In basketball and football (these days) as far as having players you better use them while you got them cause they may be gone tomorrow. Wish them well. God Bless!!!
Maybe but I think that overall best LB group belongs to Bama. Tide may be the best in the country.
Got a ring & some good coaching. God Bless!!
I saw Tua barrel down the field for about 40 yards and a TD against LSU And make some tough yards as a freshman against Clemson. He could run when needed.