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"What no other team has been able to do"?? They just lost to the Falcons last week...
How was Arkansas a 4-0 as a road underdog? We lost to bama at bama
Funny that Arkansas is on 5 of the ten, fun season to watch
And that whole 4th and 25 thing...
Because Henry gets 50 carries a game, it's not hard to get those kind of numbers. McFadden could do it all: Throw TD's, catch TD's, and run in TD's while splitting carries with two other future NFL backs. Henry isn't that impressive IMO. I'm pretty sure if you handed me the ball 50 times a game behind bama's offensive line I could do the same thing.
Nobody in Arkansas wants a rivalry game against Missouri. Would much rather have The Boot game at the end of the season.
What about Collin's 5 touchdowns against UT-Martin, that was during the 3 game win streak and it only says 3 touchdowns