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So what you're saying is that you're a bandwagoner?
There's a few of those on this site. It's pathetic, really.
Yes, cause the judge and exicutioner really brings in revenue for a city.
I have to agree with you. To be against something yet willing to promote it is hypocritical.
Even though we make fun of them for not knowing basic sports things, they're still gonna be a bit richer monetarily than us commenting.
So you're a fan of a commenter on a sports blog because you share similar political beliefs? That's pretty sad.
Honestly, TNF wouldn't be so bad if they didn't mess with the scheduling and aired good games. I don't think a lot of people have NFL Network, nor want to pick it up just to watch 5 games out of the year.
Didn't the "6th best school in state" beat you last season?
Watch out fellas, we have a conspiracy theorist in our midst. Tell me, was Saban in Dallas on the grassy knoll as well?
Yeah. One was in a bowl game, and Clowney picked up the fumble recovery. This one is a Senior Bowl practice. IDK why the writers decided to write this article.
Didn't Tua take a sack in OT? Also, I'd much rather be Georgia right now than Tennessee.
They'd have to lay off another 150 to get the rights to some more tunes.
It's not just the SEC. Penn State's QB slid and had his knee down and a defender went and launched at his head. No targeting call at all. These refs are a bad joke.
Was that a bad call? Yes. Did it cost them the game? Not necessarily.The Steelers still had time to run 2-3 plays. What did they do? Run a fake spike slant into double coverage, causing the pick.What's unfortunate is that people will claim this errant call as the sole reason the Steelers lost, and not the two plays that followed.(Note: I'm a Chargers fan, so I have no dog in this fight).
Just letting you know, there's a typo. Unless we're in the future, Kentucky should've went to the Music City Bowl in 2006, not 3006.
Why watch award shows anyway when now you can get alerts for your phone or just look up the winner of the awards the following morning.
Poor dude. Wish him the best in his future endeavors.
SDS wrote an article about how players would transfer if Jimbo stayed today.
If it does happen, it would probably be the best 30 for 30 doc I would see.
I honestly want a 6 team playoff just for the clarity. It makes no sense how Ohio State can get into the playoffs despite not winning their conference, despite not winning the conference was one of the main reasons TCU was not in the inaugural playoffs. Also, it may bring in more money and maybe better games, because outside of Alabama's game with Ohio State and Alabama's two games with Clemson, the Playoffs have been blowouts.
Isn't it considered rude to post text messages/direct messages between two parties on the internet?
I like how you're more upset over a Clay Travis tweet than you are at the fact that UT nearly signed a guy who knew that Sandusky was diddling kids and did nothing about it.
He's still more relevant than a troll on a football blog.