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I agree about the bet being stupid (it was too safe a bet), but I don't really care about what other people do with their money so long as they don't intentionally use it to harm others.
Strong words from one of the more unimpressive Heisman winners.
Man, you can really feel the pain behind that smile.
All I can say is best of luck to Mizzou this weekend.
Let's not forget he also sent a student up a scissor lift to film a practice in 50 mph winds, and that student ended up dying. It's funny how people just forgot about that.
It's nothing to get worked up over, but it just looks like change for the sake of change. Were people complaining that much over the yellow first down line?
I get what he's trying to say, but this feels like some shoulda coulda woulda stuff. Also, it's one thing to be one game from .500, but three losses in the final minutes doesn't really help Butch Jones' case, since it shows that he didn't get them to play the full 60 min.
I'm not sure what's worse; the athletes celebrating something that happens every game, or the fact that you wrote this long-winded diatribe in the comment section of a blog that few people outside of fans of an an NCAA conference follow.
Well best of luck to the Gamecocks. I'm hoping that we win, but it should be a good game.
That's terrible. I hope he has a quick and full recovery.
Brick by brick. He'll definitely help Alabama, since he has experience being a champion of life.
Brady deserves it more. He has the edge on the head to head with Manning 11-6, and he's almost always either in the Super Bowl or in the AFC championship game, whereas Manning has had a lot of one and done years.
"Georgia did so thanks to 21 points by SEC Player of the Year Yante Maten, who paced Georgia with 21 points". Thanks for the redundancy.
I'm not a fan of this rule. It's essentially taking field positioning, and momentum, away from teams.
So what you're saying is that you're a bandwagoner?
There's a few of those on this site. It's pathetic, really.
Yes, cause the judge and exicutioner really brings in revenue for a city.
I have to agree with you. To be against something yet willing to promote it is hypocritical.
Even though we make fun of them for not knowing basic sports things, they're still gonna be a bit richer monetarily than us commenting.
So you're a fan of a commenter on a sports blog because you share similar political beliefs? That's pretty sad.
Honestly, TNF wouldn't be so bad if they didn't mess with the scheduling and aired good games. I don't think a lot of people have NFL Network, nor want to pick it up just to watch 5 games out of the year.
Didn't the "6th best school in state" beat you last season?
Watch out fellas, we have a conspiracy theorist in our midst. Tell me, was Saban in Dallas on the grassy knoll as well?