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LMFAO. Too true. He's also guilty of false equivalency. Making it to a sweet 16 does NOT equal an SEC Football Champiinship Title!!! We also need to point out that LSU football recruits players on a level equal to the elite basketball schools while LSU basketball's isn't even a middling recruiter of talent. So it's a stretch to say the LSU basketball tm will have any level of success BEFORE the football tm does. However I really would like to see the basketball tm actually have a pulse again. Lol.
Hogs got slighted. Lol.
Agree with you 100%. I was about to post the same thing in regards to UK. The list is about 2nd and 3rd string depth so it makes no sense to talk about Snell as the UK starter. If we bring starters into it then Guice would put LSU near the top. Also since the author said he's considering 2nd AND 3rd options, no way UGA is ahead of Bama. The sarters ( who aren't considered) are near even as is the 2nd option but from there it isn't close. I also agree that Aub could be higher and the Hogs got spighted.
Title says it was his "ex girlfriend" but in reality it's his "babies mama" which makes for a much diff dynamic. He's got baby mama drama. That's what the title should have been.
You might want to check the name of the author for the earlier article. The titles and premise may be the same but if it's a diff author, makes sense the opinions would be diff. SDS does this alot where 2 diff guys give differing takes on the same subject and readers get confused. You really can't expect 2 diff guys to have the same take. However this does point to a lack of imagination on the part of the writers. What else is new??
Agree 100%. They need two lists cause as you stated, Cal is the only B-Ball coach that merits mention among the FB coachs.
Pretty pathetic narrative about other guys "running from competition". The QB pos is unique in that only 1 can be on the field (center is the other) during a gm. Guys go to top schools to "play", not sit on the bench. If you're a WR, DB or any other pos you will see the field even if you're 3rd or 4th string simply because there are more slots and injuries happen at a higher rate than QB. Saban brings in loads of talent and if he has FOUR 4 or 5 star QBs, only 1 gets to start. Both the 3rd and 4th guys on the depth chart would be idiots to sit when you can go somewhere else and play or at worst, compete with 1 guy. Especially when the evil genius is bringing in 2 more 4/5 star recruits the following yr. You actually need gm tape to get drafted which is the goal for ALL of them. Ponder this, you have a better chance of making it to the NFL if you're the STARTING QB for Southern Miss than if you're a 3rd stringer on 5-straight Bama title tms! Wonder if these writers would stay on at SDS if they were told that they were really good writers but won't be allowed to write any articles cause the other guy was better. Stop demeaning kids for wanting to actually PLAY football especially given they were highly decorated recruits. They DID compete. Just wasn't good enough to start a one school but they're plenty good enough to start at others. Last point. The writer praises Tag for choosing to show up to "compete" but the truth is he hasn't actually done it yet. What if he doesn't beat out Hurts? What if the evil genius brings in another highly rated QB next yr who proves to be better than Tag? Both are possible. Would the writer begrudge Tag if he left cause he actually wants to PLAY football??? Pathetic. Sorry for the long rant but I hate the narrative of kids leaving cause they're scared to compete. Heck, in some cases it's the coach's recommending the kids to leave as they don't see them getting on the field.
He was a lock down corner last yr b4 the injury. Guy was physically dominating WRs and QBs rarely tried him. I was really impressed with his play. If he can play a full yr he'd be a pro-bowler every yr as he has all the ability in the world. But as they say, the best "ability" is "AVAILability".
Easy to see the guy is much more jacked in the photo than his playing days. I routinely saw him remove his jersey and pads on the sidelines: he never looked this muscular. Just FYI, I know body builders at my base that routinely lose 10lbs of water in about 24hrs when getting ready for a show. Five lbs is easy to lose. As for his 40 time, tape don't lie. He routinely out ran DBs in the open field even when they had an angle on him. No one ever caught him from behind. There is a big diff between track speed and game speed. You see guys run 4.4s at the combine but they rarely made explosive plays on the field. That's because when you put pads, cleats and a helmet on them those track 4.4s become football field 4.7s. Not many guys are the same speed on the field as on the track. LF is football field explosive and the 4.5 time is really good for a 240lb guy. If you were super disappointed in that you had outsized expectations. What did you expect, Deion's 4.2?? He's been timed in the 4.4 range and he'll be there at LSU's pro day after getting down to around 230. For established players with great performance on tape, the NFL combine isn't that important. The most important part for them is interviews. GMs know what they can do. The only red flag for a guy like LF is if he ran 5.7s. The GMs were really impressed with LF after initially being concerned with the extra 5lbs. After his appearance (photos show no fat) and performance, they've moved on from the out of shape narrative. Why can't you? Still hope your Jags passed on him though. Lol.
Actually, he did put in the work. Some people look at him coming in 5lbs heavier than his 235 playing weight as a sign he was lazy or unfit. Truth is the guy went to Tennessee over 2 months b4 the combine to prepare. He obviously got carried away with the weights and packed on more muscle. Just look at the photo above. His shoulders and arms look like those of a LB. However I did wonder why he was going to Tennessee when the best trainers for athletes are in Arizona. They tailor their sessions to fit the athletes sport. A WR would work on hand-eye coordination and leaping ability. A RB would work on agility, flexibility and explosiveness with a goal of getting more lean and less bulky. Obviously LF did the opposite. He'll likely do more ability work and less weights leading up to LSU's pro day. I'd expect him to check in at around 230 then and run in the 4.46 range. But any suggestions that the guy didn't put in the work are false. He just didn't do the right "kind" of work. He really does look like a terrorizing LB above though. Lol
Yea I always have my AF ID on top of my drivers license when they ask for ID. I've only once gotten a ticket after obvious violations. True Story: As a young Airman stationed in Phoenix, I had driven to LA to party with some friends over a long weekend . Well long story short, I waited til the last minute to head back to Phoenix. Had to be to work at 7am, didn't leave LA til after 3am. It's close to a 5hr drive. Needless the say, I got pulled over doing 100mphr! The cops approached my car and asked where was I going in such a hurry? To which I responded "work". They then asked where I worked and I said "Phoenix" which got a chuckle. My saving grace was I had my uniform on and they asked to see my boots, which always had a spit shine. Impressed by my appearance, they let me go with a warning. I got to work 30mins early. Not gonna say what speeds I hit. Lol
We're in a good spot behind 2 tms that brought in 5* backs this yr. We certainly could use him and I'm sure the full-court press will be on to get him. I still think it'll be difficult to get him out of FL when it comes down to it. You know UF, FSU and Miami will be all over him. Hopefully he's open to leaving the state.
Wolf, I've seen you routinely criticize kids from St Louis. This isn't the first article you've done it on. I challenge you to re-read what you wrote and say you're not demeaning all kids from St Louis. And remember, one only need to look at your post history to see how you feel about St Louis kids. You got called out by a fellow Mizzou fan and backtracked. Perhaps it's time you stop generalizing about an entire city and group of kids? Criticize the one making the mistakes and leave it there. Food for thought. Btw, we don't know exactly what the kid did so it could be you're out of bounds here.
What MLU said. Plus the 5lbs wasn't fat. He went to Tennessee months prior to the combine to work out so any suggestions of him being lazy or out of shape are false . Likely he over did the weight training. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Also, there are reports his time was actually 4.47 fwiw. I think by the time of LSU's pro day he'll be closer to 230 after making adjustments to his routine and will run around 4.45. But 4.5 at 240 is still impressive. Likely whatever tm drafts him will ask him to come to camp at 230 and he won't have a problem getting there. I just hope Jax has the same questions as LSUMC and passes on him in the draft. Lol.
Also, baring the wheels falling off, O isn't going anywhere for at least 2 yrs after which his buyout is a "normal" $6m. After 3 yrs it's a measly $4.5. This is actually a non story as the only ridiculous # is if he's let go THIS yr. Highly unlikely. Now that I read this back to myself, I realize this article was click bait. Got me again! Lol.
I totally agree with you on Alleva for more reasons than this. However I suspect O's agent asked for the lofty buy out to offset the low annual salary. Remember the number for Herman was in the $5.5m per range. LSU is basically saving $1.5m annually below the going rate for SEC West coachs. I think the lowest salary was $4.5 but not certain. The plan was for Os salary to be discounted in order of attract (keep in Aranda's case) top Off & Def coords. With the guys we have, I'd say it worked out well. Not too concerned with the buy out number.
If a tms run gm sucks, the problem is poor offensive line play. A good line could make an average back look good and a good back look great. You don't improve a bad run gm by adding a better back. You improve the line. Jax drafting LF would be a wasted pick. Next yr you'd be bad mouthing LF the same way you have Yeldon here. Remember, Yeldon was rated as a good back coming in. He's behind a crappy line and putting LF behind that same line does little to improve the tm. If Jax was near the top 10 as you say, and they had poor DB play as the experts say, imagine how much better they'd be by adding a top 5 player at a pos of need? They could move inside the top 10 and win more gms. If they take LF they're putting ticket sales over W's. But then tms like your Jags suck long term for a reason, eh?
Would be great if he was still coaching in the SEC, preferably with the Gators. That way he'd be getting talent to compete with Saban hd-2-hd. You just know hedgehog sling zingers at Saban almost weekly and SEC media days would be must see tv.