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Every tm has players to replace. Quick question, have you seen the caliber of players Clemson is bringing in to make those replacements?? Check their past 3 recruiting classes. They’re better suited to absorb losses. Much like Bama and a couple other SEC tms. Still, PRESEASON rankings have zero bearing on how Clemson’s season will end. They have an easier path to the CFB playoffs than every SEC tm but they also have the talent to beat every SEC tm, yr over yr. Doesn’t mean they will but they’re capable. One thing you can’t call Clemson is overrated. They just play in a weak conf. That will actually hurt their rankings as the season plays out.
In football, I think we just saw it in 2019 LSU. But to guard against any recency bias, if I exclude this past yr, I go the 95 Nebraska Cornhuskers! Couldn’t score on them and they just grounded you up. In BB it was the Larry “Grand-ma-ma” Johnson and Stacy Augmon Running Rebels, hands down. They were so great their loss to another 1-seed is still one of the biggest upsets in CBB.
I’m not confusing anything. You obviously don’t know the difference between a meaningless preseason poll and the CFB playoff rankings. Just because you can’t dispute what I wrote doesn’t make “me” confused. Quite the opposite... but carry on
Who cares where Clemson or anybody else starts out?? The real poll doesn’t come out till November with the playoff committee. Even if there weren’t preseason polls, Clemson would likely be near the top after gms are played. And that “soft” sked you mentioned works against them in the end. See LSU jumping them late even though they were undef. Btw, Clemson is definitely a top 3 tm so no harm putting them there in preseason. People wailing against preseason polls have a pre-BCS mentality. They can’t comprehend the polls mean nothing in relation to how a tm finishes. Those people should not read articles on preseason polls. Just advice for you......
I have to second your suggestion. Especially Halle. Wonder who they’d get to play those roles now?
Nothing wrong with preseason polls. First, they have no bearing on the season, especially with the playoff committee now. All they do is set expectations. A tm either meets, exceeds, or flops vs those expectations. It’s only after the season we can tell who did the best job ranking tms. A better article on preseason rankings would be to tell us which ranking service has been best at doing their polls. Then readers would know who to follow. Still, it’s not an exact science.
That play vs UF isn’t even top 5. There’s the one I listed above, the last second we beat Auburn “umm no we didn’t play”, the four diff plays we beat A&M but the refs wouldn’t let the gm end just to name a few.
Really hoping we get CFB. Even if the start of the season is pushed to sometime in mid to late Sep. No one knows but I’m hopeful.
Also, the Treadwell play was heartbreaking. The Rebel’s were about to get the most impactful win for their program in likely the previous 30-some yrs. The write up for this was spot on.
The other takeaways was hearing the Auburn announcers screaming “Auburn’s gonna win” as the returner hit the sidelines. Crazy play. For UK, their most deflating my the past decade may be UF, the most deflating in their program can be summed up with 2 words........Bluegrass Miracle! Lol
My main takeaways: The 2012 loss to the Tide was both a gut-shot and kick to the groins. A real Les Miles special aided by a Chief blowup. LSU controlled the gm for 3qrrs and 13 mins. LSUs PASSING (Mettenberger, Odell & J Landry) gm was carving the Tide up. LSU had the ball up 3 needing ONE 1st dwn to take a knee. AJ was crying on the sidelines. Everyone knew the gm was over. LSU gained 5yds on 1st down. Then needing 5yds from the 50yd line to ice the gm, Les ran the ball up the middle TWICE then punted!! A Les Miles special! Not to be outdone, after pressuring AJ all gm, Chief went prevent. AJ got easy throws to move into FG range with seconds left. Instead of allowing a shaky Tide kicking gm to try to tie the gm (from LSU 25yd line) and go to OT, Chief called an ALLOUT ZERO BLITZ! AJ hit TJ on a 2yd screen and he walked 20 yds into the end zone! This was definitely LSUs most deflating play. It’s also why Les (and Chief) HAD to GO! I still get sick thinking of this game. Smh
Given my recency bias and extreme homerism, give me Cool Hand Joe Burrow. But for the majority of my life, it’s been Bo and Herschel. I took this as favorite player to watch. Bo certainly wasn’t my favorite when he played my Tigers. Before Joe, I liked Glen Dorsey and Wendell Davis.
Good article. I’ll go a step further, D-Mac likely should’ve won the yr Tebow won as well. Arky had 4 losses and UF had 3. Wins and losses impact QBs reputation more than any other player. D-Mac got his numbers inspite of not being on a great tm while facing Defs h3ll bent on stopping him. He could’ve won either yr. The media was ga-ga over OSU (always is) and gave Smith too much credit for being a gm mngr. I think it was very close with Tebow and either guy could’ve won. I personally woulda chose D-Mac. But it wasn’t a major robbery.
Not really. People still need to go out for supplies. The message is don’t congregate in large numbers. Do be out and about for no reason and practice social distancing. They hit the nail on the head!
If EA agrees to give the players a cut, they could easily bring the game back. Of course that would require the NCAA to allow the players to make $$. I think if you allow the players to keep their own likeness (not having that led EA to stop making the game) the gm makers could negotiate with the players. Of course the stars would get more $$ but all of the players could benefit. Put the $$ in a trust til they graduate.
I love the jersey number 4 idea. Given Skylar”s hard work in the classroom and on the court, it’d be a great tradition for the BB tm to start. If it doesn’t work out in the pros, being called DR is a nice consolation. Good luck to him wherever he goes.
Lol. LSU has gotten way bigger play-makers than this kid the past 20 yrs. Too many for me to list. The diff is the new off-system allows the ones who aren’t RBs to shine. Still, hope we can land this kid!
Long way out till he actually decides. Hopefully the Tigers stay in the mix.
Congrats to the Jayhawks on winning the National Title! Hard to believe this is how we selected our CFB Camps pre-BCS. Lol
Nooo! Don’t say that! I hope you’re wrong. Lol. After all the cancellations, we gotta have FB in the Fall!
The prez didn’t bring this thing to our shores but his lack of action definitely negatively impacted the markets. The worst thing for markets is uncertainty. Some quotes by POTUS, “it’s like the flu”, “it’s no big deal, it’s the Democrats new hoax”, “there’s only like 14 cases in the US and that number will be going down”, “ we have lots of tests”. None of that was true and 2 weeks later he’s issuing a national emergency! That hurt the markets. The main reason for limiting contact is this thing is 10x more contagious than the flu. We don’t want to over-tax the health system. If there’s a huge jump in people getting infected, the death rate spikes. And not just old people. That’s because the medical comm wouldn’t be able to treat everyone. So people would die as ERs went thru triage. To those saying it’s just old people, 60 isn’t old to me. And that’s fine until it’s your mom, dad, uncle or aunt. Factor in immune issues and then it’s your nephew, niece or kid. It’s not overreacting! It’s not the Media! The WHO and CDC are not political orgs. Hopefully we can get thru this by the summer sometime. Judging by the comments, we need our sports!
In a vacuum, I wouldn’t take Teddy over Cam. But given the ties of both Teddy and Brady to the Saints and it kinda makes sense. Factor in the lesser contract and it makes a lot more sense.
But Cam did. As did the new off coord with Carolina. This is big news and def relates to the SEC
They settled a $208M class action lawsuit. They were imposing caps on student athletes scholarships. Woulda been good for the writer to explain that but oh well.
How big of a loser do you and the school you root for have to be to feel the need to create a fake account just to post nothing but negative comments on very successful schools’ articles. Trolls are funny......
There are 2 numbers of importance. 7 is for the top playmaker. 18 is for leadership. There are two 18s, one on offense and one on defense.
I like Chase in his 1 jersey. I was hoping Stingley would get the 7 but I realize he’s still young. I’m pretty confident this years 7 will be making a lot of big plays if he stays healthy.
I like seeing Chase in that 1 jersey. I know Stingley is young but I’d like to see him wearing the 7.
Just another dumb azz gump making another dumb azz comment. One question, when’s the last time Saban won anything substantial without STARS??? When was the FIRST time?? Go ahead, I’ll wait.... Nobody wins without stars. Given your opinion, Saban has failed every time he didn’t win a NC given he had like 8 straight yrs of #1 recruiting classes! Not 1 star player but groups of them. I know ur panties are still bunched from the recent loss but your comment makes no sense. Do yourself a favor and check the guy wit the most top 10 wins the past 4 yrs. On 2nd thought, given how sensitive you are, don’t! Smh