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Looks like the West now comes down to Aggies and Tide.
Congrats to Ole Miss. great job keeping up the fight. LSUs Def is horrible. If it continues changes need to be made at the end of the year.
I’m convinced Arky is snake bit when it comes to the Aggies. That tipped pass pick-six ended the game. Hogs also didn’t have same energy as they did vs LSU. Maybe instead of putting all of their eggs into beating Tigers they should save something for the following games
Wow! Complete beat down! Congrats to the Cats!
If LSU can stop the run, they win by 3 scores. If the Rebs have a big day on the ground it’s going to be a 4 Quarter game where either team can win. Really hoping the Tigers bring their hard hats because I can’t deal with another Arky type finish.
I hope not! Lol. But if they do pass more it would be playing away from their strength. And I know it’s going against our weakness. It’ll be Interesting to see how it plays out.
If you guys play like this I think you win vs Aub, ST, and Ole Miss, with A&M being a toss up. Bama will be in play but not a given. Hopefully Pittman can keep the team locked in to this level of effort the rest of the way.
The defense needs to bring their hard hats next week. If they don’t stop Ole Miss run game it’s going to be another 4th Qtr nail biter.
Very disappointing defensive performance, especially after such a dominating game last week. Gues the West really is wide open. Looks like a 3 team race with LSU, Bama and A&M bunched together. I picked the Tigers to win the division based on adv at QB position. Still hoping that holds but I don’t see much separation right now.
Good game Arky. Definitely too close for comfort. Not a good defensive performance by the Tigers at all. Jus 1 or 2 stops and it’s a 2 or 3 score win. There were multiple players out this week and this team simply isn’t deep enough to absorb losses at key positions, mainly DB and LB. Oh well, a wins a win so I’ll take it especially vs Arky who always play the Tigers tough.
Awesome get. Now that the ridiculously unwarranted ncaa cloud is gone, McMahon will build a strong program in BR.
You’re a clown UGA fan. He was very good in his rookie season and was having a really good yr so far until his injury. So by your logic anyone who gets injured is a bust! Troll on idiot!
Great news so far. Praying for his continued recovery.
Everyone is pointing to the Ole Miss v Bama game as a possible upset but I don’t think it’ll be all that close. Rebs strength is running the ball but Saban doesn’t allow tms to beat him if all they can do is run it. I got the Tide winning big, 41 - 20.
This is nuts to even be talking about right now. The SECs dominance has been built up over hundreds of big wins to include dominating bowls spanning over 20 years! You can’t just erase it all because LSU and Bama lost 1 early game each. Can we get the PAC or the Big to actually win a Natty while dominating Bowl games for at least ONE season before discussing if they have surpassed the SEC?? Just ONE!!
We’ve only had about 3 data points out of 12 so it’s too early to say the SEC is “down”. As a whole, it doesn’t seem to be as dominant at the top. Usually there’s 3 or 4 teams that can compete nationally. We really won’t know until we get to bowl and playoff season. I’m just focused on my Tigers and 1 game at a time.
Man, sorry to hear this. Praying for a full recovery for the young man.
Have to agree with you. The biggest reason UGA doesn’t have an early loss is they didn’t open with a good team.
Ugly gm. Tide doesn’t have a QB. I could see this tm losing 3 or 4 gms if they don’t improve in a hurry.
Wow! Congrats Mizzou! The team just kept fighting. Not many saw this coming. Very good win.
That went as expected. All of that nonsense about a potential upset was silly talk. If LSU didn’t beat ST by 3 or 4 TDs they would certainly not be contenders in the West. And I still have LSU winning the Div so a good result indeed.
Not sure how this one will go. I can see either team winning. Should be a fun watch.
It sure would be nice to get something significant out of this former 5* RB. He’s put his career in some holes and dug himself out. I hope this is the year.
@superdawg, They still have to play ranked tms LSU, Ole Miss, and UT plus a talented A&M. I see 2 maybe 3 more losses.