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It’ll be very interesting to see how things play out with him and Auburn.
Lol. Very odd sequence. I can see if the off coord was up in the box and was late getting plays in. But I think Lane calls the plays.
Congrats State! Very entertaining game. Why would Lane call TWO timeouts on that 2-point attempt??? Rebs had 3 timeouts and could’ve gotten the ball back after they scored for a last second FG to win. Poor job by Lane
Agree. They’ll write a ton of stories about how a guy is going to win the Heisman and then destroy him when it doesn’t happen.
IF, IF, IF, IF!! Too many “IF”s remaining for anyone to be screaming about the final 4 tms. After this weekend we’ll have more data points. OSU-Mich loser is likely out of too 4 and will likely be replaced by either LSU or USC, “IF” they both win. “IF” TCU loses it opens another spot. I don’t think Clemson is out of it “IF” they win out. People should just enjoy the games. Come Dec 6, we’ll have 4 tms and there won’t be any arguments about it (as usual) and LSU will be among that final 4……”IF” they can win out. Lol
“Who” are the Vols “quality” wins against? I mean you beat a “bad” Bama team (by the skin of your teeth after they missed a game winning FG) and LSU is average. People type the stupidest things….
Been saying it all along, “IF” LSU wins out and captures the SEC Title, they are in. It’s not likely they beat UGA but they’re in if they do.
I agree on Clemson. My prediction is the top 4 will end up being UGA, OSU, TCU and Clemson. I think both SC and LSU lose in their Title games. Hope I’m proven to be wrong on my Tigers though. Lol
I figured the Tigers would be at 5 so no surprise there. SC may move ahead but it doesn’t matter. Tigers just need to keep winning. Shaping up to be a crazy finish with teams jockeying back and forth.
The Aggies wanted LSU to replace the Horns as their end of year rivalry game. Perhaps after OU and the Horns join the conf things will change.
Agree with you both. Still, good to be nit-picking after a win and with the team still having lots to play for.
I told myself SC was kicking the Vols &@$ so I might as well keep going…
Not after Vols lose to Vandy! I hate to break that to you…..
A win over Dawgs would matter more at this point. Tigers are in the playoffs IF that upset happens
Yep. But this isn’t the poll that counts
Probably should ignore this one. It has the same validity as a poll from SDS posters….None
Do not what?? Use your words and stop acting like a 10-yr old. Unless you ARE a 10-yr old, in which case, carry on.
It doesn’t require a no question win for LSU to make playoffs. Any win in any fashion vs the clear best tm in CFB and having the SEC Title is all it takes. Do that and LSU would be 1 loss by USC (Plays ND & Oregon) OR TCU (could lose b4 conf title gm or vs UT in title gm). Tigers just need to keep winning. A win over UGA gives LSU at least 75% chance. A loss by either TCU or USCw gives LSU a 100% chance if they can upset UGA.
They were better than the Tide With B Young without the Tide having to muff a punt, have tons of mistakes and miss a gm winning FG like the Vols needed. LSU is better than UT with Hooker. Doesn’t matter cause only one of them is good enough to play for SEC Title.
Eh, doesn’t really benefit LSU. If the Tigers win out and win SEC title they were jumping the Vols anyway. The truth is the Vols needed lots of help. They needed TCU, USCw, LSU and likely Clemson to lose another gm. Any of those tms winning out would’ve been ranked ahead of no title gm, non Div winning UT. LSU just needs to keep winning. That’s all that is clear right now.
Yep. It’ll all play out and we will have 4 tms that are the obvious 4 best. And IF the Tigers can leave the SEC Title gm with trophy in tow, they will have a very strong case. It’s not likely the Tigers upset the Dawgs, but it certainly isn’t Impossible either.
Not about dreaming. LSU needs to keep WINNING! Everything always works out to where we arrive at the end of the year with the best 4 tms with little fanfare. There’s chaos in getting there but there won’t be debate about the final 4 tms. Tigers aren’t dreaming. Their winning and that’s all that matters.
Lol. USC just scored ANOTHER TD vs your lousy Vols. You caught lightning in a bottle earlier vs LSU. You clowns are an average big 12 team. Enjoy your trip back to the dungeon. Vols will never win SEC.
Mizzou scored in that defense! People say the silliest things. UGA is the clear best tm in CFB I don’t see them losing a gm the rest of the way. But to suggest LSU can’t play a competitive game vs them is idiotic. But then when I consider the source it makes sense…..