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With all that TV money on the table, no way college Presidents or ADs are losing interest in getting this season played. Also doubt CFB fans are going anywhere either. Lol. I get the desire to push the draft back. Be next to impossible to get draft-eligible players to buy into playing in the spring rather than staying healthy and preparing for the combine.
Yea, Martz and Walsh are Current gurus!!! You don’t read so well. Btw, Martz got fired ( didn’t stick) and was seen as less than a guru on more than 1 occasion. The task was to name 5 CURRENT gurus! Do that or move on.
The real key is how much can he raise Miss STs recruiting profile? In politics, we say “ it’s the economy stupid”! Well in CFB, “it’s recruiting stupid”! If he doesn’t get elite WRs and Backs, he’ll put up big numbers vs mediocre tms and struggle vs the top SEC tms. ST has a good history of having strong Defs. If he can keep ST with a good Def and raise the offensive talent, he’s gonna win some gms people think he shouldn’t. Probably going to take about 3-4 yrs to see if he works out. Should make for exciting times in the West along the way.
Boxing is about the best workout for getting into great shape. That and swimming. Good on Coach for staying in shape.
Great get! The most impressive thing about this class is it’s top 10 with mostly out of state recruits ( only a couple in state kids) and only sits at about 13 recruits. O is killing it out of state. LSU routinely gets 7 of the top 10 in- state recruits along with a good number of others. If that happens this yr LSU should easily have a top 3 class. This is among the first of the in-state big pieces to fall. Good sign indeed. Hold that Tiger!
And I never said anything about any gurus so why respond with me with that nonsense? If you can respond to me with off topic comments, I can respond to you about your dumpster fire program. Notice you couldn’t name any current offensive “gurus” in CFB or NFL so your idiotic response to me was low key trolling. Move along
And I’m talking about Mizzou being a dumpster fire program rather than a relevant program. Why are you responding to my comment that was not about any “guru” bs? Btw, if you name 5 offensive “gurus” in CFB or NFL, I’ll show you 5 guys who were some combo of been fired for “not sticking” or had tms that weren’t elite offensively. LSU has elite players, an explosive offensive system and just replaced an unknown pass-gm coord with a proven offensive coach. Unless you disagree with that, move it along. And take ur “guru” bs with you cause I never called anyone that.
Dude you have a problem with ONE word used by a writer in an article yet chose to reply to my comment that had nothing to do with you. Enjoy your dumpster fire in como. Carry on.
First, I didn’t respond to your idiotic comment. Second, who cares about him “sticking” very long in one place. You seem ill informed. Let me help you. When a HC is fired, so goes his assts. You can’t deny he had very good offenses. Tms with very good offenses still lose gms which goes to your “sticking” nonsense. In a vacuum, the guy has a long track record of good offenses. Certainly more than our last guy. Again, just move along.
Yep. Make good decisions with the ball. If you run get down or oob. LSU doesn’t need last years historic offense to win the West and SEC. It’s done both with far less. Let’s compare him to his contemporaries rather than Burrow after the season. I think he’ll be in the top 3. Hopefully we get to find out.
I don’t care what you called his hire. I made a statement. Unless you can disagree with what I wrote ( you can’t) move along.
Also take a look at what he did in Detroit. Certainly has a more credible resume than the previous “pass-game coord”. But the key is LSU will run the same system as last yr with the same guy who called most of the plays from last year using a different set of extremely talented players. Not likely to be the best offense in the history of CFB like last year, but going against the flawed tms in the SEC, I like our chances at winning gms. And that’s why you play the game.
I think the writer missed the mark on this one. The ONE thing Brennan needs to take from Burrow is to remain calm under pressure. Toughness is a very difficult thing to emulate. You either got it or you don’t. Brennan just needs “some” toughness. Burrow was off the charts with toughness. So much so I would scream for him to get he went head- first into a tackle. Smh. Brennan needs to remain calm first. Then try to avoid big hits. Then get up should he take a shot, which hopefully won’t be as often as Burrow took. Brennan has a bigger arm. He’s known for accuracy. Doesn’t need to be Burrow-Accurate! That’s nearly impossible. But be accurate relative to the other QBs in the SEC. Given Brennan’s skill set and elite talent around him, I’m very optimistic on this offense should we have a season.
Wow! Heck of a get! I saw we had a shot but at least 2 other schools were favored. O is killing it with out of state recruiting. Now if we get our “usual” bounty of in-state recruits, this will end up being a top 3 class nationally. Pretty impressive.
I think Stidham is a better natural fit long term with the way Belicheat runs his program. But I think Cam has the higher ceiling short term. Either will win more than 8 gms this yr given the weak comp in the Patsies div.
Two writers of the same publication are entitled to have differing opinions! This isn’t Russia! Lol. Hopefully, we’ll get to see who has the better take at seasons end.
Perhaps not a National blue-blood but Aub is one of the elite SEC tms. A conf program that’s capable of winning National titles.
He’s in the Portal. But given Os comments, looks like they talked it over and he’s likely gone. Probably looking for a good fit in TX. I hope it’s Baylor.
Great route runner, excellent hands, and elite speed (4.4) to go along with height and strong work ethic! What’s not to like?? Lol. Can’t wait to see how he does at the next level.
So long as the refs allow the gm to end and not try to influence the gm, not at all worried about A&M. Bama will definitely be LSUs toughest gm followed closely by a trip to the Swamp. Aub will be the next in line followed by the Aggies. People are high on the Aggies simply because they don’t play anyone early on. They have 4 cupcakes OOC and Vandy and SC as crossovers. That’s 6 (expected) wins. Then they get Arky, Ole Miss and ST, so another 3 (expected) wins. That’s 9 (expected) wins by the Aggies without playing a good tm. However, after losses to Aub and again late to Bama, the Aggies will be falling apart and baring interference by the refs, LSU will be their 3rd or 4th loss. But regardless, no way is the Aggies LSUs toughest gm.
He’ll likely be a starter but if Brennan prefers him over both Chase and Marshall he’s doing the tm a disservice. But I like McMath as a under the radar big play maker.
Didn’t even read the article. LSU was the one and ONLY National Champ that yr. Going into the season, everyone knew what the rules were in determining the Champ. The BCS was about 1 vs 2 for the Title. LSU was one of the top 2 tms and dominated the title game. USC got a made-up non-existent voting title. They got a participation trophy. LSU is the only legit Champ that yr.
Brooks definitely is the bigger loss due to tm needs. I thought he’d have a breakout season and become a household name. Monroe is a stud that could be an all-pro in the NFL. Injuries hurt his playing time at LSU. But if healthy he could start anywhere. Best of luck to them both.
Cowturd blowing smoke again. 6-10? Has he seen the Pats Div?? Jets and Dolphins are 4 wins. A split with improved Buffalo is 5-1! Does he think Pats will go 0-10 vs non-AFC East tms?? I don’t. They win 9 or 10 without Cam. With him won’t be worse and could be 10 to 12 wins if he works out. Hate the Pats but cowturd is just blowing smoke.
UGA has been more consistent while Aub hit greater heights. Given Aub title win you’d think they’d be a spot above UGA. Seems the head-to-head works in UGAs favor. They’re really close and it likely depends on what you value.
There’s not one coach in the SEC who could go to Vandy and win with the level of talent they get. Not one....