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As for the rivalry part, LSU more so has important gms than a key rivalry. The Aggies are now one of those. In my opinion Bama's the gm we want to win but Auburn is LSUs closest rival. There's bad blood and its close. Since 2000, Bama has been a rival as the gms have been competitive but we're closer to the War Eagles historically.I don't necessarily think LSU needs the "rivalry" with the Aggies to be anything more than it has been. We've got enough "big games" with Bama, Aub, and UF. Even Ole Miss (our more natural rival) and Arky are bigger gms than A&M. IMO.
The Aggies have great tradition and are loaded with money but they've never been anything more than a 8 or 9 win tm. Never got the whole "they'll be dominant" in the West thing. Why, because they dominated the Big 12??They got a big recruiting boost moving to the SEC and UT being down further helped which bolstered expectations. But UT is on the move and the Aggies haven't gained footing in the West. That combination will result in A&Ms recruiting falling off and with it expectations of being "Bama West".
The Tide hasn't "dominated" LSU on in-state recruiting but it has hurt the overall quality. Saban has kept very good LSU classes from being "special". Losing players like Cam Rob, Dylan Moses, & others every yr isn't good.LSUs saving grace has been elite players from TX. LSU dominates the state recruiting but Saban certainly gets top talent. I agree that the ties he has helps as HS coaches trust him with their players and he does get them to the NFL. All in all, I think the article is spot on in regards to the top coaching jobs.
Agreed. I think by the latter half of the season the D will be top 3 caliber. The question is can the offense be effective enough early on to win some gms?
Definitely loaded on offense with Stafford, AJ, and Gurley. I think the weakness would be the DBs on def as the lbs are solid.
Yea I think most of the questions centered around a lack of experience. Too many 5* to be a talent issue. Now there's a good mix of both.
Patterson was at the top of my personal wish list for the LSU job. He's a defensive minded coach who embraces offense which is rare. At this pt he may be too settled in at TCU but if the Aggies needed a coach he'd be a good hire.
"It's pretty clear". No idea how that got changed to tea.
Tea pretty clear that LSUs 2nd best sport is baseball. To add on to good highlights by tonytiger, LSU baseball, once again this yr, led all of college baseball in attendance.......for like the 21st consecutive year. It's kinda a big deal down here. Smh.
Talking about a crowded backfield? Interesting to see if someone decides to go elsewhere for more carries. Its crazy when the 4th stringer could start for 90% of the tms in cfb. Smh.
I felt that both Aub and UGAs initial win totals were low.
Maybe if the wife signed me to an offer like this i'd be able to lose this ladt 20lbs I'm after. Lol.
LMFAO. Loved that show and if there's anything there, ole Saul would find it. Lol.
This lawsuit makes no sense. If I understand correctly, the players alleged they got free gear from a booster and an ast coach. How does that defame the store?? How can the store PROVE it didn't happen? I mean the booster, as a customer, can purchase whatever he wants and give it to whomever he wants.This smacks of intimidation and as a run around to get the players to testify in open court in an effort to aide Ole Miss. Clearly the store itself is not damaged. I'm I missing something?
That's about right. The winner of LSU vs Aub in BR likely finishes 2nd. The home tm usually prevails so we'll see. Also think 4-6 could finish in any order as there's not much separation between the teams. Can't really argue with the list. It's fair to put Aub 2nd and LSU 3rd though I think that'll be a toss up.
LMFAO. Obviously the writer is fishing for "clicks". Top 5 West units sb 1 Tide D, 2 LSU D, 3 Tide O, 4 Aub D, 5 Arky O.
If the SEC "only shines during bowls", (where it dominates other confs) how can those confs then be deemed to be better??? Perhaps you're projecting your dissatisfaction with your Vols onto the entire conf?
Yea that's a sizable slight. He should def be ahead of the guy they gave "5" to.
Any mock draft order that doesn't have the Browns picking 1st should be taken with a grain of salt. Lol. Eason may go number one but it'll be the Browns doing the picking.
The SEC began playing Conf Title games in 1992 and UT has won the East 5 times: 1997, 1998 (Won national title), 2001, 2004, and 2007. I thought that was an off statement.
"The Vols have never won the East". I thought the 99 National Title tm would've won the div? I'll have to check to see if there were divs back then but I'm sure there was.
That's a lot of talent on one tm. Still the number of 4 and 5*s on the tm is skewed by the fact that alot of them are out of state players which also inflates the state of FLs overall numbers. Conversely, it deflates the numbers for other states. LA, which is infeed a "hotbed" loses 3-4 guys every yr to this school. Shea. Patterson and Dylan Moses are both 5*s from LA that didn't get counted in LAs totals but credited to FL. There's also kids from TX who gob to IMG as well.No doubt FL is tops in producing elite recruits, but the margin between them and both TX and Cali is much closer than the author portrays.All in all very good article which highlights the fact that if you want to compete for titles, you better plan on visiting IMG Academy.
He's likely comparing himself to 5* Kevin Tolliver who got maj mins as a fr and was in line for big mins as a soph last yr til he got hurt. Still, KT just earned a starting spot as a jr this up coming yr which follows the trend of elite DBs at LSU getting spot work early and starting in yr 3.I also think Savion is looking around at all the 5*s LSU has from last yr and this yr and feels pressure. Still, he was likely a starter in Nickel packages which LSU runs alot of and the fav to be a starter next yr. So this move is odd. If you're a DB and want to START day 1, LSU likely isn't the school for you. Too many elite guys with exp. Thevirony is, after sitting a yr, he can't start at a power 5 school til his jr anyway. Really odd. Good luck to him wherever he goes.
Quality list and I have to agree Patrick Pete should be tops. On top of being arguably the best CB in the NFL, he's a tm leader and consummate pro. OBJ needs to stop hurting his tm with silly penalties and disruptions. Interested to see where LF is on this list in about 3yrs.
Well I won't go as far as to call him a "sleazebag" but it definitely was a sizable drop to go from Slive to what we have now.
I agree with you and have posted the same thing b4. When you go tm by tm, there isn't a great disparity. Of course having the Tide in either div rt now tilts it in that direction. But tm by tm, apart from the Tide, its pretty even.However I'd have the crossover gms differently. LSU vs Bama, Aggies vs UF, Ole Miss vs Aub, Arky vs UT, Miss St vs SC and Mizzou vs UGA, and Vandy vs UK. No matter how you think the gms would play out, theyd all be competitive each yr. If you take off your "historical powers" blinders, this would be a balanced conf and allow for traditional matchups. (I didn't have UT vs Vandy for balance purposes).
Seems the biggest factor in a guy falling from 1st string the following year is injury. LF was injured all yr and MG had nagging injuries as well. Only 1 of the 3 guys who fell off wasn't injured.
Great news indeed. Praying the young man continues to improve. Hats off to Dawg nation who have taken really good care of him and been 1st rate all around.