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Crazy comeback win! Well I said the Aggies would lose to one of the Sips and both LSU and Aub only to have ekinggil and his gang laugh. Not laughing now are you??
I’ll be pulling for the Cats. Maybe we could have a “Blue Grass Mirace” rematch in the ATL!
It’s a great narrative to say it’s simply LSUs DBs vs the Tides WRs, but if LSU can’t get pressure on Tua it won’t matter. He’s too special a player to give a lot of time vs any group of DBs. If LSUs front can bring pressure then the DBs will have a chance vs their WRs which could make for good drama.
Good win Dawgs! I said the Aggies would finish 1-4. I said they’d split wit the Sips and lose to LSU and Aub. Ekinggill and his gang said I was crazy. What’s crazy is those clowns thought “Sips” meant UT instead of TWO schools in Miss. Smh!!
elimggill... I think you have a bad case of “battered spouse” syndrome when it comes to UT!! Lmfao. You’re in the SEC now son, try to keep up! Smh.
I see a likely 1-3 finish. ST is a tough out at home, Aub is improving and LSU will be a sizeable fav. I think the Aggies split with the Sips and lose to Aub and LSU.
Ryan Fitzpatrick!! You know, the NFL QB for the Tampa Bucs??? Where have you been?? But seriously, they keep getting his name wrong. It’s pretty funny.
Less than 10 would be bold as well.....
On offense they absolutely are a one trick pony. Their QB ranks about dead last in passing rankings. You stop Snell, you stop UK. Not saying UKs D won’t slow UGAs offense but after 4 qtr, Dawgs will win by 3 scores.
Great having them back. Shelvin is a big deal as ST had a physical run gm and we’ll need the depth going forward.
It seems to me you’ve outlined why it’s not a good idea. It’s a crazy practice. I know Little Rock may have more things to do but why hurt your football teams chances of winning? The travel involved and lack of recruiting opportunities should be enough to stop doing this. IMO.
A bit too harsh on the Dawgs. They have been hurt by a weak sked this yr. For the first time their bunch of 5 and 5 star players looked across the los at a bunch of other 4 and 5 star guys. Add the fact of playing in a legendary stadium that’s likely the biggest home field adv in cfb and you can see how they lost. I had LSU by 10 for those reasons. Things did go better than I thought though. But UK is a 1 trick pony. They’ve got a great run gm but don’t have 5 star WRs like LSU. Once UGA stops the run, they’ll win by at least 17 pats. But the Gators are gonna be a problem. They can slow UGAs offense. But UGA can slow theirs too. UGA gets better QB play on avg. I still got the Dawgs in the ATL vs Bama.
Only chance ST has is if LSU comes in feeling themselves. After the way ST bullied LSU last yr in Starkville, I think O will have the tms attention. The short of it is the Tigers owe the Bullies an azz whoopin. Hopefully the tm comes out with that intent.
Spot on. I was surprised and pleased to see O be aggressive on 4th and short the entire gm.
Big win for the Tigers. I felt all week we’d win by at least 10. It’s really hard to beat good tms in their backyards. Hated the Gators loss last week but if you told me the Tigers would go 2-1 vs Aub, UF, and UGA I woulda taken it. I’ll be pulling for the Dawgs the rest of the way now. Geaux Tigers!
1000% agree. I think LSU has done enough to be top4 but I don’t feel at all slighted where we are. As you say, 10-2 would be awesome as we get basically the entire tm back next yr. I’ve always said LSU doesn’t have “A” rivalry with 1 tm. LSU has 3 big gms that defines its season, Aub, UF & Bama. Go 0-3 and we’ve had a bad yr no matter if we win the rest. Go 1-2 and we’ve had a pretty good yr if we win the rest. Go 2-1 and we’ve had a very good yr with a chance at a Title. Go 3-0 and we’ve had a historically great yr. Last time tat happened was the 2011 undef tm that played for a title. This weeks gm vs UF is big cause it’s a chance for LSU to have a great yr. Not worried about UGA or Bama rt now. Let’s get UF!
Very good points. I think Va Tech is ranked to give ND a win over another ranked tm next week to prop up their sos. Your Gators should be ranked in the top 25 and ND is too high
No way you run the ball on 4th and 5 trailing by 1 . It was a terrible call. OSU had 9 players near the los and the WB knew they had a bad call, kept looking to the sidelines for a change. You have to put the ball in your SR WBs hands and let him throw it or run it. ESP after Franklin has been raving for young QB to watch his QB to learn how to play. Franklin has to own this one and you can tell he felt sick about how bad a call they made.
He has taken some big hits but did a much better job of getting down or stepping out of boundaries. He can keep running but he had better get down quick vs the tms you mention.
Enjoy it man! I hope you have a great time.
Tenn ST is Vandy’s biggest in ST rival? Ouch!!
The writer is being deliberately deceptive. There’s a big difference between CUT black and CHOP block. Every tm in CFB uses CUT blocking where you cut a guy to keep him from chasing the play. A CHOP block is when a def is being blocked by 1 lineman then a 2nd CHOPs him low while being blocked. It’s dirty as h3ll and can end a guys career. Auburn nearly did so to Glen Dorsey who was killing them. When O says they need to work on technique, he means to AVOID chop blocks. Basically, don’t block a guy high if you know another player is assigned to CUT him. Nice try though.
Spot on. TM lost focus and let the gm get too close for comfort late.
LSU has played TWO teams who have already played 12 Games?? These rankings don’t mean anything rt now. The only one that matters isn’t til late Oct. Unbunch ur panties and stop following early season polls if you can’t deal with it. If you’re going to do early season polls with pre-conceived rankings, LSU has to be in the top 6 rt given their resume. Do I think LSU is a playoff tm? NO! Do they deserve their ranking rt now? Yes. Doesn’t mean they’ll finish there. Still got 2 more “arbitrarily” ranked top 10 tms in UGA and Bama.
When it comes to games in DV, night games ARE “Primetime”. However I fear the networks are just throwing us a bone this week cause they’ll have both UGA and Bama in the 2:30 slot which would be a shame. One if not both of those games must be played with the Sun going down in DV.
That’s a good bold prediction given how much more Mizzou will toss the ball. I like it.
Aggies are overrated. Both ST and Aub should be ahead of them. Sub beat top 10 Wash and barely lost to top 10 LSU. A&M has a shiny “Loss” vs Clemson and cupcake wins. Other than that, decent list.