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LSU has 4 and 5 star WRs falling out of its back pocket. Chark was a big play guy but WR will be a pos of strength for LSU. The easy choice for this list for LSU was Guice and a really good Williams at RB.
Obviously RB will be the tougher pos to replace. Center will be key as well. At QB, Etling didn’t do much to lose gms, but the flip side is he next to nothing to win gms either. LSU was in tight gms vs the Tide the past 2 yrs and got zilch from Etling, even though the plays were there. At LB, key is a stud but he didn’t play much and the guys coming up are uber talented. I feel good about that pi’s. My strongest feeling is in the D-Line. We’ll be much better this yr and that may be the strength of the tm. There are very elite players there backed up by quality depth.
You have ZERO chance of taking over Tiger Stadium like you did those 2 in attendance. The only tickets you guys will get are the customary allotment road tms get. Won’t be any extra. Should be a good game though. This matchup needs to happen more often than once per decade.
For sure this is a make or break yr for both O and Alleva. The program can’t allow the 2 of them to drag it down. I really hope O has made the right decision on Off coordinator. But the move worries me. We’ll soon find out.
Perriloux was the heir apparent but got kicked off the tm following a strong finish the yr prior. His loss really hurt and set the program back. LSUs QB troubles can be traced back to Perriloux. Smh.
Agreed. After paying of Canada and tying up money, O is balling on a budget. Smh. Both he and Alleva should go if it doesn’t work next yr for sure.
Best of luck to the kid. I wish he tears up the NFL.
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot!!! This is complete BS. The ONLY reason O is the HC is because he sold LSU on his cheap contract that would allow for 2 elite and highly paid coords that would BOTH have free rein. Now we don’t have a proven off coord nor HC. We essentially replaced Les and Cam with O and Steve. Major down grade. If we wanted Steve as our OC, we shoulda fired Cam and kept Les. This is a major cluster f$&/. Can we fire O now and make Aranda the HC?? I’d feel much better if we did. Smh.
I think it def hurt the offensive rhythm. Bama was coming on strong with Tua but every time they scored UGA answered. Until they went wild dog. They never got it going after that. They did the Tide a fav by running up the middle after having success on the edges and passing. The Dawgs will be in the SEC Title gm again next yr as no one in the East is on their level. UF is a yr away.
Helluva game! Who says SEC style football is boring?? I think UGA lost this gm when they went “wild dog” thus taking the ball out of their QBs hands who was in a great rhythm. The guy was tossing dimes and making great decisions. I thought being up 7 with the ball UGA should’ve stayed aggressive with a hot QB cause you knew Bama was gonna make a run. But both tms deserved to win and will have great young qbs coming back next yr. Kept me up too late but it was worth it
Smh. Need to hire a real off coord/qb coach. The guy on staff that O is touting won’t cut it.
He went off the rails early when he stated where the “AP” had UCF ranked. I don’t have the heart to tell him that the AP wasn’t a part of the BCS formula. So can one of you guys kindly pass that on to him. He wrote an entire Novel and I’d hate to be the one to burst his bubble.......
In fairness you’ve had 2 days but that’s plenty of time to google 5 names. You couldn’t even name 2 legitimate better guys and it certainly wasn’t “off the top of your head”. Lol
So, you could ONLY name 2?? Btw, the only one on your list in Aranda’s league is Pruitt. The fact of the matter is that an idiot may be “able to name 5 coaches better than Aranda” (not) but the folks in the coach hiring business can’t. A&M was paying top dollar and the one guy they wanted was Aranda. Your flawed opinion is useless. Only an idiot would claim to be able to name 5 guys better off the top of his head yet can’t name 2 given a week to do so. Smh
If we were still under the BCS and the field was expanded to 8 tms, UCF still wouldn’t have come close to making the playoffs this. The next 4 up would’ve come from the group of OSU, PSU, USC, UM, Aub and Wisc. The reality is UCF only has 2 options to have a chance to make the playoff: 1 join a power 5 conf or 2 play 4 or 5 power 5 tms every yr. Otherwise, it ain’t happening for tms like UCF.
And if anyone knows this kids story, they’re pulling for him to make it to the NFL and not risk what would be a life changing experience like getting drafted in the first round.
Of all the Def coords in cfb, I wouldn’t take any ahead of Aranda. For my money (& apparently LSUs lol) he’s one of if not the best in the business. The Aggies did LSU a huge favor taking Chief off our hands. As for the salary, you’re worth what the market dictates and given how much the Aggies were offering, the “market” dictated the offer he got. I will admit it’s inflated due to the Aggies driving up the cost but LSU simply couldn’t afford to lose a great coach like Aranda with how unsteady the staff is rt now. So long story short, he’s worth it to us rot now. Lol. I think Aranda will be LSUs next HC which could be sooner than later. Lol.
Guice should make a decision to go as well. Would be a huge risk for him to return, though I’d love to have him back.
If Les had hired a proven Off coord like he did with Aranda at Def coord, both he and LSU would be better off. Les is a leader of men and LSU would be on better footing with him at HC and the 2 coords we now have than we are with O. If only he wasn’t so loyal to Cam. Smh
Don’t know why he’d want to take a step down to go to the Aggies. They’d have to nearly double his salary above what LSU is paying to make it worth it. Even that didn’t work. Somebody should tell the Aggies there are other coaches in cfb other than LSUs. If you can’t beat em, steal their coaches eh??? Cause it worked so great sleezing Chavis away. Smh.
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot is the with the Aggies targeting ONLY LSU Def-coordinators???? Add to that the move to get Jimbo on the heels of LSU balking at his enormous demands and it’s obvious the Aggies have a spur up their butts about continually losing to the Tigers. Talking about a serious troll job. Lmao!
Good takes by Booger. The SEC as a whole didn’t perform well in bowl season but no doubt the best 2 tms are from the SEC. Can’t wait for this one.
Irregardless. That’s a word right? Auto correct doesn’t like it. Lol.
Great win for the Tide. Finally get to see the top 2 SEC tms square off in a match up I was hoping for in the SEC Title gm. Geaux Dawgs! Geaux Tide! Should be a great game but I might be pulling for them Dawgs! It regardless, two great teams.
^^This^^ You want big boy portions, play a big boy sked! Same old BSU argument. Anyone can get up for ONE gm. Big win for UCF and a great accomplishment to go undef. But they don’t belong anywhere near the playoff.
Guice needs to go to the NFL. Anyone who knows this kids story is pulling for his success in the NFL to improve his family life. I’d love to have him back, but he just can’t risk injury.
Wish he had gone for it on 4th and goal from the 1. Its a bowl gym; play to win. Give it to Guice and live with it. If he doesn’t get it, they’re inside the 2 and playing safe. It’s either ot or LSU with a last sec fg. Not a good loss. This should have been a LSU win and a notch for the SEC.
One helluva game!! Back and forth with neither tm giving up. Those Bullies just locked in and refused to be denied. Great swim Dawgs!