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The only diff between the LSU offer and this yr is the Aggies met his ridiculous demands (10 yrs guaranteed) and LSU wouldn't. Other than the facts, good article. Lol.
Good point. I tend to go with most improvement from the previous yr.
Great get. Welcome to the bayou young man. Much needed talent increase and depth.
That avg recruiting rank of 12 is over a 4 yr period. So one great yr wont win you a title. You need "sustained" top 10 classes over a 4 yr period just to "compete" for titles. So, you can have avg classes like Mizzou and use development to win some games. But, you ain't winning no Titles.
If you don't get 5* players along with 4*s, you DONT compete for Titles. That's a FACT. Dating back to the BCS, No tm has won a title with a national recruiting class ranked lower than 12. So, if you don't bring in top 10 classes, you don't win titles.The majority of tms in CFB like Mizzou has zero chance at winning a National Title. For them, bringing in below avg classes and developing players that can then win 8 gms is a successful program. Then there are the handful of usual suspects who compete for Titles. For them, elite recruiting is everything. So, does "stars" matter, depends on your expectations.
Something tells me this fiasco has been more about the "messenger" than the message. Had the previous AD made this move, this decision would've been shouted down as hiring "another" coordinator with no HC exp ala BJ.
Yes, which is far better than trying to deal with 3 such tms in his own div just to get a chance to play another elite tm in Atlanta.
Yea, I think he has to go if he gets a 1st rnd grde.
I think he'd be a perfect fit for FSU. His wide open offense wouldn't see much def resistance in the ACC. It'd basically be a 3 tm race every year between him, Clemson and Miami.
Yea, that prediction is outta left field. The numbers doesn't back him up. Seems somebody had a deadline to make. Smh.
I don't know for sure who wins the LSU vs ND gm, but if the Irish can't pass, they have a very slim chance to win. LSU has been great vs the run. I hope it does come down to who can run the ball cause ND ain't sniffing 200yds.
Good analysis and I agree with you. Dawgs will need 2 key stops. I don't see OU slowing their run gm enough to win.
He's talking about the prediction for the LSU vs ND gm. If you're going to be a smart azz, might be a good idea to at least glimpse at the article.
This was a no brainer. The committee's Charter states they are to select the 4 "Best" tms, and they've just done that. They give "consideration" to conf titles but it doesn't automatically get you in.If OSU had only 1 loss, the conf title would've gotten them in over Bama, even though they still wouldn't have been the better tm. Just couldn't overcome 2 ugly losses. Can't wait for the gms.
If it's about the 4 "Best" tms (as is stated in the playoff committee charter), Bama gets in. If it becomes the most "deserving" tm, they'll take OSU.
Why not?? Will they decline an invite? If they're invited, they go.
LMFAO. You just fired your AD for trying to hire Mike Leach. He pretty much had him hired. NOW,you guys want Leach?? Too funny.
Spot on. It's about the 4 BEST tms. Deserve has nothing to do with it. Four "Best" tms are 1 Clemson, 2 UGA, 3 Bama, and 4 OU.
Does that mean he'd also pass over an undefeated Wisc for the Tide as well? Cause that makes way most sense than passing over SEC Champ UGA. Hopefully, both UGA and Bama make it in.
I assure you, I have a tm and it's 100% LSU. I can also assure you that the 2 best tms in the SEC this yr didn't play each other for the SEC Title. Just my honest opinion. But great win for the Dawgs and I hope you guys win it all.
It is monumentally more diff to beat a tm twice in the same season when the tms involved are similar in talent. That's because the winning tm doesn't make a lot of adjustments while the losing tm knows it has to make ask and is more willing to do so. It hurt LSU facing the Tide a 2nd time for the Title and it hurt Aub tonight.The best tm likely won in both situations but when the tm that won the 1st meeting doesn't make adjustments, it gets embarrassed the 2nd time around.
Hopefully the Tide will make the playoffs so can get ti see if they really do own the West.
Yep. Aub was def a diff tm at vs away. Unfortunately, that robbed us of the chance to see the SECs two best tms face off in Atl.
All of that wasted time pursuing Gruden only served to inflate fans expectations for a "sexy" hire. They could've had a very good coach like Mullen locked up long b4 UDs search began. Now, the only coach un America who could satisfy UT fan's outsized expectations is in Tuscaloosa. Wonder if HE will take the job?? Smh.
Don't know which it is but I question if multiple top coaches were throwing their hats in the ring. Ole Miss is a good job to 3yrs. Let this guy coach during the sanctions and if he wins, keep him. If not, there should be plenty of quality coaches lining up after the sanctions.
Coach Cutt just said NO also. Looks like its option #5. Crist has a point here.