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Very well said. I didn’t mind folks talking about his record because it speaks for itself but all those taking shots about how talks insinuating he’s a idiot can definitely eat crow!
Ask BamaTime what his take was. There were others too.
He was clearly contacted going out and clearly reestablished himself inbounds. Great play!
That’s FOUR (4) wins over top 10 tms now. Pretty impressive. If not for the early punt return TD, it could’ve been a more comfortable win. Gotta give the Tide credit for continuing to fight but the Tigers were not to be denied.
Have to admit, I wasn’t all in on O as HC. But he had a vision for how he thought a dominant title condending tm should play and its proved fruitful. With the annual top talent LSU gets at the skill positions, the future is bright in BR for the Tigers led by O. A lot of people doubted him but they can shut up now. Geaux Tigers!
Great win for the Tigers!! Wonder if Tide fans around here are still questioning LSUs schedule? This is the best tm in Clb led by the best QB
Lol. Yep somebody got their panties in a bunch. For the record, LSU has 2 sophomores starting at WR who were both 5* recruits in the same class. One was the TOP WR in the class and the other was top 10. Jefferson wasn’t a 5* but he’s been playing like one for 2 yrs. O is spot on. Not much difference in the WR groups. Bama’s are quicker and can take 7yd slants to the house. LSUs are bigger with top end speed to hurt you deep and in the Red Zone. Two areas LSU leads the nation in. Both groups of WRs play in systems designed for them and have been unstoppable.
Each member of the committee can use their own data sets to arrive at their ranking. Some use eye test only. Others use things like SOS, SOR, or pt spreads. There’s no one way to look at it. The first ranking is the least important and most difficult. By the end of the yr, 3 of the 4 tms will be no brainers and they’ll split hairs over the 4th. No need fussing over it rt now.
LMFAO!! Then what? Have 3-4 loss conf winners in ahead of 1 loss tms? Also, there are 5 confs and only 4 spots. Whether or not the committee has picked the winner of the playoffs in its first release matters not. For the most part (hello Baylor) they’ve gotten the 4 best tms at the end of the yr to play for all the marbles which is what it’s designed to do.
I think if you don’t have a dog in the fight, it’ll be a fun gm to watch.
I hope LSU can hang on to Brady and make him their off or co-off coord next yr. Coach E had to be talked into taking the role by O. Doubt he’d mind stepping aside. The biggest thing for Burrow’s success is being placed in the rt system. He played this current system in HS. He was recruited to OSU to play this system. Last yr LSU stuck him a power I system and he was good, not great. Now he’s in his natural system. The other side of LSUs success is they have 5* WRs falling out of their back pockets every yr. Of the 2 current Sophs at WR, both were 5* and 1 was the Top WR in the class while the other was top 10. Jefferson wasn’t a 5* but he’s been at that level for 2yrs now. It’s one thing to transplant Brady’s genius, it’s quite another to duplicate the type of skill players LSU gets annually. USCw, FSU, Miami, and a couple more could do it and would be serious threats if they came after Brady. The list of tms wanting him is growing, but from his pt of view, I don’t think we’re talking about more than 5 or 6 schools. Hopefully we can work something out to keep him. But he’s gotta do what’s best for him and his family.
People talking about making Brady a P5 HC at places like FSU are nuts. That’s how a lot of young brite coaches get ruined. I tell Dooley being a young brite coach at La Tech making them a really good tm. The natural thing would’ve been to let him coach beyond the coupon yrs he’d been at Tech and then take on a slightly bigger job. But UGA decided to get ahead of the game and hire him b4 anyone else. He wasn’t ready for a major job like that. UGA hurt La Tech cause he was building their program. They stunted his growth and damaged his rep. Ultimately, they hurt their tm by hiring a guy who was no where near ready for a job as big as UGA. Now Dooley is a dirty word around Athens. Hiring Brady as a HC at a P5 program would be wrong for the same reasons.
That’s a strong take. I think the winner I T-Town should be #1. But in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. If either wins out they’re in, and likely #1.
No tm ranked #1 in the first committee ranking has ever won a natty. The tms with the most wins in the playoff era have been ranked #2 in the initial poll. Good omens for LSU.
I’d rather take away the 7yd slants and behind the los passes that go for 65yd tds and take my chances with Tua throwing deep where he’s not as accurate. Burrow is more accurate on throws that travel over 25 yds. The simple fact is Tua is gonna hit some of those throws. You have to accept it and keep moving. LSU has seen better Defs (UF & Aub) than Bama with high success. The problem is LSU hasn’t seen a tm as explosive as the Tide. Should be a good close gm.
24-17 UGA. I pretty much nailed it. Congrats Dawgs. Guess those 2 injured def linemen don’t lead to guaranteed wins. Who knew?
Went about how thought. I had it 27 - 20 UGA. Congrats to the Dawgs.
I got UGA winning 27-20. UF isn’t very good vs the run and will need extra people in the box. Fromm will enuff big plays to get the win. Should be a good close gm either way.
Well done article. Very accurate. Now the tm needs to focus and finish strong. Even if you lose to Bama, there’s still a lot to play for. 11-1 with wins over Aub and UF would make for an outstanding yr. And the playoffs would still be in play.
Somebody should’ve asked him when is the date he HAS to know if Tua can go. That really would’ve set him off! Lol. People should know by now he’s not answering “hypothetical” questions. Reporters just like getting him riled up.
No doubt that gm served as a bye. Pretty stupid for the author to insinuate LSU has been had an adv with byes when both tms do it. Both tms want/need to rest up b4 this very physical gm.
Saban has lost to LSU as well. Unbunch ur panties and stop lying
Lol. I hear ya. But those days are gone. Saban has embraced the spread and no way LSU fans want to go back to the Stone Age! But we’d Love to have our old D along for the ride. I’m sure Tide fans feel the same.
Can’t afford to lose either of those guys. It’s gonna be all hands on deck for the Tides lethal passing attack