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You may want to get up to date. UFs previous AD and Mullen didn't get along. That guy is no longer at UF. Also, given how Freeze is a a slimy snake oil salesman, UF dodged a bullet. Mullen is a better coach too.
Yes! It's the American way! Lol. However, I'm against the trickle-down "pyramid scheme"....,,,,,,,?
All in all, pretty good takes. If 2nd in the West comes down to a winner take all gm in BR, I like LSU'S chances vs the Aggies. I also think if UF decides to make a change, Mullen should get a call. I would love for both Bama & UGA to make the playoffs but they shouldn't rematch b4 the final.
I say B- for O. Too many peaks and valleys for an A. So you're capable of going into the Swamp and winning but can't play a close gm in Starkville? You're capable of beating top 10 Auburn at home but NOT lowly Troy?? B- at best. Personally, I'd say C+ with a chance for a solid B after this week.
You DO realize Saban built the Tide into what it is right? He also built LSU up to elite status. Also, SUSTAINING success is much more difficult than getting it done once. If this were a coaching "ranking", CKS wouldn't deserve to even be mentioned along with Saban.However, I do agree Smart's grade is low. Inserting a fr QB and still winning deserves an "A". But let's not get carried away here.
Eventually, he has GOT to go. He's generally regarded as the 2nd best coach in conf but he's not getting 2nd best wins. People actually use his record against him in coaching rank arguments. He will never have the roster talent of LSU, Bama, Aub, or A&M and that's just in his div. He's also looking up at UGA, UF and UT.The SEC needs it's better coach's at its better schools. It hurt the conf when Franklin went to PSU instead of moving up in conf. The Big improved its profile. It would be a shame if Mullen left the conf to say UCLA. If the UF job opens, they should come calling. He has ties there and the guy he hd bad blood with is gone. Or, he could be content struggling to 7 or 8 wins every yr in Starkville with a nice upset every once in a while like he got over LSU. Maybe that could sustain him. I think he needs to go get elite talent and see how he ranks vs Saban and other elite coachs. Just me.
Ok Coozie. You entered last week at 35-12 straight up and 20-27 vs the spread. I was 33-14 and 19-28. You went 4-3 S/U & 3-4 vs the spread while I was 7-0 S/U & 7-0 vs the spread. I finally had a "Noble-esque week. Lol. You're now 39-15 & 23-31. I'm 40-14 & 26-28. The cream is rising. LolID vs Mizzou: Mizzou averages 70 pts vs weak ooc tms. They get close...ID 20 Mizzou 60UT vs Bama: The spread is ridiculous and sadly, justified. However, Saban usually calls off the dogs late and I see UT getting a hard earned cover, barely. 47 - 17 TideUK vs MSU: Don't know what to make of this one. I want to take the upset here. UK has a solid QB, good run gm & solid D. Ingredients for a road upset. I'm gonna ignore my gut and take the Bullies, but I will take UK to cover. UK 17 MSU 27LSU vs Ole Miss: This is a must win for LSU. A loss wuold do away with momentum of 2 straight big wins. Ole Miss has no run gm which should favor LSU. It'll be strength vs strength when rebs have ball but LSU should run at will Ole Miss 23 LSU 40Aub vs Arky: Another gm I thought of upset. Beliema is good for one big home upset and this looks like it. I just don't think Arky can do anything with Aubs run gm. Plus, if Gus loses this one Aub ends with 6 losses. I dont see it Arky 20 Aub 37
There are 5 guys who will be playing on Sundays roaming LSUs secondary. You'll notice a considerable diff in athletic abilities compared to Vandy. That's the bad news for the rebs/sharks. The good news is much of that talent is young. It should be a strength vs strength match when Ole Miss has the ball. The diff is, when LSU has the ball, it'll be strength (LSU run gm) vs weakness in a poor tackling Ole Miss D. Feel how you must about that.......
Why apologize? UW has played a bunch of cupcakes OOC. That's like apologizing for saying the Earth is round. Smh
Good news. The tm seems to be getting healthy at the rt time.
Yea, don't know where that line came from. I guess he couldn't properly criticize Mac's offensive genuis unless he played up the talent?
I was going to post the same thing. UF doesn't many (if any) elite players on Off. Their bread-n-butter has been elite Def play.
Looks like we'll get a chance to find out in Atlanta. However, I think Mason is correct. Both tms can stop the run but Bama has a better secondary.
I disagree. Just look at your LF example. He was the leading Heisman candidate but he wasn't on the best tm. Had LF run for 200yds and a couple TDs vs the Tide and LOST the gm, he'd be a Heisman winner rt now. RBs on a mediocre tm can win the Heisman with big #s. QBs need big numbers, wins 9+, and a few special moments vs top tms.
QBs have to win in conjunction with big numbers. RBs could put up mind-blowing numbers for a mediocre tm and win the Heisman but not QBs. QBs need at least one big special win to go along with a winning record. Think Johnny over Bama. Had Patterson beaten the Tide, he may have been on the radar.
Apparently bulldogbuck has found the liquor cabinet. The b10 is a cesspool and psu is a one trick pony. Definitely the idiot post if the day award.
@LSUMC, I was stationed on the Mainland and made it to Okinawa avfew times. You missed out.
We'll see. The Aggies have improved each week it seems. That final gm could decide 2nd place in the West. Still, I like our chances at home. Lol.
Very good article that showed how effective the new scheme can be. The biggest diff I see is that b4 the long explosive run plays were by the RBs and now it happens by the WRs. The RBs are used to get 4 or 5 yds consistently. It keeps the chains moving and when Defs try to stop it you hit em with a sweep. Hopefully rhe Off keeps getting better as the O-Line improves.
LMFAO. Apparently not.
I don't think so!! Even if I made such a bet, I'd never follow thru if I lost. I'd just blame it on alcohol and tell my buddy to get over it. I'd tell him that I'd NEVER expect him to follow thru either......which of course would be a lie. Lol.
That's 3 diff writers now. I think they're trolling to cover for the idiot-in-chiief's John Crist's mistake earlier.
First off, the article DOES involve our tm. It lists the wrong West tm that along with the Tide "controls it's own destiny". But that's besides the point.The issue is multiple SDS writers are clueless on what the term "control your own destiny" means. We should demand accuracy. And in case you missed it, there's more than LSU fans pointing out the mistake. The question is, why are you only criticizing LSU fans? Seemms you're the one who's butt hurt. Given all the trash you and other Auby fans were talking b4 the gm, it's obvious you're a bit sensitive. Careful, your slip is showing.
Like I said, either they're incompetent or they're willfully misleading to stir the pot to drum up interest. I don't know which is worse.
Spot on. It's crazy guys who get paid to do this can t comprehend the concept of "controlling your oen destiny". Smh
LSUMC, do you still question this kids speed?? Those are NFL DBs who had the angle on him and he blew past them with ease. I still wish he wasn't in Jacksonville though. Lol.