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He’s a big elite O-Lineman. LSU is in dire need of O-Linemen. He had LSU in his final 4 initially so hopefully he gives the Tigers a second look.
Congrats to the Tide on another title. Did in dominant fashion. This year gets an”*” but it’s not a bad thing. It marks the tm that was able to lock in during a pandemic and have its stars stay committed til the end when they did have something to lose if injured.
Changing Defs wasn’t his call. O wanted to run a 4-3 and sought after someone who could do it, hence the reason he hired Bo. Have to agree with Tidefan here. Bo’s firing was certainly justified. But given the scheme change, lack of time to implement it, youth on Def with very good players opting out or transferring, it made for a tall order. I have no doubt Bo is much better than what we saw this yr. He’ll have to prove it elsewhere. I just hope we can get a top-notch guy to replace him.
On the one hand, if you own an NFL tm, you can hire whomever you like. You’re paying the bills. On the other hand, it seems pretty stupid to go out of the way to hire a Search Firm to find the best person, then totally ignore their top two suggestions! It’s even more confounding to not include your $160M QB in the loop. Not for permission, but to make him feel part of the brain trust. But then again, long suffering tms suck for long periods of time for a reason... Having said that, swapping D Watson for Tua who has looked pretty shaky at best, would be a horrendous move by the Texans. But then back to the long suffering tms thing......
Having said that, LSU is going to get a guy seen as being a strong Def coord. The job is too high-profile not to. But when you compete with other programs on your level for coaches, the quick trigger on Bo could be the difference maker.
No one wants to work in an environment where they can get canned so quickly. Guaranteed money or not, it negatively affects your reputation to get fired so quickly. Bo had a very bad 1st yr and it’s easy to justify letting him go. Doesn’t mean it can’t be seen as a negative to other coaches. Coaching is a fraternity it that stuff matters. Even if just a little bit.
Never mind. He went to ND. Time to get the 2nd option.
Well reports of him coming to LSU were premature!! Lol! Hopefully O has someone else in mind who is seen as being a strong Def coord. The thing is, firing Asst’s after only 1 yr can actually work against you. Certainly potential candidates take notice of that. Not sure if it mattered here, but it couldn’t have helped. Hopefully we can get the #2 target.
Looks like he runs a 3-4/ 3-3-5 hybrid, much like Aranda did at LSU before Bo was brought in to make a switch to a 4-3. Thin is, O got Bo because O wanted to have the Def go from a 3-4 to a 4-3. By bringing in another 3-4 (3-3-5 hybrid) guy, seems O sees the switch was not a good move. It’s pretty widely known that 3-4 or 3-3-5 Defs are better suited for today’s spread offenses. No matter, this was a really good hire and looking forward to seeing the Def improve next yr.
Strong hire. Wonder what Def he runs? Anyone know if he’s a 3-4 or 4-3 guy?
LSU is off to a good start and should have a good chance to make the field.
Congrats to the Aggies. Very good win to cap a very good season.
Good win for UK. Beat a good ranked tm. Cats should have a good ranking going into next year.
Very good news. Hopefully more join him and commit to making LSU a great Def again.
Very good news. Hopefully more guys buy in to coming back and get LSU back to playing elite Def.
Didn’t know you worked for the NCAA and was in charge of who gets what probation. One thing is certain, when it comes to breaking the rules and being probation, Alabama is tops. The point was LSU has vastly superior young talent than UF and is bringing in much better talent this yr. Nothing to do with any fictional unknown probations.
They wish! They’d be coming off an undefeated title winning yr and have a roster full of elite young players (who made big plays this yr) being supplemented by yet another top 3 recruiting class this yr. But hey, keep being the idiot you are.
@UGARMY, Which explains LSUs start to the yr. But they did finish strong.
Gators are in a serious downward spiral going into next yr. To make matters worse, there weren’t any young gm changing players who will be coming back. This yr likely goes down as a 1yr blip as far as the Gators winning the East.
Agreed. Didn’t see many if any underclassmen playmakers beyond the 2 young QBs. I know the guys who sat out are very good players, but their potential replacements left a lot to be desired.
Wow! That was ugly. Complete beat down! Wonder if the Gators would’ve been better off if Trask had sat out. Didn’t look focused to me. Gators gave up over 400yds rushing which is crazy! Poor showing all around.
Agree with you 100%. I think there will be a “QB Comp” but Brennan is the man going in. The real competition is between Max and TJ for 2nd string. Loser is almost certainly hitting the transfer portal. For me the key is for the staff to ID and keep the better of those 2.
We had DEs to play a 4-3 but not the Tackles. You have to have Tackles who can rush the passer and stop the run. That allows you to get pressure without blitzing. The Tackles in this recruiting class are far superior to anything we had this yr. There were issues with Gap discipline due to the switch and you can put that on coaching. The players didn’t get a lot of live action due to COVID which didn’t help. Not making excuses. I called for Bo’s head more than once. But LSU did NOT have the ideal players up front to run a 4-3. Having “guys” doesn’t mean you have the right players for the scheme.
Bo’s a much better Def coord than what his record showed this. Installing a complete new Def with lots of young inexperienced players during a pandemic proved to be a tall order. Still, Bo was not without fault. Every tm in the PAC 12 stopped or slowed Wash STs offense by rushing 3 and dropping 8. He should have scouted that b4 the MSU gm. He never made adjustments either. MSU was below avg vs every other tm after LSU because they rushed 3 dropped 8. I was hoping he’d get another yr to fix the Def but I guess not. I still think he’s a good Def coach and best of luck to him.
Yea, UGA has been struggling to be good enough to win a Title for a while now. What’s it been, 40 years??
Some of the issues with the D stem from Os desire to switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3. The problem is LSU has been recruiting for a 3-4 Def for a while now. That means bigger (less athletic) D-Lineman up front to stuff the run and 4 play making LBs. That means your D-Lineman aren’t big pass rushers. By going to a 4-3, you need more athletic linemen for pass rush. LSU didn’t have that. The good news is the current class is loaded with those type players. I got a feeling Bo should’ve been given more time to setup his Def with players suited for it. Wonder if O will get another 4-3 guy, (O knows this Def) or go back to a 3-4 guy. Good Def coords aren’t falling off trees. I think Bo is still a good one but this yr was crazy to be installing a new Def. Hopefully O now gets that just because you can understand a 4-3 Def concept better doesn’t mean it’s the best system.
Good move by him and a great get for Aranda. LSU switched to a 4-3 this yr which doesn’t fit Ika as you need more athletic guys up front. He would not have been on the field enough to impress NFL scouts of tms who run a 3-4. Aranda runs a 3-4 and Ika is a perfect fit. I look forward to seeing what they can do next yr.