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He then says “I think it will be Cam but who is the next lineman in”. The real battle is for the 2nd position. Of course like any good coach, you leave room for a guy to play himself into a starting role. But that’s not what is expected. You trolls really do need to work on comprehension skills. But troll on!
Can someone get some bubble-wrap and a limo driver for Max, ASAP!! Lol. I really do hope Myles has a speedy recovery and gets a real chance to show what he can do for an entire yr, whether at LSU or via the Portal.
Yep, just heard about that today. I knew it had to be a freakish accident. No way the tm would put him in harms way. Tough break all around for him. He’s been busting his butt off to play.
Good piece. Brennan did all the right things leading up to his chance to start at LSU. Came in as a high 4* player and the only reason he wasn’t a 5* is he didn’t have the weight to play right away. He’s gained nearly 60lbs and already has an elite arm and is pretty athletic. If he does leave, someone is getting a very good QB provided they can keep him healthy. I had him ahead of Max but I’m all in on Max going forward and hope he plays so well no one can take his job. Still, I hope Brennan can come back later in the year and contract to the tm he loves.
I think Brennan is the better player and has more arm talent but Max has shown he’s capable. And I think Max may be the better natural leader. I wanted Brennan but I’m all in on Max!
At least Max will get all of the 1st team reps ahead of UCLA. But I’m with you, I preferred Brennan to start the yr. But the coaches have said they feel we could win big with either guy so now we get to find out.
Not true. His first TWO yrs he sat behind some Burrow kid. He hasn’t been injured his whole career.
Very disappointed to hear this. My biggest question is what the heck were they doing to get him injured?? I’m sure the QBs are off limits for contact. Gotta be something freaky. On a good note, Max got lots of experience last yr and also walked into the Swamp and left with a Win. This also means Max gets all of the First String reps ahead of the opener with UCLA.
Has NO effect on your program winning the West. I’m actually glad you guys are being reunited with the Horns so you can get your rivalry back and stop this pseudo thing you’re trying to have with LSU.
Can you clowns please at least win ONE div title before getting diarrhea at the mouth on every LSU article like you are anywhere in the vicinity of our program? Just ONE! This kid is going to take multiple recruiting trips and no one knows where he will go. But what we DO know is the Aggies getting 1 random 5* (Noil) from LA has effect on your program being able to win the West. Carry on and enjoy the azz whooping in BR this yr.
If kids want official paid recruiting visits, they often must be uncommitted. It’s routine for kids to decommit when they want multiple recruiting trips. Still a long way to go. At the end of the day, LSU is still picked to land this kid so not panicking yet. Lol at the idiot aggie fans. You’re obvious new to this. Best to wait and see where he signs before thumping your chest. And for the record, Speedy Noil was a MAJOR bust. You might want to lookup the multiple players in the NFL that LSU got in his recruiting cycle. Can’t wait for the Horns to return A&M to little brother status here in TX so all of the crying you all do can be justified.
^^This^^ We’re STILL going to have the same group of tms winning titles..,Bama, OSU, Clem, LSU, OU, and UF. I’d take this group of tms vs the field over the next 25yrs when it comes to most titles. The early round gms will be blowouts and do nothing more than serve as opportunities for elite tms to get injuries. Buy, “yea playoffs”!
Not even close to being true. That’s the craziest thing you’ve posted round here…..and that’s saying something. Smh.
The coaches have been waiting on Emery to emerge ever since he came in as a 5* top 2 in class RB a couple yrs ago. He had CEH ahead of him his FR yr. He has HR ability but just hasn’t stepped forward. Now he’s a JR I hope he takes the reigns. If not, there’s 2 stud FRs behind him who may push him aside. The RB room is loaded and hopefully SOMEBODY steps up.
OU needs UT. OU is the biggest recruiter of elite players from TX. They’re not as stupid as Nebraska who went from a powerhouse program to also ran by no longer playing gms in TX and losing their biggest recruiting base.
The guy seems to have been doing a really good job…..
This being a “mutual” decision tells me they have a disagreement on principle. The seems to have been doing a really good job. Hired a FB head coach that Mizzou fans seem giddy about. I’m thinking the AD wants to vote “NO” on OU/UT while the president is going to vote “Yes” (after some arm twisting from other SEC presidents). Since the disagreement is on principle, he’s been allowed to stay around until they get another guy. My 2-cents.
Pretty sure they’d want the results from the SEC on how teams voted BEFORE they announce….,
I count 4 no votes led by A&M then SC, UF, and Mizzou. Possible NO votes are UGA (same reason as group above) LSU (competitive landscape/recruiting) and UK (competitive reasons). Not saying it won’t happen but there’s going to be a lot of arm-twisting to make it happen.
Gwhite, I refer you to A&Ms AD’s latest statement on them loving being the only SEC tm in TX. Branding matters my friend. But we shall see..
Arky is just a tm LSU fans would rather not lose to. There’s no extra feather in the hat for beating them. Traditional and regional wise, Ole Miss is a bigger gm but it’s too one-sided to be a rivalry. Personally, I’d say Aub is likely the biggest rival. Tighter series and competitive gms just about every yr. But in truth, LSU doesn’t have a “rivalry” gm a’la Bama-Aub; UF-UGA. Just a series of big gms with Bama, Aub, and UF. The goal is to win the majority of those. 2-1 is usually a great yr. 3-0 is an all time great yr. Even 1-2 can be a good yr if we win our other gms. I like it this way.
Two best records and if there are ties, two highest ranked tms. Easy
Two best records and if there are any ties, the two highest ranked tms. Simple.
Aub is a historical power. Switching them and Ole Miss would weaken Pod B
Yea, I’ve also heard of that agreement for the reasons you stated. It’s going to take a lot of arm twisting to get the Horns in.