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What is it with A&M always looking to LSU when they have an opening? They got Chief (good riddance) in the slimiest way possible. Came for Aranda and got turned down. Went after Jimbo after LSU considered him. And now our DB coach. Someone should tell the Aggies there are other coaches out there besides the ones in BR. Too funny.
The talent gab between Bama and LSU since 2010 has been really close. Clemson has managed to beat AL multiple times with LESS overall tm talent than LSU. Compare Clemson’s avg recruiting ranks to LSU and get back to me. No one in CFB has had more early departures than LSU since 2012. LSU always gets the talent. Now it has the scheme. Keep whistling past the graveyard like you were going into this Years gm.
@bamatime, I knew opportunities have been coming his way b4 this yr. ur WANTS to be a HC. If the rt opportunity came his way I EXPECTED him to take it. Only a dumb azz would be surprised.
And yet the only one that’s surprising is Brady. When you look at all the talent replacing the players who left it really does make you go WOW! Lol. LSU has some questions to deal with like every tm in CFB. Fortunately for LSU they have the talent to replace the players and resources to bring in brite assts. The vast majority of CFB tms cant say that.
Upsets! There’s the rub. The Vols are so far removed from their historical perch that beating good tms are seen as upsets rather than just good wins. Gotta get some elite recruits in Knoxville to go with the good coaching.
We are enjoying it! And some of you bammers are so butt hurt you walk around with your azzs fire-hydrant red from having your panties all wadded up! Carry on clown!
Congrats to Coach Aranda. He’s been one of the top defensive coaches for several years now (best in my book) and I’m glad he gets a chance to lead his own tm. Interested to see how he does. Best wishes for him and Baylor.....except if they play the Tigers!
Love Jefferson to the Chiefs. Wow! Gotta think the Jags take Jeudy if he’s there. Looks like the Tide/Tigers only draft.
Good decision. Now he has a chance to come back and establish himself as a top safety like Delpit and Adams b4 him. He’ll likely be a tm leader.
So proud of what he has worked to turn himself into. From low rated RB recruit to early round NFL prospect. Grateful for his huge efforts to bring a title back to LSU. Best wishes to him.
You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. O hired a big name O-Coord in Matt Canada. Figured after 1 yr it wasn’t his idea of what a title Off “ looks” like, then went and found a brite unkwn young pass gm coord to help mold the Off to fit his Vision. Remember, no one heard of Brady b4 O got him and many doubted the move like ur trying to. Point is O definitely has experience replacing assts. He’ll get someone who fits his idea of what a title off looks like and turn em he did with Brady.
UT won’t make up much ground on UGA til they close the recruiting gap. With the current talent disparity, UT would have to get a huge edge in coaching. They finished strong but they won’t compete for the East til they get elite recruits. There could be an outlier here or there but that’s not UT football historically.
The premise of the article was good but not complete. It lacked one key word “ Unless”. The LSU model of Success is the Exception-Unless you have multiple 5 and 4* WRs with a QB who is accurate, tough, and cool under pressure led by a HC who is willing to dive in fully to letting his best offensive guys get the ball over and over and over again, even to the detriment of his Def early on. Get that and you absolutely can come close to duplicating what LSU did. The thing that’s most difficult to duplicate is a QB who is extremely cool under pressure and had the “IT” factor to go along with accuracy and toughness like Burrow. The irony is most loud mouths on this thread said LSU would fail cause Burrow wasn’t any good! They constantly talked about “ last year” on his stats/potential. Now that he’s leaving, it was ALL Burrow and no way LSU (or anyone else) can do it again. The two 5* soph WRs had nothing to do with it! A 3* WR (Jefferson) who was performing at a 5* level last yr (and could be a 1st end pick) to lead the team had nothing to do with it! The Def coach who had a Vision for what a title tm looked like and dove into the deep-end head first on a new offense and identified an unkn young brite pass game coord to reshape his Off had nothing to do with it! BS! LSU gets elite WRs every yr. The two stud WRs are back. We don’t have a Burrow coming back but no tm in CFB does either! The HC has bought in. Not saying LSU will go 15-0 next yr but the Offense is going to be among the leaders in CFB and the D could be better. You can’t duplicate what LSU did unless you have the ingredients LSU has.
The job of successful coaches is to climb the ladder. They want to be HCs. This is normal progression. Not in how soon it happened of course. Lol
When you win Nattys people come for your assts. it’s a good problem to have. Looks like Aranda may be next. Good for them. LSU is in good hands with O.
This would likely be a good opportunity for Aranda. UNLV was too far from the elite def recruits inTX and LA for him to succeed. Baylor would allow him a real chance to compete. Just stay away from the elite LA kids!! Lol
Congrats to Brady on great opportunity! He had to do what was best for him and his family. Best wishes. Good thing for LSU SE called the vast majority of the plays and he has the playbook. But the best thing for LSU is O is our HC and his vision for what a championship tm looks like is what got LSU here. The beat goes on. One team one heart beat......Geaux Tigers.
Some are unsure of Brennan next year but the kid has all the measurables: Big Arm, Accurate, Good size. I like him in our offense. Still, after watching our last grad transfer, bring this kid on! Competition would be good for Brennan.
General rule is see what you’re hitting. I have mixed feelings on getting thrown out. Incidental contact should just be a penalty. Lowering your head and launching yourself to make a hit (like the Clem LB did) should = ejection.
Funny stuff. UKs self-made “1st Place Best WR @ QB” ribbon, Auby fans enjoyment of the Tide wearing a black veil for missing the playoffs and the Aggies loving their 2020 sked were my favs.
And yet none of the teams you listed could beat Bama with a 100% healthy Tua. There are times for bashing high profile tms that lose big gms to top SEC tms. This isn’t one of those times.
Yea,hard to put into words how special this yr was. Began with O establishing his vision for the Offense and relying on a unproven pass gm coord surrounded by doubters from coast to coast. How complete was Os vision, LSUs last 9 opponents was so fearful of the pass gm they played 7 and 8 DBs!!! Nobody is doubting anymore.
Don’t kid yourselves. The only other SEC tm who would give Clemson a gm is Bama with a healthy Tua. Remember, Clemson had nearly the same tm that beat Bama just last year. This LSU tm was simply too good.
Gotta agree. Just capped off what could be the best yr in CFB history. And that’s not hyperbole. Magical ride.
How bout them Tigers!!!! Perfection! I felt we had to win this game to cap off a magical year and boy did the Tigers bring it. So proud of our tm. So proud to be a Louisiana boy. Great game! Geaux Tigers!!!
The key for LSU is to stop Entiene and force Lawerence to beat us throwing. Yea, he’ll make a lot of plays but you can live with that if they can’t run. Let em run and they’ll have two options and the gm will be a shootout toss up. Stop the run and LSU by 17. Entienne scares me the most. We stop him we win.
Akers was definitely the bigger loss. He was a higher ranked back and LSU pretty much had him in the bag but he chose FSU around signing day. LSU stopped pursuing other backs to appease Akers. It definitely hurt having him not sign. He’s the back I wish we got. Etienne was the backup plan after losing Akers and he wasn’t going for that. Went after him too late. Lesson learned, grab as many as you can and if others runaway so what.