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Most of this is due to very poor Def by LSU. In the play above, both BDs are 10yds off the line giving the WRs free release. Then there’s no pass rush. Stingley could’ve made some plays but he couldn’t have stopped this onslaught because it wasn’t 1 WR. Multiple WRs were making plays. An extremely poor performance by LSU. Much to improve upon. Bo Pelini is going to have to step it up. Still, State looks like a “live” tm in the West. Good luck to the other tms that’s gotta face them. Great Win State!
This loss is squarely on the DEF! Couldn’t get a freaking stop! Brennan wasn’t great but I picked LSU to score 37pts in this gm and they got 34. I had it 37 - 20 LSU so if you told me we’d get 34pts I would’ve felt good about the win. I know Stingley was out and he could’ve helped vs the pass but Stingley is not a pass-rusher! The Def got no pressure up front. Too much “coverage” and not enough blitzing. Bo called a bad gm. Simple as that. I saw glimpses from the young RBs but they missed key blocks in the pass gm. Bright moments from the young TE Gilbert but he too missed key blocks. Had the Def gotten stops, the Off would’ve gotten more pts and yds. Bo is going to have to do a much better job vs better competition going forward. Now that we’ve had “live” action, lots to clean up. Not giving up on the young tm. They got beat by a better tm. No other way to put it. Congrats again to Miss ST!
WOW!! Congrats to State!! I had a feeling on of the Mississippi schools was gonna get a upset this week. I picked Ole Miss over UF so got the wrong one unfortunately. Hail State!!
Had he taken out his gun and shot her in the head, then not got arrested or charged, then returned to work, you’d have a point. It’s not racial because he used the proper level of force. Which is enough to get her to comply. She was wrong for not wearing a mask but she didn’t deserve to get killed for it. Which is what athletes and protesters ( black and white) are protesting against happening to people of color. They’re being killed for incidents like this with police.
Well I seem to remember beating you in annual picks a couple yrs ago and you beating me the next yr. This is the rubber match. Good luck to your Bulldogs every gm except this weekend! I’m just excited we got SEC football.
Makes sense. Odd that EA Sports hasn’t hit them with copyright or franchise infringement since they’re marketing their analysis with EA Sports. I’ve long wished EA Sports would work something out with the players in regards to likeness and bring the gm back. It’s one of the few gms I would play.
Nobody wanted football canceled. Even those in the Big and PAC didn’t WANT to cancel their season. Their medical teams were against it and the presidents followed their advice. We’ve got plenty of football to talk about now. Save the politics for political boards. It adds no value here.
Luckily we’re about to find out. Not betting my mortgage on it but I can see it happening.
@Lefty, it’s MY upset pick. It’s a gm I think will be closer than people think and there’s the Kiffin factor. You’re more than welcome to pick whatever upset you like. Pretty sad that you couldn’t even think of your zoocats winning this weekend huh??
Upset pick. You know Kiffin has been planning for this gm. I can see him throwing the kitchen sink trying to get win #1. Trick plays. Going for it on 4th. Of course it’s not likely to happen that’s why I called it an upset. I like picking at least one every week and since I didn’t go with UK, this is it. Just a hunch. Soo glad we get to find out.
Where’s Coozie? UF 27 Ole Miss 30 UK 20 Aub 28 MSU 17 LSU 37 UGA 31 Arky 14 Bama 45 Mizzou 13 UT 17 SC 16 A&M 38 Vandy 17
No, over 200K Americans lost! Their lives! Go away with the political bs. It’s football season!
Reports are they’ll have a 6 or 7 gm season. I guess some is better than none but you have to wonder if they’ll get that many gms with a late start. I hope they get it figured out and are able to finish the yr. Their conf is not major players in terms of winning big games but it just “feels” right having all the power 5 Confs play.
Wonder if the players are getting paid for the EA sports gm? Seems they’re trying to get around it by updating an old gm with current rosters. They’re still using current players attributes; 40-times, size, etc. Seems fishy to me.
First, LSU isn’t “defending” anything. No ones yanking the Title from the trophy case are taking players rings if LSU doesn’t win the title this yr. Second, MB has a bigger arm than JB! So the statement of him being “more of a game manager based on arm strength” is ridiculous! Also MB was 170 when he got to LSU and is now 220. So the “gangly” description no longer applies. About the only accurate thing re LSU is they still are loaded with talent despite the losses. Crazy to believe but if you compare the * talent of players lost to their replacements, the latter would be more talented. The biggest question is how quickly will the O-Line come together? After that, it’s which of the 3 Stud RBs (5*, 4*, 4*) will step up? I just wish these writers would do a little research. They can have whatever conclusion they want. But you gotta get facts right or lose credibility.
I think the Vols have 3 losses with UF, UGA, and Bama. They also play Aub and A&M. A split would be great for them. That’s 4 losses at best but I say 5. Then UK and SC likely results in 6 losses. Very doubtful the Vols get 7 wins. But as they say, “ that’s why you play the game”! So we’ll see........
He’s on record saying he intends to play with 5* Louisiana DT Mason Smith. Mason Smith is 100% to LSU in most predictions. If he’s true to his word, he’ll be roaming the sidelines for Coach O in Baton Rouge.
It very well could be, especially in the West. I got LSU at 7-3 or 8-2 and UGA at 9-1. I’ve got your Vols at 4-6. Where do you think they’ll finish?
Yep. Using existing rules, I don’t think we’d have enough bowl eligible tms with conf only skeds. Easy to get to 6 wins if you got 4 cupcakes. Not so much for a middling SEC tm to get to 5 wins playing conf only gms. We could have multiple 3-win bowl tms. Odd yr indeed.
Interesting, UGA was picked 2nd in the East but picked 2nd overall ahead of UF. Pretty good rankings but their often wrong when picking the winners. I’d have it as follows: East. West UGA. Bama UF. LSU UK. Aub UT. A&M SC. State Mizzou. Ole Miss Vandy. Arky Can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Excited we’re about to get SEC football!
I agree with him 100%. All of those non-LSU fans who keep trying to compare him to JB needs to cut it out. Lots of articles talking about how this tm will fall short of the Best Off in the history of CFB! No kidding!! If you watch CFB, YOUR tms falling way short too! Fortunately for LSU, those are the flawed tms we will face this yr. Not 2019 LSU! Last yrs tm was special. This yrs tm isn’t likely to match that. Then again, no tm in CFB is likely to match them. This yr is about this yrs tm. The tm is loaded. People like talking about what was lost, knowledgeable LSU fans are optimistic about the talent we have. We don’t expect 15-0 National champs. We expect this to be a more typical LSU tm in regards to results. MB isn’t my biggest concern. I want to see the 3 young stud RBs step up. I want to see the Off-Line come together. Get those things right and MB will be just fine.
He’s certainly got his head on straight. Last year’s team’s accomplishment was their own. It’s time for this year’s team to write their own story. Btw, they’re not “defending” anything. No ones coming to take the National Title Trophy or Rings. This yr is about what this yrs tm can do. I’m anxious to find out. No crazy expectations for me. Just gonna cheer on the tm and see how it goes.
The O-Line is horrific. If they had a decent line and reliable kicker, the Bengals would be looking at 2-0. Hopefully they do a better job protecting him. A better run gm would help. Can’t survive throwing 60 passes behind a bad line. It’s obvious the Bengals have got themselves a QB. Now, protect him!
Wow, Ricks is the real deal and he must’ve really impressed as Flott was really solid last yr.
Awesome stuff. As a 21 yr AF vet, (Ret), I love this! The Red Tails were some of the most feared AF fighter squadrons in WWII. The Germans didn’t want to see them. Love the tribute.
Love coach Os attitude. Kids gotta tell him no about a thousand times! Given how fickle kids are in making decisions, it’s a good attitude to have. Obviously the kids are connecting with him. Public Service Announcement: Please don’t feed the troll buford. IT posts on every LSU article cause ITs Tenn tm has sucked for nearly two decades! If you don’t respond to IT, IT will make 1 post and move on to the next LSU article. Success brings flies like buford, don’t feed IT and IT will buzz off.
Can’t wait to find out. The way some opponents are taking solace in what was lost, I’m just waiting to see the shock on their faces when they see the talent all over the field. Of course it’s gotta come together to win big gms. But I’m looking forward to the season.
Indeed. Really excited to see what this tm can do. Definitely loaded on offense with elite talent at every skill position. The key is how quickly they can come together. I’m just ready for SEC Football!