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Press conference quips aside, the money that the school has committed seems to be good sign. Doesn’t always translate to wins, but it means they’re finally investing like an SEC team intent on being a quality program each year.
Did not exactly think the firing, or timing thereof, was correct but that ship has sailed. Nor did I think Leach was the right guy for the job. But all you can do is wish him luck and hope he gets more support than Moorhead received. Until we win all the games we should and beat 1-2 big boys per year, not much has changed. When AL, AU, A&M, and LSU don’t look forward to playing MSU for something other than they don’t want to get anyone hurt, then we’ll have made progress.
TycoonDon is on to something. MSU is now most poorly funded team in the SEC. That means even Vandy spends more on football than MSU. Yet Bulldog fans think they’re a perennial 8-9 win team. It’s crazy. Moorhead’s results are EXACTLY in line with the university’s investment in the program. Heck, they’re probably greater than the investment. Mullen won with Dak and when you delete those years he was on par with Moorhead. Why do you think he left? He saw what expectations were vs the commitment from the university. Leach (whom I hope does not get the job) clearly understands this and this will keep him from accepting. And then what? We’ll be back to someone that less than or equal to Moorhead so nothing will have been accomplished except that we ran off a guy that actually wanted to be here.
Not liking Moorhead is one thing. To call him a con artist and say he left the program in bad shape is undoubtedly the dumbest thing I’ve seen posted on this sight recently.
Hard to say. Flighttracker shows a cesna leaving from Stkvill/Golden Triangle to Ruston, LA. Perhaps Skip is getting looksy.
PREACH Msstatejunkie! Just like other partnerships in life, if you're gonna fire your partner you better have a better option in mind, and in this case, in the bag. They didn't. And that calls into question the entire process which lays right at the feet of Cohen and Keenum.
If they are talking to Sarkisian as reported, then the whole “disciplined program” argument is a bust (see USC and UW).
Because nothing reeks of discipline like a Sarkisian hire. He may be the guy. And if so, I hope he does well, but this blows a huge hole in the “Moorhead lost control of his players” narrative coming out of Starkville. I think this is smoke.
All these comments on Grantham, "flex-bone" offense under Monken, Butch Jones, Chizick, etc., only proves one thing: the MSU administration had no plan in place when they fired Moorhead. Clearly that thought Napier would jump at the opportunity and he clapped back that he was just fine in Lafayette. Then Chizick decided that whether it was pay, expectations, facilities, maybe all of the above, he wasn't interested. Then JJ decided the pay and NFL title trumped coming home. The bottom line is that when you fire a coach, an upgrade should be a given when hiring the new guy. I think it's more like this will be a lateral and MSU will be in this same cycle 2-3 years from now....and maybe throw in an AD search at the same time.
I actually think he listened to Keenum......who listened to the boosters and fanbase. Cohen looked completely uncomfortable at the presser announcing the firing and kept referring to his "consultation with Dr. Keenum". I think it was the wrong move at the wrong time, but it's done. Problem is they're looking well past the normal coaching change cycle, they set a really bad precedent for firing a guy 2 years in, and it appears they don't really want to pay the $$$ that it would take to bring in someone that make the firing make sense. I'm betting eventually it'll be Grantham but would not rule out Butch Jones.
@Teen-Dawg Huh. I’ve looked all over for a statement from Dr Keenum and can’t find one. Maybe you read it in the vaunted “sports media” that you decry.
You read his piece. Cared enough to log in and comment on it. And now you're criticizing it because it wasn't 100% right. There's a handful of people inside the building that know 100% what is going on with the coaching search. And frankly, I'm not even sure that isn't incorrect.
A week ago that sounded crazy. Today, it sounds desperate...…..and completely plausible.
Agree with MSStateJunkie. This was an emotional decision based on a bowl loss. Nothing else. Not the "he lost control of the team" narrative that came out of nowhere after the loss. Chizick backed out because of expectations vs. $$$. I'm glad he didn't accept, but his backing out is an indicator. Only 2 teams spend less on football in the SEC than MSU. You get what you pay for.
Not encouraging that Chizik was a candidate. Even less encouraging that after meeting with MSU leadership he withdrew. Sounds like this is going to get done on the cheap.
This has the all buzz of a backup plan. I'm sure he's a good coach, good guy, etc., but you fired a 14-12, 2 bowl appearance, beat your rival twice guy. This doesn't sound like a "if that guy becomes available" type of hire. If he's the guy, it will sound like they swung and missed on their other candidates. But maybe he'll surprise if he's it.
This is what you get when you tell the base Moorhead is your guy on Nov 29 and then fire him on Jan 3. He didn't "lose control of the program" in 35 days (as the narrative would imply). He got fired because boosters never liked the guy and the team didn't produce against Louisville. Period. Yes, there were other games that lead to the tipping point but the Music City Bowl is why he lost his job and the coaching community knows it. IMO, if you wanted to fire the guy then Nov 29 was the day. Now MSU is forced to pick amongst the leftovers for a coach. Grantham has familiarity with the university and the base, but what do you do if he goes 4-8, 5-7 next year? Fire him too? Jones has the "edge" and "passion" that all seem to want, but what did that get him in Knoxville? This has been a ready, shoot, aim, process and Cohen better get it right and the administration better stand behind the next guy. They did enough damage with this firing and another misfire (no pun intended) will land them in Nebraska, Tennessee, Michigan, Colorado, and Texas territory......rebuilding for 10 years.