long time player and observer of football, at all levels. Think the rules ought to apply the same to everybody.

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clueless....No question Muschamp, and T-Rob, were handing out "bags of cash", and many equivalents. And so is UGA, and most of the others. We'll see where this first pulled thread leads. Normally they quietly blame a staff person and fire them. JP is the first head coach to go down in a while. Freeze had other issues. They should do "amnesty for all", and put in a new, more modern framework with the forthcoming NIL. I agree with Finebumb, UT will pay JP and sign a mutual NDA/non-disparagement agreement, or they'll pay a lot more when he reveals what basketball is doing. Plus, they just hired Rodney Garner....bahahaha.....speaking of bags of money!!!
I agree with your points, BUT IF, the arsonist concludes, or a judge concludes for him, that he isn't getting his buy-out, then he will light the fuse, and it will start with Fat Phil, move quickly to UT basketball (wait til you hear that scheme), and then burn Kirby et al. The only one he won't burn will be Nick. They all hold Nick in deity status, but believe me they could all burn every other coach/school in the conference. The schemes are staggering!!!
Fineboom correct on one posit- "they won't go to court", because NO ONE WANTS TO BE DEPOSED! Includes Fulmer, Chancellor, Sankey, KIRBY, NICK, Mullins, Muschamp, Steele, Gardner, etc, etc.. They all do the exact same thing. IF THEY CAN get to the NIL pay scheme before the fraud, bribery, conspiracies all blow up, they'll all be so thankful!
sorry, Sankey won't allow it. Until Sankey gets sued for stepping over the line and tortiously interfering in the hiring process. He thinks he has authority over State institutions hiring practices. We'll find out.
shockingly, the only one that doesn't cheat like hell = Lane Kiffin!!!!! yep he'll drink all yer vodka, pop a few pills, bang your daughter and wife (if she ain't too old), but he DOES NOT cheat in recruiting!
Malzahn is a social retard and creates zero esprit de corps. And would he bring Garner with him? talk about McDonald's bags of money! how about 75 lb bags of money! Ask about the "car" with the "trunk" where the bags were kept. It's everywhere. As one head coach in the conference has proclaimed....."If you don't want this going on you better go to Tibet to get a coach"!!
Sankey needs an all-hands amnesty to be fair to everyone. Implement new rules with NIL. This McDonald's bag money ain't even close to be being the tip-of-the-iceberg. These west coast kids families are getting moved across country, get fat downpayments, cars for kid and parents, monthly cash, baby-mommas getting admissions and support. The truth has to come out. Again, Kirby, Garner, Muschamp, others should be sleeping with one eye open. IF Jeremy, Neidermeyer, or choice others ever decide to give the details of the FACTS it's going to be a big BOOM (pun intended willy)!
it's my helicopter and my software developers! I employ lots of them!
neidermeyer has nothing to do with it. IT IS THE WAY THINGS ARE DONE AT EVERY SCHOOL! Where do you think he learned it?? He coached at UGA and Alabama before UT. Just wait, it's coming. Jeremy will not go quietly, unless they/somebody pays him, and they all agree to a non-disclosure. Otherwise Kirby, Auburn, USC will be very scared. The only one none of the disciples will blow-up is Saban. The others will be really quiet.
will be fascinating to see if Jeremy rolls-over on the other programs that do the exact same things he and Neidermeyer did. (I hope the final bid/pay prices/schemes for some of the recent signee's/recruits come out!). My guess is UT pays $5mm and Jimmy Sexton (puppet-master, monopolistic agent)/ CSC ante for $5mm and they all sign non-disclosures. Sankey might even have the SEC throw in a few million, so the whole house of deceit doesn't get exposed. Good for the goose, good for the other gooses!. Just in time for the NCAA to go head-to-head with the Democratic-controlled Congress on NIL and profit-sharing. Booker is licking his chops!
LOL, self-reporting a bump!! do people realize how stupid this is. How about Catfish and Mr Mobley?? Las Vegas boy/man-child- how'd mom, baby and girlfriend get to athens from Las vegas? Mr Mobley- ever heard of anybody giving Quay's mom- 2 cars and $75k?? Folks, get serious. Give everybody a one-time amnesty and let's have real rules with real enforcement. God help the wild-west when NIL starts!!
It's simple, Georgia outbid TN for Sims. It happens EVERY YEAR, AT EVERY SCHOOL. We need a broad amnesty and a re-set. It is not fair to punish a school or coach when every school/coach does it, PERIOD. Facts available upon request...
you obviously have no clue how recruiting and keeping players on SEC rosters works.
It was Tee Martin. Everybody in the building knows it. But the truth is EVERY SCHOOL IN THE SEC PAYS PLAYERS! Fact, get over it, and treat everybody equally. "It just means more" means "we just pay more". New marketing drivel for Sank-bag. Starter script.....Coach X paid Dad $75k for chatt player to flip to School Barn. Cash drawer at Coach M desk to pay players whatever/whenever. Couch Barkbark got vegas TE for $120k plus momma, baby and baby-momma move to college town, job, car and, wait for admission to University! Cars for above-average players is minimum expectation per NFL legend whose son is on SEC roster. Equal justice under the law? equitable treatment for everybody? The NCAA By-laws 10.1's are total farce and fraudulent BS. Nobody wants to raise their right hand that's for sure.
you have no clue. Lane kiffin bangin 23 year olds every weekend, drunk or drugged almost every day. But a good OC. He's headline liability on any given day if someone wanted to blow him up!. But that's true for every single coach and all the cash their paying out to secure kids. This includes every coach in this text chat. Can't wait to expose it!
you have no clue. Lane kiffin bangin 23 year olds every weekend, drunk or drugged almost every day. But a good OC. He's headline liability on any given day if someone wanted to blow him up!. But that's true for every single coach and all the cash their paying out to secure kids. This includes every coach in this text chat. Can't wait to expose it!
My guess is Marcus is leaving because his incredible moral compass won't allow him to sit by and watch the massive recruiting violations that 'chump and tr are perpetrating. He wants to be gone before the truth is revealed.
Study the play/talent of the recruits Jeremy has brought in. The SEC is a tough place for freshman/soph's to cut their teeth, but these kids can play. More impressive though is how tough the entire team plays. The past 3 weeks were solid. It will always be easier to recruit for the coaches/teams in Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana, but Jeremy has shown he can compete in recruiting and coaching.
"players lost faith in the league". Another classic from Chump. Between he and Tanner they come up with some doozies. Tanner's about as dumb as they come. What are the criteria for being an AD? obviously not much. Wonder if Tanner will cough up another fat contract extension when the maestro puppet-master Sexton comes and pokes him again. Nothing like a .500 coach getting a $23mm guarantee. Highest level of malfeasance and fiscal mismanagement I've seen.
Javon Kinlaw would not be at USC without Thompson out-hustling Bama, TN and others, to get him to commit to USC, period. The D-line played great last year. They're playing great this year because they are another year older/stronger/experienced. It's not because of a new coach. Of course you probably know something by playing pee-wee tiddlywinks.
this has nothing to do with why Lance wasn't retained. If the standard for keeping a coach was texting/seeing kids in off-periods, there would be exactly zero coaches retained. EVERY coach does what this coach did. EVERY one of them, without exception.
over-charged. Every coach in the Power-5 does the same thing in May. For Will or any coach to say he/they've cleaned it up is absurd. Some day maybe "THE REAL" recruiting violations will come out. Will blow everyone's mind. The coaches are really hoping the players can start making money off their likeness, so they don't keep risking paying them. It's absurd.
Texting a 10th grader in MAY? over 200 Power -5 coaches do this EVERY MAY! c'mon Dave really cover the recruiting Down South. Start with the AME church in Clemson.