long time player and observer of football, at all levels. Think the rules ought to apply the same to everybody.

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My guess is Marcus is leaving because his incredible moral compass won't allow him to sit by and watch the massive recruiting violations that 'chump and tr are perpetrating. He wants to be gone before the truth is revealed.
Study the play/talent of the recruits Jeremy has brought in. The SEC is a tough place for freshman/soph's to cut their teeth, but these kids can play. More impressive though is how tough the entire team plays. The past 3 weeks were solid. It will always be easier to recruit for the coaches/teams in Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana, but Jeremy has shown he can compete in recruiting and coaching.
"players lost faith in the league". Another classic from Chump. Between he and Tanner they come up with some doozies. Tanner's about as dumb as they come. What are the criteria for being an AD? obviously not much. Wonder if Tanner will cough up another fat contract extension when the maestro puppet-master Sexton comes and pokes him again. Nothing like a .500 coach getting a $23mm guarantee. Highest level of malfeasance and fiscal mismanagement I've seen.
Javon Kinlaw would not be at USC without Thompson out-hustling Bama, TN and others, to get him to commit to USC, period. The D-line played great last year. They're playing great this year because they are another year older/stronger/experienced. It's not because of a new coach. Of course you probably know something by playing pee-wee tiddlywinks.
this has nothing to do with why Lance wasn't retained. If the standard for keeping a coach was texting/seeing kids in off-periods, there would be exactly zero coaches retained. EVERY coach does what this coach did. EVERY one of them, without exception.
over-charged. Every coach in the Power-5 does the same thing in May. For Will or any coach to say he/they've cleaned it up is absurd. Some day maybe "THE REAL" recruiting violations will come out. Will blow everyone's mind. The coaches are really hoping the players can start making money off their likeness, so they don't keep risking paying them. It's absurd.
Texting a 10th grader in MAY? over 200 Power -5 coaches do this EVERY MAY! c'mon Dave really cover the recruiting Down South. Start with the AME church in Clemson.