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Auburn is a very good team, hopefully better than any team FSU has played this year. Assuming that's the case, FSU is still better. Better in all 3 phases, with better players at all but a few positions. Auburn can win, but the most likely scenario would be FSU beating itself, which is not likely. FSU is not batte tested, because none of it's opponents could survive the battle for more than a quarter. The most recent opponent which did that was Duke, who ended up losing 45-7, but in their bowl game against A&M, Duke led from the beginning until late in the game, finally losing 52-48 in one of Johnny M's best games of the year. After Monday's game, the mighty SEC's 2 highest ranked teams will have fallen to 2 teams from different conferences, leaving the SEC 0-2 n this year's BCS Bowl Games. Times are changing.