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Baddie should be listed, if not as a back, but all purpose type of player. The dude can get down. I’m not the Kentucky fan that’s gonna judge a player success against our own team. Even if I was an alabama fan I wouldn’t do that. You have to look at production, regardless of who they’re playing. Rushing for 200 yards in a pass happy offense is not easy against any fbs school. Baddie deserves some recognition.
I’m a huge Kentucky fan and as much as I enjoy beating Florida, I hate seeing this program, another SEC program take a dive like this. I never liked Mullen, didn’t matter where he was I didn’t like him. I’m glad he’s gone for the fan base. I’m a big Tebow fan, love the dude, but he was way too loving of Mullen. Mullen was a good coach, but that’s it. The dude is a jerk. Hope Florida gets back to Florida and doesn’t take a nose dive like Tennessee and South Carolina has over the years. Tennessee got a good hire and are a fun team to watch now. Good luck with the coach search, just stay away from stoops lol
Floridas offense isn’t Tennessee’s. Tennessee can score. Florida is awful on offense and defense. But I don’t believe tenn has anything for GAs defense. I don’t think anyone does
My post didn’t show Because it was a laughing emoji for like two full lines. No one that is smart wants grantham lol. No one. When Kentucky beat the heisman trophy winner, Lamar Jackson with a subpar team, with a grantham defense lol. Come on. In 2016 Kentucky was a decent play action team. Decent as in decent nationally and terrible sec. Us beating that number 11 Louisville team, I can’t believe Florida hired grantham.
Ding ding ding lol. GA is just that good. I don’t see anyone near what they are this year. Even when bama does reach the sec champ game, GAs defense is going to make them look like our Kentucky team lol.
He is one of the very few that will give his heart, mind, body and soul for the remaining games on the schedule. Keeping him is not a disadvantage to lsu. He’s going to win games for that program because it’s his blood. Is he going to steal recruits possibly lol.
Unfortunately we were a few passes and a couple of blocked kicks from making this a better game. Levis is the real deal. GAs d line, good Jesus lol. To hold our line to under 100 yards rushing is insane. This years GA team, barring no injuries, is going 15-0. Florida coming up for you guys could be a a handful. They are up and down, they could come in and score 40 or come in and drop an egg. I’m glad everyone got out with no injuries. I’m proud of our Kentucky team and stoops. I’m more concerned about Tennessee at this point than I was this game. I thought we would lose, I just thought it was a tighter game, even though we covered the spread. Good luck the rest of the year and go get that natty GA
Kentucky threads are the only threads I’ve seen on here that fans get along and wish each other luck, except most sc and tenn fans. Most Kentucky fans are still very humble and just happy to be here. Other teams we’ve beaten this year have been respectful and actually wishing us luck. I like coach o I hope he’s able to stick around. Lsu will be back, with or without him. Lsu good luck the rest of the year.
Coach O is a good coach, may not have the best staff, but hes 2 years out of an undefeated national championship. Y’all have a bunch of injuries that didn’t help matters. The dude shouldn’t get fired.
Coach O is a good coach. Knee jerk reactions don’t help. It’s took stoops years to get to 10 wins. Two years after that theyre 6-0 heading to Athens to determine the East. Have faith and let the coaches do their thing.
Really hope boutte isn’t hurt badly. I live in nola now, but from Kentucky, win or lose you don’t want players hurt. Lsu good luck the rest of the season. It was a good game and honestly I was very nervous playing lsu.
I believe this is prolly the best destination for sec network. Arkansas and Texas am, I don’t believe that will be as tight of a game as this. Kentucky and SC in recent years have been decent games, big turnouts. SC and Kentucky do not like each other, especially with the recent years of success by Kentucky in the match up. Should be a good one.
It’s his first year, hasn’t gotten the players he wants. Everyone needs to chill. IMO I think Kentucky’s offense is going to cause issues for everyone. We will be lucky to keep coen for 2 seasons. Wandale is not a typical athlete your going to see on game days. Even on perfect coverage and personnel, he’s explosive. If Kentucky can get their defense together and not fumble on offense. This is a top 10 team now. But that’s a lot if ifs. Mizzou is going to hurt some feelings this year. If bazilack didn’t get hurt in the 4th quarter, I think it goes into overtime with Kentucky. Give you coaches a few years, don’t run them out of town right away.
*milton doesn’t look to be the answer*….. typo
I’m a Kentucky fan and honestly I believe the best qb and most accurate on Tennessee’s roster is Bailey. He’s going to be a legit qb. Hooker was decent at tech, but Kentucky beat him there as well. Bailey needs to play. Milton doesn’t look to the the answer and hooker isn’t doing much better. He does have the run capability, but hasn’t utilized it much.
I’m a huge Kentucky fan. But I woke up and learned that Bailey didn’t play?????? Wtf when he came in the game last year against Kentucky he was slinging the ball. He threw a pick, but who doesn’t against Kentucky’s secondary? Bailey is a legit sec qb, the kid is good. Hell hooker has a ton of experience, I’m just confused on the qb choice. But I don’t get paid millions of dollars to win games either…..
Disregard, it says offensive player. So yes the article is correct. I misread
So this article is incorrect with the Kentucky stat. Bud dupree 1st round 2015, josh Allen number 7 over all in 2019 and jamin Davis in the first round 2021.
I’m not a Texas football fan and everyone can hate on manziel all they want. But he truly was the most exciting qb to watch since Michael Vick. I would have rather watched him than Lamar Jackson. Manziel had money before football, he didn’t have to make the nfl work. His game just doesn’t translate to the professional level. Bust or not. The dude was a cheat code in college and is respected for it.
I honestly believe this is the first time I’ve seen most of the sec get along on this thread .