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I knew we were in trouble when I read ESPN's Mark Schlabach's quote in regards to what FSU wanted to do if Fisher left: “In case that happens, I’m told FSU athletic director Stan Wilcox would like to land a minority coach if they needed a replacement. So keep an eye on Oregon’s Willie Taggart, former Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin, and South Florida’s Charlie Strong.” I have no problem with us considering or hiring a minority, but it is downright stupid to limit your pool of talent for any reason. There were several great choices that probably did not show interest when they heard that. What the hell? When will we ever be a color bling society. Get the BEST COACH, PERIOD! Taggart has proven nothing, except perhaps as a recruiter. But coach on the field, weak! Game 8 today against Clemson, and we had 16 penalties!Couldn't line up, multiple false starts and other penalties you would expect early. Fumbles, dropped passes, kick returners who don't seem to know when to receive the ball , or when to let it go. Pathetic field coach.