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UT is a snake in the grass. Let them reap some Mountain West oats
Very well said. They are looking for a "soft" place to land. Hell, the Pac 10 may not want them. And OU and OSU has danced with them through the years. They are no better
Austin has become a not so friendly place...unless no one is keeping up. We used to go for a weekend. Not anymore
Texas has enough money to burn a bunch of wet mules. They should be an independent and wing it like Notre Dame. Hey play a few games with ranked teams and play in the playoffs. But right now not sure if they make a 12 team playoff. They are second fiddle to OU. Nothing good would come from the SEC dealing with that bunch. JMO
I agree but the point is that the state of the current conference that they call home is their own doing, well and OU and OSU following along LOL
Texas , OU and OSU march lock step. If UT says jump OU and OSU find the nearest cliff. Screw all of them they have bullied there way around for a while.
Why did the teams leave the "Big 12" to begin with? Because Texas was a money hog and did not want a conference network and/or tv network where they had to share funds. They are and have been self righteous bullies for years. Now the sad part about it is that OU and OSU march lock step with UT. They are the enablers. Let ALL of them remain wondering in the wilderness or maybe the Pac 10.
I don't think Tennersee will surprise anybody but their selves....if thats possibly
UT has problems. Always will until Fulmer and his supporters are gone for ever. So put on some jorts take a slig and wait.
I think every team should play a conference team every week. Why should teams make money from playing a team that is not even on their level? So what if your coach once played at that school. Rhetorical
I would think bugger pulling would have been on the list.
It will certainly be a challenge for the schedule in 2021. Oh yeah, I was at the USC game "before" they come into prominence. LOL they crawled out of the tunnel with some weird stuff. Kinda like how bad we gonna be whipped tonight. But I am glad to know they are "back". Florida is a big concern of course. But Mullen is better known for his offense and I am sure his starting QB will light things up. aTm will be the toughest. Seems like Fisher has the QB that is on pace to set new records. Oh wait. LOL I have said that the team that beats Bama will have a run game that is hard to stop. Simply because Bama has chased the hurry up with lighter guys. I am sure that Saban has been drinking warmed over coffee and eating Debbie cakes thinking that his new QB will carry the program to the promise land once again.
Lol. I didnt think Jawga had won a Natty since the 80s.....who'd a think
Lol. I didnt think Jawga had won a Natty since the 80s.....who'd a think
He also said that Gus Malzhan would run Saban out of the SEC. He nailed that one
Maybe a "play in game" for teams like Notre Dame thats always seems to show up to a gun fight with a stick.
I have been surprised year after year with the lose of players and especially staff and Saban always keeps the program in a play to contend. Now that he was forced to leave his original game style he has adapted and until he retires it may be very difficult for some to keep up. "Everyone" wanted more scoring.....okay sit back and enjoy.