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To be upfront, I am not an Auburn fan. I think Williams could be a fit for the job but if they hire another coach how can you make the new coach retain Williams? Certainly not saying that the new coach would not want such a positive influence on their staff, but he has led these players from the HC position. Hey, I don't pretend to know the all the aspects of major college ball and it could work out no doubt. Just seems to me AU may have the wolf by the ears. By that I mean, if Williams isn't the man does he have to stay and if not the effect.
Tennessee football certainly deserves the celebration. TVA may decide to remove the debris.
I will bet that when UT travels to Bama next year their band will not get bush league treatment.
I believe some teams have been penalized for simply showing horns down and not necessarily in a Texass players face
Other than him being scheduled to be at the "media days" this will not be an issue with his playing time.
Georgia will not be sorry. Smart knows how to win and deserves every penny. I dont think you will find anyone that will disagree.
Kinda what I was thinking. Still really early but if he stays then maybe Dabo will liven things up!
Well maybe Dabo is livelier because he has more time to rest in the off season
LOL. Surprised that the penalities from the NCAA for Jimbo wasn't called out as a "timeout"
LOL surprised they didn't mention Jimbo's NCAA penalties from 2020. You know the ones for recruiting voilations
He sure was slinging accusations. All I can say is he better win and win big no more Texas 8&4
I agree. He was never called a cheater. Maybe he should write a book about just how bad Saban is as a person.
Did A&M use the NIL legally to get recruits? Certainly appears so. Did Saban call him a cheater? No. He was pointing out the fact that money can and will influence decisions. Did Jimbo get very defensive and start slinging accusations in all directions? Yes. Talking about slapping people, and being called a cheater(which he wasn't), and the greatest ever comment was the best because Ol' Jimbo will probably never hear his name mentioned in that conversation. Jimbo left a mess at FSU that may never recover. But I am sure he left because of reason of integrity. Think that one through. Dont get me wrong Texas A&M and Texas have enough money to burn a herd of wet mules and it will certainly change the dynamics of recruiting.
BAHAHAHA he was taking no chances. "Someday ND will win natty" Some day I'm gonna win the lottery. Some day
Get drunk and fight. Louisiana creed. Anybody can do it but that's all they prefer to do.
This team never came together for whatever reason.