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You’re forgetting that ole miss went 9-14 on third downs. Something that hasn’t changed and won’t change with Grantham. His “third-and-grantham” defense cost UGA the 2012 SEC championship Against bama because he couldn’t stop on 3rd downs. UGA went 11-13 on third down last year. 3rd down is arguably the most important defensive statistic behind Points allowed. When offenses can stay on the field it exhausts your defense Grantham and is and always will be horrible in that major statistic.
Because UGA doesn’t have Basket weaving as an available Major for their athletes. Have you seen some of the classes FL offers?
You’re forgetting that a Tua led bama team was tied with the citadel at halftime with 10 points last year. After they lost Tua they still played LSU and Auburn within 3 points. With Tua, they beat both and make the playoffs. The point is even the best teams sometimes get out to a slow start. UGA was launching a completely new offense with a new QB, new OC, new line coach and new starters at RB, WR and TE. All without spring ball and our QB1 opting out a couple weeks before the season after taking the majority of first team reps. Anyone who expected UGA to come out of the gate blowing things up are delusional. Florida on the other hand has the same coordinators, same QB, mostly the same players and they all have experience.... and they gave up 600+ yards to a rebuilding ole miss.