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Paul says "It’s no longer relevant. Tennessee is no longer an important program in the SEC". How many shows last week and this week were all about Tennessee football? Paul started almost all his shows about Tennessee. If we are no longer relevant then why make almost two weeks of you show all about Tennessee, and no it wasn't callers driving the narrative it was Paul. All programs have had down periods Tennessee has just been lucky enough to have ours during the social media Boom. Every program, Alabama, UGA, Florida and more all have been down for long periods of time, just not when social media was so present. With Danny White I see this as the beginning of rebuild for real this time. I was upset a little about the coaching hire but as I dig into Josh it looks a lot better than Pruitt, Jones Or Dooly.
A program with a top 10 fan base will never be elite again? That's pretty bold Matt.. good writing :) lol
Oh look, another Georgia fan that thinks they can laugh at programs that are having issues Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch, 1980. It's funny when a team wins a few games for a few years and they think they can step up with the big boys and laugh and talk poo, 1980. That's really not nice making fun of a fellow SEC school that in the same division as you are, 1980. Want to know delusion? here ya go UGA 1980!!!!!! :) wow what a progam! 1980 ROFLMAO