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I could go for firing Cam Cameron and give Les one more year. With a #1 recruiting class, things might be a lot better next year. But Les Miles is still Les Miles. He is stubborn and wants to run an old-fashion 3-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust offense. Let him go to a South Carolina or Missouri and be successful there. LSU should be a top 10 team, vying for an SEC championship or maybe a National Championship every year.
Les Miles is a good coach and a good man. That's what makes it hard to get rid of him. The decision for LSU is - are you happy with what you got or are you willing to roll the dice and try for better? Is LSU going to continue to be like a AAA farm team for NFL talent with no championships to show for it or can someone else do better? I think the talented will continue to come to LSU. They get a lot of good exposure in the SEC. I'd like to see LSU be able to win in November and win a bowl game. Beating E. Michigan or W. Kentucky is nice. Let's beat Alabama, Ole Miss, and Arkansas. If Les Miles is such a good coach, he'll get hired somewhere else. Don't cry too long for him.
Not long ago, when Michigan was going through a down period and there were rumors that Michigan might try to lure him back, I was opposed to the idea. Like so many people, I thought Miles was one of the best. I thought maybe LSU just needs to reload. Since the 2011 National Championship debacle, it's become more and more apparent that his style does not lend itself to winning championships. LSU is loaded with talent. Sure Miles won the NC in 2007, but what has he done since. Contrast that to Saban, who has Alabama in contention every year. No. I'm tired of Les Miles stepping up to the mike at the post-game presser and saying, "This one's on me" and nothing changes. Well, this LSU fan is ready to stop watching LSU games until Miles is out. I know what to expect as long as he's there. And it's embarrassing. (And I won't cry for him. He's made many more millions than I'll ever see.)
As a long-time LSU fan, I can say I've seen better. You can quote all the statistics you want. I've resigned myself to the fact that LSU this year is an average team that happened to start 7-0. Should have lost to Miss. State. I'm not sure I'm going to watch the A&M game or any more games until they get rid of either Les Miles or Cam Cameron or both. When you can't score a TD when you have a first and goal from the 1 and you have Leonard Fournette in the back field, something has to change. Where your confidence in your vaunted running game, Les Miles? As far as a bowl game, well, which one? I'm sure LSU would like to collect the check, but I'm not sure I want to endure another embarrassment. They should stay home and enjoy the holidays with their families. After all, it's just a game, a brutal one at that, and there's more to life than football.
The 2011 Bama game was played at Bama, not Tiger Stadium. Also, Billy Cannon returned a punt, not a kickoff, back 89 yards for a TD.
It seemed like everyone wanted to throw Anthony Jennings under the bus and go with Brandon Harris as the new savior. But, let's not forget - Anthony Jennings was the quarterback during the comeback against Wisconsin. (They tried Harris and he looked like a deer in the headlights.) And Jennings led LSU on a 99-yard winning touchdown drive against Arkansas last year to salvage that game. The truth is - both are talented and have looked good and bad at times. Best approach may be to use both and develop both young men. Not ideal, but it's a rebuilding year.
LSU is loaded with talent but most are so young, mostly freshman. Losing 18 players to the NFL over the last 2 seasons, mostly on defense, has taken its toll. Playing in the best division of the best conference in college football, where most of the teams in your division are in the top 25, makes it tough. LSU is in a rebuilding year. Better days lie ahead. It's just not our year this year.
LSU seems to be in free fall after losing 18 players to the NFL over the last 2 seasons, most of them on defense. Can you say "rebuilding year"?
It was a dumb call. Mississippi State already had momentum from their first touchdown drive. Three straight running plays yielded nothing. The only likely outcome of another running play was a stop. They should have either kicked a field goal or, heaven forbid, try a pass against MSU's suspect pass defense. (After all, that's what got them to the two in the first place, not the run game.) MSU stopped LSU and then went 98 yards for another TD. 14-0 and the rout was on. BTW, LSU's furious fourth quarter rally that nearly resulted in a miracle win - you guessed it. It was because LSU passed the ball against MSU's suspect pass defense. But then, Les Miles makes a lot more than me and wins 80% of the time. So what do I know?