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I don’t know about the time frame but they are exceptional players that had great careers in the NFL.
@Goodgodafreshman. A possible tie dye design, ok?
I have to disagree, it's the tiger logo that makes the helmet stand out.
I would like the Gators to use their old school gator on top and the state on the bottom logo on their helmets. I think the logo looks sharp.
I agree with you, once we take care of this virus I wouldn't mind catching up on some good football.
Both the Utah and Miami games will be a challenge and should be interesting to watch.
It's a shame that Antonio has gone from one of the NFL's premiere receivers to a punchline. He loses credibility everytime he opens his mouth and says something unintelligent; this guy is beyond a joke.
Herschel Walker(UGA), Bo Jackson(AUB), Emmitt Smith(UF) and Peyton Manning(UT).
Not a bad schedule, I just wish they could have scheduled a home and home against Ohio State.
Frank has considerably mellowed out since his days at Kansas State.
I meant the game vs Miss St in 2018, my mistake.
I like LSU's purple jerseys, too bad they don't wear them often. Their retro uniforms and helmets when they played Miss St in 2017 looked real sharp. Both Georgia and Auburn also have great looking uniforms, hell most of SEC teams have decent unis.
Kiffin maybe a clown but he's harmless. It'll be interesting and fun to watch him and Leach in the SEC.
As an Lsu fan, I despise Bama but I respect Saban. No one can dispute his track record with the Tide.
@Volman. Your willfully ignorant statement is an insult for the servicemen that had fought and died for our country. I would highly recommend that you read a non fiction book and educating yourself about world war 2 before making such an asinine assertion.