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When someone gets "offended" by someone compliment ing on how they look, then its a sad state that our current society is in.
That's sucks that our teams won't be playing against each other; this had been a good rivalry.
Are you even a Tide? From reading your past post, it seems quite often you clown your own team. I don't know it seems you're conflicted. XD
I would hope that they can land Fickle from Cincinnati. Both Meyer and Kiffin are drama queens and the last thing thus team needs is distractions.
I didn't realized we offended your delicate sensibilities. I feel bad for the young lady but there's a reason why coaches have state troopers around them.
Good game Ole Miss, this was a hard fought game that either team could have won. Just out of curiosity what happened to Plumlee?
I bet it would be real funny if someone broke their foot off your ass.
I would highly recommend anyone to do a thorough research on Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza(blm founders) tell me with a straight face if they're for racial equality. Its one thing to march for racial equality and justice its another to be involved in an organization that has a malignant political and social undertone.
Agree to disagree; I don't believe Mr Orgeron is a wanton racist if in fact he didn't participate in a blm march.
I tip my hat to Alabama, they've put on a clinic on how to dominate a game. While the Tigers are a young team, they will gain experience on these losses and prepare for next year.
Thoughts and prayers to his family and Wildcat nation.
Another fact, that "clown" is 2-0 against you guys and owns your sorry a$$ team.
UGAgrad, Until you guys win a big game that has some meaning, your team will always be posers.
Are you serious? "Coach Zero" is the best you can do as far as a put down on LSU? Some of you guys are the saltiest fans outside of Ole Miss that whine when your teams lose. While I'll admit my team stinks this year( No Excuses) I have to say we clutch up and win big games as oppose to losing them. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't LSU pummeled the Dawgs at the SEC Championship (37-10) and in 2018 in Baton Rouge( 36-16) and I didn't mention the fact we won the Natty ten months ago.
This was just a manhandling by Auburn. All throughout the game Auburn played with intensity and simply outperformed and outplayed us. Hopefully this game will serve as a wake up call because this is unacceptable.
Stay strong and brave Braxton the good Lord’s watching over you. Class act by Coach Saban and the Tide football team,
This is an embarrassment;losing to a winless Mizzou team, poor secondary positioning and defensive tackling, no pass rush and just a piss poor effort on the defense. Forget about even making a bowl game, at this point the Tigers need to be concerned about finishing above .500.
The 49ers are my team since I was nine years old in 1981; Ironically the first Super Bowl they won against Cincinnati 26-20. The Rams will be alright they've got some players like Goff, Kupp and Donald. Ramsey is overrated and washed up.
Leach appears to be a gimmick if anything else. I blame the gullible sports writers that put this ordinary football coach on a pedestal. The rest of the SEC defenses will figure him out.
Well at least you guys have a decent mascot in Cocky. Where is Spurrier when you need him?
He's a beast and had a good game vs us last year. He's got the top three qualities you look for in a wide receiver; Good hands, good separation and endurance (he can take a hit).
Great way to response with a win after last week's debacle against Miss St. The team looked impressive; Emery Jr, Marshall and Kirklin all had good numbers in the game, granted it was against Vandy. Alabama looks like the real deal with a dominant and convincing win vs A&M. Hopefully the Leach worshipping will cease after their lost to the Hogs, I would be lying to everyone if I said I wasn't rooting for Arkansas.
Wow your team beats Kentucky and somehow this gives you the illogical reason to make up bald face lies regarding LSU fans stating that we will repeat as champions. Your delusional thinking is hilarious.
The defense cannot stay in man coverage all game without pressure upfront. Like coach said the crossing route patterns were effective against man coverage, the DC should had made an adjustment during the game. This is a young team and hopefully the team can learn from this loss to prepare for Vandy next week Geaux Tigers!