Norcross Gator 06

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Getting a note on my car from a UGA fan detailing how the dawgs would win big in Jacksonville! Stiltson Bennet’s TD pass because everything was awesome from that point on in the cocktail party.
Great kid, played his heart out and wears his heart on his sleeve: Loved: Heave to Cleve Beating Burrow and LSU Michigan at Peach bowl Scar comeback - The quiet game Tamu qb run It was frustrating as he would often play without consistency. Ex: great deep ball throw getting the ball in the redzone, then throw a pick in the endzone. He would panic at times and take off and try to make a play or force the ball and get it picked off. He played great between the 20’s and then you would just hold your breath with any pass in the opponent’s redzone or your own end.
Very much enjoying this win especially after a UGA fan left a trash talking note on my car in the parking lot earlier this year.
Congrats to you as well @ PTheRicker on the 40th anniversary celebrated this season of the last Championship UGA won.
Hey @Jax Dawg Thanks for the overall series update, wow congrats on all those past wins. Here are some more current #'s 44 - 28 - Final score of this game and why UGA is looking up in the SEC East. 9/29 - UGA's completions We prefer to live in the now... Where UGA's SEC East hopes go down the drain. Where Trask is in the Heisman race Where UGA's qb room is in shambles and their former QB is likely in the playoffs. Where UGA's best hopes are in 2021
UGA wins IF * They are ahead early or can shut down UT run game and make them rely on the pass * Stetson continues on his current level of play w/ smart plays and no turnovers. * Get a pick and give the Offense an easy drive. UT wins IF * They establish the run early and wear down a superior UGA defense in the 2nd half. * Guarantano hits a few of his deep passes early for a D geared up against the run. * UT goes up early forcing the dawgs to pass more than they like in a shootout UT - OL and Rb's vs UGA Defense should be the deciding factor. UT wants to run and UGA wants to shut them down and make them rely on the pass.
Why didn’t he start for his high school?’” That is a great Question! Manvel had two superb quarterbacks in the same class. D’Eriq King, a dual-threat dynamo who’s now at Houston, was a better fit for the Mavericks’ offensive system. Once at Florida, a broken right foot derailed his shot in 2017. Last season, it was a broken left foot. And then, after Trask’s conversation with Mullen last summer, Feleipe Franks won the competition to start this season. And at least outside the program, there wasn’t real clarity about which quarterback was No. 2. Emory Jones, a redshirt freshman with tremendous potential, is seen by many as the Gators’ future. “He didn’t blink an eye,” Mullen says. “He stuck and (said), ‘Coach, this is what I told you I’m doing, this is what I’m doing.’ Now he’s getting his opportunity.” The situation wasn’t new to Trask. “I never settled for being the backup,” he says, referring to both high school and college football. “It’s something that pushed me every single day. There was always someone competing with me, every day, so I never backed down from the challenge.” When Franks suffered a gruesome ankle injury at Kentucky, in the Gators’ third game, Trask was ready.
UF 27-17 If UF can run the ball when they need to they should be able to win. I think UGA has a good shot if they can pass when they need to as UF focuses on the run
UGA thought Fromm could overcome lack of experience and a drop off in talent at receiver. They probably thought it wouldn’t matter because they were going to run the ball 70% of the time anyway and have a good defense to keep the ball and grind out drives. So far only two of those three things are true. We will see if Fromm can step up or if UGA can run the ball well enough to make it not matter.
I agree, the Vols loss to Georgia State was a terrible start to their season
Florida took the loss to Burrow @ LSU However, Trask was able to keep up with Burrow almost score for score in a track meet and had gotten us a lead in the 2nd half before a mistake got us behind when it could have tied the game. I feel this game will come down to each team's offensive weakness compared to their strength. UF will Throw, UGA will Run....When it matters can UF run the ball, and will UGA be able to pass to keep drives alive and score with both defenses geared to stop the UF Pass game and UGA running game.
If I had a Nichol for #6 in Kirby’s first year