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I'm sure UGA will do a great job developing him and won't have any QB transfers they regret......
Corch it's time for a name change - Corch IRVIN MEYERS - New JaX Corch 2021
There really is inly 1 reason the past 20 years it all comes down to the same orange pumkin Phil Fulmer as Coach and as AD.
I was at the game, there were boos initially and then also an ovation for him at the end when he had lines of teammates wishing him well. I’d say it was 70/30 booing Franks/General booing of Arkansas. He had an up and down relationship, played great and then would make terrible mistakes/throws but played his heart out and would also wear his emotions on his sleeve. I did not boo him, but I did shush him a few times! Great kid, so glad he played a pretty good game and got to return to the swamp. If you had said before the game that Arky would score 4-5 times with 3 80+ Explosive plays I would not have been too confident.....Until I learned that the Gators scored 9.
AFan, what all does UF have to do against Bama to have a shot? Pretty sure Bama will run it down our throat to open up the pass and Mac Jones will not miss wide open WR's like UGA did against our secondary. Hoping for a shootout and first to 40 wins
Arkansas gameplan: Run the Ball Hawg Wild and tire out our D line and Linebackers, then let Franks chuck it deep on our secondary. Runs the clock, keeps Trask off the field and Franks has a much better deep ball and won't miss open WR like all of UGA's Qb's did.
Everyone is counting us out against Bama, I do believe if you watch last year's LSU game with their dynamic passing attack, run game and defense we went pretty much toe to toe until a pick in the end zone so here is hoping we can hold our own offensively against Bama because that is our best shot due to the secondary's tendency to leave WR wide open.
9/29 + 3 picks with 2 Quarterbacks and wide open Receivers.....Revolting Thanks for running the ball in the 2nd half and taking all that time off the clock for us. As much as I was looking forward to the JT Daniels era, just glad the Dawgs are off this week so they have to sit in their own mess for little while longer and reflect on missed opportunities. Looks like the Dawgs will be playing in December after all....against Mizzou while the Gators are in Atlanta.
Looks like It was Florida that actually made the State of GA blue. Lots of injuries for UGA, the Gap is narrowing.... So glad Fromm left, wanted no part of him after the last 3 years. Stiltson Bennett played better early no tipped passes. Got no clue why Zeus had so few touches after the Big run. Huge loss of Pitts for 2nd half or I believe Gators hang half a hundred. Missed opportunities for UGA would have made it closer, Trask had the pick6 after his freshman WR led the db to the throw. Trask and UF in the Heisman and SEC contender driver seat now. Gotta keep it going and we might just have the offense to compete w Bama.
UF 34-20 UGA runs well in the first half, Then gets behind by 10 and hast to throw it more than they want to. Stetson has one pic, three tipped balls and one Mathis comes into the game.
I'd say about as close as Kirby's record is to Mark Richt through 4 years.
No more a "loser" than LSU with a top 10 class! Probably still upset we took your O Line recruit when Pittman made a lateral move Says something that Dan Mullen hasn't gotten his 5 star recruits and despite that was only 7 away with all the "talent" UGA has the game shouldn't have been close.