I drink a lot of beer.

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Dallas has something going with Dak and Ezekiel Elliott. Anyone who screws with that by playing Romo is an idiot.
What a waste of talent. He was almost unblockable when he chose to be. I'm amazed that people like him can't behave and rake in the millions. Is that so hard to do? Apparently ...
Glad you can laugh. I've had to do it a time or two myself. But remember this from Jack Handy: “Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.”
It was a bye week for us. We ain't got nothin' else to do but get drunk and talk smack. Peace, love, dope and light shows!
A quarterback controversy? If Dak stays healthy and Romo sets foot on the field again, THAT would be a controversy. No, Dak. It's your team, but you're saying the right things.
PS: Not that I know anything official, but as luck would have it, I saw the navy jerseys being made up.
Not picking nits, but to me the powder blue helmets look better with the red jerseys, and the white jerseys with red stripes. The navy blue helmets look better with the Navy Jerseys. I'd make these permanent combinations. NO MORE WHITE PANTS !!!
That's chump change for us. We spend that much on recruiting every year. Or didn't you know that?
Be patient. There's still a lot left to do, and I'm sure the endzones will be painted. The practice fields are. The plaza and bell tower won't be complete until next year. The superstructure for the NEZ overhang is up, but it's still not complete. The brick facade around the gates of the NEZ looks great. The new high-density lights and the sound system are in place. The video boards in the SEZ are a lot bigger than I thought they would be. In fact, they are so big supports had to be built. They're not just placed atop the stands. GO REBELS The brick facade
I actually liked the logo on the white pants. A clean look, but still with some flare.
Wait. I'll hold off on that West comment until I see Auburn.
But what other SEC schools could they beat? They'd give Vanderbilt, Missouri and SC a run, but who else? Anyone in the West would destroy them.
You just CANNOT limit the things a QB can do. Dobbs' strength is his mobility, yet Butch Haircut seems to be trying to make him a drop-back passer. He's not. Turn him loose.
Yeah, no argument. Tennessee got better last year as the season progressed and they have some really good athletes. As an Ole Miss fan, I'm glad we missed on Drew Richmond, even though we have a lot to replace. He hurt our feelings, but not much else.
He who makes the fewest mistakes wins. I think we're pretty even. Duh, right?
The State uniforms with grey pants are the best they've ever had, and I'm not saying that because we wear grey pants. They look great with white or maroon jerseys. I've never liked black shoes. I like them less with black socks. One thing addidas can do is turn out ugly uniforms. The gloves are nice.
On another board, someone said Butch Jones is the Ole Miss version of Ed Orgeron with a bigger stadium.
Dobbs is a great athlete who runs very well. He makes terrible decisions and can't pass. Anything else? Anyone? Anyone?
Very under-rated player who was solid and fundamentally sound. I know that sounds like a high school coach, which I am not, and I'm very happy for him. He SHOULD have made the cut.
Let me amend my statement about his rookie numbers and make it a question: Were they not better?
I don't keep up well enough to know the answer to this: Did Cam Newton start over an incumbent? If he did, his rookie numbers were better than his 2015 numbers.
Congratulations to Dak. A great Ambassador for the State of Mississippi. I hope he makes the Hall of Fame. Romo is done. The Cowboys are Dak's team. (Just don't beat the Giants or the Saints, please.)
Marquis Haynes chasing down the best running back in the country may be the best shot in the video. Beat Florida State
Fans of other schools were critical of Ole Miss for playing "Dixie". Now those same fans are critical of Ole Miss for not playing "Dixie". Ole Miss' mistake was announcing the decision. I'll bet 99 out of 100 would never notice.