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I don’t think he will leave. Top to bottom Auburn is a better job. The only reasons I see that he would are pretty clear. Arkansas has Wal Mart money, so maybe they offer him more than AU would match, the other is I think the Ark job would be more stable for him. Gus has done a great job, he has adjusted his offensive gameplay to allow his defense to be better. But, even now he seems to be a two game losing streak from the hot seat. Earlier this year many predicted his demise. Even many AU fans wanted him axes. AU just expects more. Also, he would have much more power at Arkansas. And that’s always tempting. All that said, I think he stays at AU, after leveraging this interest into a huge raise.
I agree with the regional statement. And, that's the issue. Not enough good programs in the outer Midwest. I think, most likely, Texas goes indy, OU and maybe OSU come to the SEC, Kansas to the B1G. KSU-TCU-TTU-Baylor to the mountain west or maybe bring in ISU and raid teams like Boise, BYU, Houston, Tulsa and maybe even Arky State and Memphis to form a heartland conference with the best scraps they can find. Maybe using all the second tier Texas teams to work a decent TV deal. I don't see how the 12 can survive under the current set up, not with the LHN basically keeping them from a league tv network. Yes, I've spent too much time thinking about these things. But, in all fairness, the closer we get to the season starting, the more time I spending thinking about the game. Best of luck to all of our programs.
Pete Carroll was the last coach to win back to back titles? I guess the two Saban won in 2011 and 2012 never happened? I love this site, but way too many stories here lack proof reading.
I felt bad for the young man. Getting ejected in such a huge game. But, it was textbook targeting. MU posted a string effort, they have my respect. Looking forward to the next game. Can't wait to see the match ups.
You have to remember the reason there is a spread system, the quest to get equal money beat on both teams. The opening number is a combination of two things. What the sharks think the outcome will be, and what the public perception of the teams are. I expect a close game. UM didn't win the East, twice now, by mistake. I like Bama's' chances, but I'm also very worried about this game.
You have to respect MU. They will give either State or Bama a fight in the CCG. I think Coach P is one of the best at improving his team as the year goes on. Bottom line is, the Tigers are contenders in the SEC. And not to be overlooked. I will say they must step up their recruiting to sustain that success. But, all this winning will help that. Huge congrats to Missouri. Hope to see y'all next week.
I love Dabo, he played on the 92 team that won the title, but I couldn't agree more with this article. His style plays better at programs like Clemson. Ones that are happy with being on the cusp of winning titles. Florida is not that type of program, they have been there recently and want to be back on top.
If defense doesn't matter and offense sells tickets, why did the arena league fold? These things come in cycles.
Alabama and auburn didn't win the last five SEC titles between them. LSU won it in "11, Bama won the national title in the rematch. Also, the iron bowl should be #2 on the list.
Totally agree weagle. It seems every other week is a huge game for either of those two teams. Now, that doesn't take anything away from what State has done/ is doing this year. Having a strong history indicates a lot of prior success, but that means little on game day. I do think that the fact that Bama has been in so many "Big Games" the last several years is an advantage. That will not decide the game though. As usual, I think it will come down to execution at key moments.
I have a ton of respect for what State is doing this year. This Saturday is going to be a battle, and may come down to who avoids mistakes. I will say that Bama has been in more of these big games and that experience will help. But, when it comes down to it, this game can go either way. Best of luck to State fans. Roll Tide.