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So agree. When he calls games I turn the sound off and the radio on. Everyone cringes when they find out he is calling their team’s games.
Interesting take on Danielson. The majority of SEC fans I know cringe when they find out he is calling the games. They do the radio thing just to not have to hear him. I personally have know several people who contacted CBS Sports begging to have him moved to another conference. His input on Tua carries no weight which fans of either team.
Odd mistake in the article. Mississippi State vs Louisiana? No school in the state by that name. Everyone knows LSU of course. You have Louisiana Tech, University of Louisiana Monroe, University of Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana College, and a couple more but no school simple called Louisiana.
“Marketing”, that is a pleasant way to put it.
Simple mistake often made just pointing it out. No university know as Louisiana to play Tulane. They are playing ULL. By simply saying Louisiana you could mean Louisiana Tech, ULM, Southeastern Louisiana or at a stretch you could even add LSU. Have a good bowl season.
What an insulting piece. There is no school know as Louisiana and they are not formerly ULL. They are UL-Lafayette just as the ULM is UL-Monroe. SDS writers always make that and mistake
Always enjoy the articles by SDS. Just a note that there is no school that is Louisiana (as listed playing Alabama). Correct is ULL or University of Louisiana - Lafayette. Just listing Louisiana could mean Southeastern Louisiana, University of Louisiana - Monroe, Louisiana Tech, etc. Thanks
You have a mistake on #5. You have Mississippi State beating Louisiana. There is no such school. Mississippi State played and beat UL-Lafayette. Common error.
Please stop referring to ULL as Louisiana. That is incorrect. No school has the title of Louisiana
Please correct the listing. There is no such school as Louisiana to play Mississippi State. It would be ULL or UL Lafayette. It is a common mistake that out of state folks make as ULL pushes that agenda.
The worst so far this year was when the LSU lineman tripped over a teammate and fell against Fitzgerald to be called for targeting. But this one is as silly. Keep thinking about the little kid from " Little Gaints". Wrap them in bubble wrap! Lol
Just be grateful we don't have Verne and Gary. Worst ever. Gary makes no effort to hide his hatred of LSU