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Suspend alcohol sales in the stadium for the rest of the year. That might get their attention.
Essentially the same article and 3 points could be made substituting Stoops for Smart and Kentucky for Georgia. Difficult to see Florida turning it around as things are presently.
Was adding thoughts to your post, not calling you out.
Zero excuse for last night, but, truth be told I do recall them stopping selling sodas in cups with lids at Commonwealth stadium some time ago, and I also recall the lids being thrown onto the field like frisbees in the remote past. Those are, of course, nowhere near as dangerous as anything thrown last night. There should be substantial consequences from the SEC. Wouldn't be surprised if a suspension of alcohol sales for a number of games was a part of the considered steps. Hurt the economics and show the fans that there are consequences - which a $250K fine to the school will not.
Don't forget the long-standing cardinal rule of ongoing coaching employment in the SEC. "Don't lose to Kentucky". :D :D :D
Yes, while I think they should be #12 this drop should help focus their Rodney Dangerfield mentality. So, in a way, it's a blessing to drop that much for this group.
There, respectfully, is no cover. They know it is the review area. Cover/pick up every.single.ball. No matter what. Still would've lost, but maybe 20-17 best case (if they were able to make kicks) - that was the ceiling.
Covington is exactly right. The teaching and motivation that Coach Smart will get mileage from that 22 play, massively long scoring drive will help make sure UGA makes it to the top at the end.
What SicEm said. BOTH coaches will have teaching moments from the fourth quarter drive. Stoops gave Smart the ability to work for two straight weeks on his defense that they gave up a 22 play drive and a TD. That is iron sharpening iron and will help UGA win out without letdowns.
If UK has a path to a W it is a very narrow one. It will have to start with the running game, including Levis running so that UGAs D has more thinking to do. If he's in the pocket on 3rd and 6+ bad things are all too likely to happen. Hoping for a classic, great college game, though even those odds aren't even.
I saw the wildcat call coming, such a stupid decision - getting too cute.
"The final 2 months of the season for the Tigers will be unlike anything anyone in the SEC has dealt with in years: at Kentucky, Florida, at Ole Miss, at Alabama, Arkansas, Texas A&M." OK, but wasn't last year an all SEC schedule for all SEC teams?
Seems like Mizzou's D players were giving up. Hope not, but that's how it seemed.
Pin your hopes for a win on THAT reffing crew?? Run the ball, make almost any other call than that one. Even the Statue of Liberty play. Anything.
Chattanooga executed at a very high level - to their credit and to the shame of a UK squad that did very little to stop them from executing.
He's been throwing behind them quite a bit in every game. IDK if he's not used to SEC speed, but it's not like UKs receiver corps strikes fear into people. The overthrows seem like a combination hangover from last week and overcompensation.
That lack of LB discipline seems especially rife in the last few years. Too many take on a wild man/bad dude persona and miss the fundamentals to their detriment. He's got talent, but he's got to control it like a diamond tipped drill aimed where it's supposed to work.
1899: Sewanee 12-0 Oct. 21 Sewanee 12 @Georgia 0 Oct. 23 Sewanee 32 @Georgia Tech 0 Oct. 28 Sewanee 46 Tennessee 0 Nov. 3 Sewanee 54 Southwestern 0 Nov. 9 Sewanee 12 @Texas 0 Nov. 10 Sewanee 10 @Texas A&M 0 Nov. 11 Sewanee 23 @Tulane 0 Nov. 13 Sewanee 34 @LSU 0 Nov. 14 Sewanee 12 @Ole Miss 0 Nov. 20 Sewanee 71 Cumberland 0 Nov. 30 Sewanee 11 @Auburn 10 Dec. 2 Sewanee 5 @North Carolina 0
"Let me ask you a question then. You assume we would get the first down. That is far from a given on a play the entire stadium knows you’re going to run it. If you don’t get that first down. Still gonna defend his play calling?" Did you not watch the last few years of Kentucky football? They had ample success even then when it was even less likely than on this Saturday that they would throw the ball. Yes, make the run, the QB dive, the LA Rams "bet you didn't see this coming".
Florida and likely a couple other SEC schools not listed in the top 10 should be counted upon to beat at least 3 of those teams in this top 10 list.