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"Put your money where your mouth is" interesting choice of words...
Whatever you've been smoking, MW, you've had too much. Have a Snickers, and a nap.
I guess by this logic Tennessee should start negotiations to join the ACC.
Letting Hood go and then not replacing him, 2 massive mistakes. Glad it's potentially getting corrected.
" 5 straight bowl wins, 3 straight bowl games" umm.. maybe the other way around?
That would depend on the patience of the administration. If the coaching news today and recently gives credence to anything it is how uncommon it is for a coach to be given the patience that UK has given Stoops. Even that came very, very close to having the plug pulled a few years in.
His perennially young teams have been able to learn as they go in ordinary years because he schedules teams that are weak in the nonconference schedule and has the talent to (usually) overcome in game errors. He can then coach them up while still logging "W's" and they buy in because they're winning and improving. COVID has made this impossible, so the flaws in his NBA resume building system are fully exposed. Can he get it together? Yes, if the players don't give up and decide just to wait out the next 12-ish weeks until they can pull out their AAU videos and show them to agents. It's largely not been fun or enjoyable for a large segment of the fan base to watch his business model play out year after year. There are great examples of how it can work, referencing individual improvements like Nick Richards and tournament runs. However, Kentucky is a state without professional sports or other sporting diversions most of the year so it's understandable that after years of running a corporate mill, with no connection between the fans and any of the currently playing players the fans are grumbling more loudly than his overall UK win/loss record should otherwise justify. 3 fun weeks a year and the occasional big marquee win (usually away or neutral site) doesn't give warm fuzzies about paying the K fund etc for Rupp's seats. However, before grousing too loudly, there's no chance that Mitch B. dumps him and little chance someone could come in presently to better manage and fulfill fanbase expectations.
Stoops took his boot off the neck of his OC & offense so they could "have fun". Replacing Gran will not fix UK's offense if Stoops keeps his foot on the brake to help his "D" look better. He's recruited enough talent on "D" so that such game management isn't the necessity it was when he first took over. He needs to let the offense open up more to bring balance and threat. Look back to Gran's offensive performance at Cincy, as well as the compliments he gets from his schemes throughout the league. He's respected. Constructive coaching changes would be a return to a quality special teams coach (aka replace the void from Hood leaving) and look to QB & WR development with a young firebrand assistant hire.
It gives the other SEC schools an in conference win instead of being criticized for non conference scheduling. That's a choice the AD has made and stuck with.