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Doesn't matter. Cal has succeeded in performing the impossible. He's turned UK into a football school.
This sounds encouraging, but until WR productivity is confirmed....
I thought fansville said the transfer was a kicker
"Maybe Calipari needs to restructure the offense" .... He's proven that he's not capable of this. As far as the comment above that whomever replaces Cal needs to embrace one and done in order for fans to embrace him is just wrong. Cal has done substantial harm to the relationship between the program and the fans over time.
The headline isn't correct. This wasn't "shocking". Anyone who has paid attention to the health of the program over the last few years shouldn't be that surprised. Great recruiter but never been a strong in-game coach. If he had been then with the talent he's had UK would have been overwhelmingly likely to have at least 2 more national championships, starting with the Wall/Cousins team. Muddled, poor offensive scheme and little meaningful real time adjustments. In years past this would've provoked the sorts of reactions globally in BBN that other teams' fans are posting about here. Now, with the damage Cal has done to the relationship with the fan base over the years it's largely a shrug and back to whatever one was doing.
Oscar struggles this year against height like that, so, agree Purdue will be a very difficult draw. In the top 1/2 Duke has the easier path... shock of shocks. UT did get hosed on selection
Perhaps moving the SEC tournament forward a day might help, but this outcome casts doubt even on this.
The familiarity between in-conference teams plays a role in these outcomes as well. Hence the potential shock that Gonzaga may face in a tournament game. Barnes coaching ability has an edge over Cal in-game. Kudos to the Vols.
Glad to see this happen, but why is this article here with an SEC tag? Is the SEC expanding into North Carolina?
I believe that faking injuries demeans the game. I have no problem with not creating yet another penalty to add to the rule book. Rather, calling it for what it is, "unsportsmanlike conduct" would be appropriate. For fairness' sake setting a free substitution every time that the chains move would seem to be an equitable compromise.
You're missing the point of his message.
Expect more class in a win than this. "Act like you've been there before". Thank God there was no social media during the Mardi Gras miracle.
"Kentucky’s Joker Phillips didn’t do so well, but, in all fairness, he was at Kentucky." I think that his predecessor and his successor show that this lazy, tired trope should be put to bed. Ask Penn State, Virginia Tech, NC State and Iowa how they feel about Kentucky now.
Trouble Along the way (1953) John Wayne Small, obscure St. Anthony's College, a Catholic university, is in financial straits and about to be closed. To save it, and himself from forced retirement, elderly rector Father Burke (Charles Coburn) hires a down-and-out former big-time football coach, Steve Williams (John Wayne), in hopes of building a lucrative sports program. Father Burke uses his clerical connections to schedule St. Anthony's against high profile Catholic colleges — Villanova, Notre Dame, etc. — in the upcoming season. Faced with physically inadequate players, Steve uses chicanery to enroll beefy star athletes as freshmen and build a winning team.
If this were all and only at the driving of Pete Thamel then I wouldn't pay it any mind at all. Amazing that that twit still has a job. As crazy as football has become with the coaching salaries, NIL, ESPN money etc predicting how this ends feels like trying to point out to where the tornado will relocate Aunt Edna's mobile home.
Make excuses much? No excuse for not having a driver or getting an Uber.
^This, a negotiated soft landing.
Similarly, as one must always point out... "The final 1950 poll was taken prior to the bowl games; Kentucky then defeated undefeated and No. 1 ranked Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl and finished with the number 1 ranking in 3 major polls, ending the Sooners 31-game winning streak."
And the longest currently active non-conference winning streak belongs to?
UT came on this season very nicely. Unlikely to expect UT to take a step back next year. Unless Stoops adjusts his defensive scheming more effectively against the spread of UTs offense UT has to be plainly favored in a home game. I think the main TO causes will be cleaned up. The season's success will be defined by what happens on the O & D lines, which do have me modestly concerned.
I'm disappointed to see Hooker come back next year, which is a compliment to him, of course.
The guys are obviously having fun in the program, and this is a great look. Of course, it also allows him to improve his stock by showing that he's cured the fumblitis.
NIL has some positive aspects, it seems. Good to see him back. That's a big help.