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As a UK fan I can definitely say UK representing the East in the SEC championship game is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Regardless, I don't think it will happen. We're still a few years away, and by then, everyone will be back to their normal strength and we'll be sitting just above Vandy again.
As a UK fan the OBC laid some serious whoop-asses on us, but time has started to catch up to him, like it does all of us. Hate to see you go SS. Hated it when you beat us, loved it when you beat them. Hope your retirement is as fun as your reign was.
UK fan here. I got no dog in this fight, so i can be objective. The coach had no business being on the field going after 'Bama's player...NONE! You recall Woody Hayes, and how he wound up? You couldn't honestly say anyone got pushed or not, the angle was wrong, but from what i could see, Beilema flopped. Which was bad. The celebrating getting a bad call was just plain offensive. As far as 'Bama getting calls to their benefit, no one understands that more than a cat fan. I've wanted to throw bricks throw my tv sometimes, but i have never seen a coach so absolutely giddy about getting a baited call. You Hawg fans better be prepared 'cause this isn't going to just slide under the table with the other schools. Every other coach in the league is going to be lobbying against YOUR coach for this one childish act. And rightfully so. He needs to get drummed out of the league. Something else too. UK fans have a lot of respect for the 'Bama football program. They are the standard bearers for college football, much like we are in basketball. And yes we get the benefit of questionable calls. But it runs the other way too. We both get questionable calls made against us, because the ref is trying to make a point, or feels bad for the other team, or has money on the game, or maybe he just doesn't like us. The point is, they are human, and have just as many warts and worries as the rest of us. If you don't know them names of the officials, they've done a decent job.