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Yet, still lasted longer than KYjelly. South Carolina at home? Ouch… Be quiet now, son. We’ll handle y’all in a couple weeks
Bama will definitely be #1 next week. And I’ll gladly take your money on that bet
Fun fact. Median household income for Gainesville is over $20k less than Knox County. Coming in at a whopping $38,000. Guess that’s why they call it the swamp. Have a nice life and take that fat L back home with you
And wins over a couple nobodies and an overrated Texas team without their starting QB puts you at #2. Crazy
I’ll have some of whatever Mr Quinn is having
Hey, fellow West Tennessean here as well. Not Memphis, but about an hour and a half north of you
3 wins in 30+ years is plenty of reason to worry.
Taking away the one long run that Abanikanda had he barely averaged over 3 ypc. Not exactly what I would call “at will”
Did you at least help mommy pay rent with that money? You know that basement still uses electricity..
What about when you’re entire program is built around the premise of sucking balls? A true SC fan would know
Weird, that’s not how the rules of football work. What do you expect coming from a KY fan though. No one really respects your fan base
Not looking so dumb now is he? That elite defense looks a little different when the opposing team has a pulse and depth
Your need to resort to personal insults (and pretty lame ones at that) tells me all I need to know about you. Have fun watching your busch league squad be a doormat for the Vols and everyone else in the SEC, for at least the next decade. Good news though… at least you can probably afford cable from all the money you save living in mommy’s basement
Classic Cock fan, thinking about swallowing something.. I look forward to beating you guys year in and year out. It’s a nice tune up game for the real teams in our conference. Maybe you can find relevance in a women’s basketball forum or somewhere of that sort
Alabama is weaker than they’ve been in a long time. With that said.. Cincy is the most overrated team in the mix of things.
Probably only cost them a McDouble to convince him to stay out of Lexington.. smart kid
Weagle is right. KY has survived due to excellent recruiting and the fact that the school name sells itself. With that talent gap virtually closed, the middle of the road coaching no longer cuts it. And they’re being exposed. Look at last season
Your inner retard is really shining through. Get back with me next decade if you’re relevant by then. That is, if the SEC hasn’t dropped you by then (high likelihood). Until then, pleasure living rent free in your head
As a resident of West TN, I couldn’t agree more. Not to mention a much higher survival rate in Nashville. Only have to worry about plugging your ears, not plugging bullet holes
He’s extremely disgruntled. You would be too if you were a KY fan
KY will fade back into irrelevance next season, will continue to lose to UT, year after year. Glad to see the Vols live rent free in your head. Better luck next year, losers
The Cats have won over 7 three times in the last 13 years, have an all time losing record and can’t even beat the Vols in a rebuilding year. Who exactly are you trying to troll here?
Bragging about beating FL? Let’s not act like that was the same FL team from the beginning of the year. Or the fact you got thumped by Mizzou, KY on your home field and, nearly, Vandy