Not Kirk Herbstreit

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Probably has something to do with putting up 232 against a top 20 rush defense last weekend, if it were my guess.
What’s larger? His pant size, or the amount of points that LSU will hang on Army tomorrow?
“Milroe is better than Milton and can escape the pass rush.” Yet he’s been sacked 11 times and hasn’t rushed for positive yardage in the last 2 weeks. Great take.
Ehh, it’ll sort itself out, but at this point I say that KY is a 3-4 loss team.
Lol poor rattler actually thinks he and USCjr are important. Won’t even be on anyone’s mind once the sun rises tomorrow
Cue the excuses. What about it dAwG fans, not barking today?
Good ol eight tits. Can’t wait to come to Neyland Stadium Jr at the end of October and whoop up on the cats again
GA will be watching the SEC championship and CFP from home this year once they lose to the only team with a pulse on their schedule.
Better hope they do because it’s the only way Jawga will win the east after you get those cheeks clapped in Neyland this year
Yet, still lasted longer than KYjelly. South Carolina at home? Ouch… Be quiet now, son. We’ll handle y’all in a couple weeks
Bama will definitely be #1 next week. And I’ll gladly take your money on that bet
Fun fact. Median household income for Gainesville is over $20k less than Knox County. Coming in at a whopping $38,000. Guess that’s why they call it the swamp. Have a nice life and take that fat L back home with you
And wins over a couple nobodies and an overrated Texas team without their starting QB puts you at #2. Crazy
I’ll have some of whatever Mr Quinn is having
Hey, fellow West Tennessean here as well. Not Memphis, but about an hour and a half north of you
3 wins in 30+ years is plenty of reason to worry.
Taking away the one long run that Abanikanda had he barely averaged over 3 ypc. Not exactly what I would call “at will”
Did you at least help mommy pay rent with that money? You know that basement still uses electricity..
What about when you’re entire program is built around the premise of sucking balls? A true SC fan would know
Weird, that’s not how the rules of football work. What do you expect coming from a KY fan though. No one really respects your fan base
Not looking so dumb now is he? That elite defense looks a little different when the opposing team has a pulse and depth