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Yes, 17th in history. For reference, Eli Manning sits at 22nd with a 60.82%. Peyton Manning ended up at 11th with a 62.49%. .....And you sit home on your couch with a 0% career percentage.
Incredible season and a bright future indeed. Tough loss but nothing you can do about your defense giving up 34 to a future HoF QB. Not a Cowboys fan, but Dak has a good head on his shoulders. And, should he stay healthy, he has a long career ahead of him.
Talk bad about him all you want. Still boasted a 61.5% completion percentage over his career. Good for 17th in SEC history. Not saying he'll be good or bad in the NFL. Who knows? But hey, Brady was a 6th round pick also....
Wolfman.. I bet you won't say that to his face though? Lol
I, personally, don't hate Saban. I hate the Alabama Crimson Tide. Of which, Saban just happens to be the head coach.
Not saying losing Bo had no effect on the outcome of the game, but let's be real. Probably had a little something to do with Hurts being 13/31 with 131 yards through the air. A BIG chunk of that coming on one play... Hurts was effective as a runner, but a complete non-factor as a passer. Bama was out-possessed by nearly 10 minutes. They were 2/15 on third down and picked up only 16 first downs the entire game. Not to mention the untimely stupid penalties toward the end. Was Bo a factor? Of course. He's a great back and built like a brick sh!thouse. He scored two huge touchdowns when the rest of the offense was stagnant. However, the largest chunk of his 93 rushing yards came on two runs. Harris with his 5 touches was just as effective at picking up yardage... Point is, there was a LOT more to this loss than just losing Scarbrough.
Maybe not in every category. But ranked 4th in comp. % (Brady ranked 5th), 4th in yards per attempt, 3rd highest QB rating (Rodgers ranked 4th), and tied for most rushing touchdowns (for QB's). Pretty impressive for a rookie.
I'm guessing no one read the end of the article.. "Smith recovered and won every rep following this play"
I understand what you're saying. But you have a dual-threat (freshman) qb that's averaging 5 ypc on the season. You have to give him opportunities to run the ball. Especially when he's struggling throwing the ball. I agree with what Kiffin was saying about the offense performing better at a high tempo. And sometimes Scarbrough just wasn't in the game.
So you want them to hand him the rock 40 times a game? Sure, go ahead. Very unpredictable playcalling...
Lol. Another butthurt inbred.. Pretty sure YOU should be the one watching the games. Look at the stats. They ran the ball 50 times (opposed to 14 pass attempts) and handily took care of the number 4 ranked team in the country. And you're whining about not running up the score/yardage? Give me a break.
You're right. Team total 269 yards rushing and a 24-7 win in the semi's. Atrocious play calling.....
It's funny everyone is so quick to blame Butch, I didn't see him suit up and play one time this season... Granted, coaching is obviously a vital part of the game, and his share of the blame is still there. He didn't give up 7 turnovers against A&M, or 3 critical ones against SC. He's not out there missing tackles left and right like a high-school team, or giving up record-setting yardage to opponents. You can coach and prepare a team all you want, but at the end of the day it all boils down to players going out and performing. At times they've played like a NC caliber team, at other times like a mid-level FCS team. They simply just didn't go out and compete and perform when it crucially mattered. Point. Blank. Period. Did injuries play a role? D@mn right. Is that an excuse? No, sh!t happens. Is it upsetting that we didn't win the East? Sure, but we're still looking at a possible 10-win season and a Sugar Bowl appearance. That's an improvement over last year, and the year before, and the year before.. We beat FL for the first time in 11 years, we beat GA in Athens. All improvements. TL&DR: Everyone sit down, take a sip, and chill the F out.
It's the only way Cleveland is going to win a game this season. Or the next... or next.
Time to mature in a hurry! Kid looks like a stud though...
Lol, not even close. Nice try though. I haven't been on lately because I have this little thing called a "Job." I know that's a tough concept for your limited intellectual capacity to grasp on to, but, to each their own. You sit on your dead a$$ all day and troll other teams pages because your own team has the talent level of a fifth grade special ed. class. The majority of your posts aren't even football related, they're trash talking to/about other people or players. I think you get a hard-on from getting an up rise out of other people. Sadly this site has zero moderation whatsoever, it's a shame..
@LadyVol Ignoring the troll is probably your best bet.
2007, maybe? Speaking of which.. Prior to 2011, when was SC's last 10+ win season? It's okay, we'll wait... Touting a historically insignificant team, a total disgrace and embarrassment to the entire conference. The BLPB way. GTFOH with the relevance bs. No one cares about your doormat program. We'll be happy to pad our record on your own home field at the end of the month.
No disrespect to Chubb, but he's been mediocre this season.. At best. Aside from his padded stats against an abysmal UNC defence, he's averaging 3.8 YPC on 52 attempts. As effective as Michel, Herrien and McKenzie were, I don't think Chubb would have had any other effect on the outcome of the game. The only thing that could have won the game for Georgia is a little more luck at the end.
I found the first one pretty humorous as well lol. Even though they misspelled Alabama...
True. But that win puts us ahead in the all-time series 22-21. So, for now, you’re our b!tch.. Like I said, Georgia hasn’t shown any more superiority in the East than anyone else.
They look pretty sharp. They've yet to be tested though so we will soon see.
Not to mention 2 comeback wins against an FCS opponent and Mizzou.. Hard to talk big about yourself when you've shown little to no more authority than anyone else in the East.
Right.. Lol hang in there buddy, maybe y'all will sneak into a bowl game this year