Not Worth the Heupel

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Unfortunately, there are many just like him.
"He knew the rules" Oh, no. He refused to comply with an edict issued from on high by a tyrant governor that believes himself to be a dictator. You're ok with a man being fired because he refused to be coerced into a medical procedure. That's about as unamerican as it gets.
The call Tennessee fans should be harping about was the obvious fumble and return for TD in the 1st quarter. The officials ruled Corral had given himself up simply because he couldn't hear and didn't expect the snap. Spotting the ball is subjective, that call was objectively the wrong call.
They've already played and lost at Florida
I respect Mark Stoops and what he has done at Kentucky, but you're nuts if you think Kentucky will beat Georgia. 31-7 Georgia
I think I'll just wait and see what happens with Ole Piss. Tennessee is thin enough when healthy and now any and everyone is banged up.
Bammer will hammer Mississippi State.
I agree with the decision to go for two, but thought the play call sucked. I would have preferred a play be called that didn't take half the field away in its design.
I wouldn't be the slightest bit worried with that badass defense
Georgia will mercilessly bludgeon the 'Barn to death. Bo Nix is as shifty as they come and that may save him from having his season come to an end courtesy of that nasty Dawg defense.
If Tennessee executes in a similar fashion to last week, they will truck fake USC. If they commit a bunch of penalties and turn the ball over, the game will be hairy.
Tennessee will figure out a way to lose.
Milton would overthrow the Atlantic Ocean from a beach in Daytona.
I think GameDay chose the game due primarily to the game being at Soldier Field.
Kentucky owns bottom Carolina. I'd suspect Stoops will have his foot firmly inserted where the sun don't shine all week and they'll play much better this Saturday. What happened to them Saturday is a coach's dream, a bad win. He gets to scream, yell, and tell his team they suck all week while honing in their focus on fundamentals.
This coming Saturday is going to be rough. I should probably start drinking now so I can make it through it.
Would you look at that? I can hardly believe that a D-1 quarterback has been dating and is now engaged to his hot cheerleader girlfriend. I mean, that never happens and is in no way a regular, reoccurring event. I'm so glad the time was taken to write an article about this rare anomaly.
This Tennessee roster is bad. Pittsburgh is the better team.
Those commie daisies in Austin can kiss my pale orange ass. I will concede nothing.
I agree. If the rumors about leaving A&M out of the loop on secret talks for the past six months are true, Sankey is an even bigger sack of crap than I already thought he was. He allowed the stupid interconference transfer rules that amount to a de facto free agency and now he is doing this.
Oklahoma and Texas can keep their Big 12 asses in the Big 12.
I wholeheartedly agree. I didn't want A&M and Missouri and I don't want these two. I'm sick and tired of what greed has done to college football. No one seems to care about tradition anymore. They only care about money. That's not to mention taking Oklahoma and Texas would mean destroying a Power 5 conference. It's a bad idea all the way around.