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Dude, for real. If you don’t have Alabama as your preseason #1 you’re either lying to yourself or dumb.
Will Anderson for the Falcons? Come on, I’m sure they could find a TE from Nevada State that could play OLB instead.
It feels gross to say, but I have to agree with you. Kelly is an extremely overrated coach that has never risen to a big occasion. For some reason the media wants to cram him down our throats and make us believe he’s some elite coach that’s about to set the SEC on fire, it honestly feels very similar to all the Mullen hype. Both Kelly and Mullen had records that proved otherwise but the media wants us to believe they’re top tier coaches.
Why is that the only chance? Why wouldn’t EJ starting the game and playing out of his mind win the game for Florida? The only reason people are high on AR.22 is because he hasn’t proven them wrong- yet. I keep hearing the same exact hype for him that I was hearing for EJ two months ago, but then Emory came in and proved everybody wrong. So now everybody has just passed on all that hype over to AR. Maybe Anthony is good, maybe he is a generational player- but he hasn’t actually shown anything to lead rational people to make this assumptions yet. So maybe, just maybe, Florida’s best chance is to start the veteran who doesn’t have as high of a ceiling, but who is experienced and two months ago was “going to win the Heisman”, and who after the Alabama game everybody was ready add to Dan’s list of QBs that somehow excelled despite Danny-boy being a top-shelf moron. But ultimately I don’t think it matters which of those two running backs plays.
Not sure if you’re using current, or at the time of the game, for the “ranked opponents”- but Georgia has beaten four opponents that were ranked at the time by a combined score of 111-26, and beaten two teams that are still ranked by a score of 64-23.