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No coach, no players, no games, no season, no fans, no money. No worry!
Oh what a tangled web we weave/when first we practice to deceive. From, Sir Walter Scott
First media needs to shut up! Not gonna happen though. The next first is leave JP alone. Second play the freshman quarterbacks and let JG sit and whine as a backup. Play all of the talented freshman and get them game experience, win or lose.
Very true. I was being sarcastic. Urban will do what Urban does, it just wont be at UT. I just except the fact that the mormons whipped the morons yesterday and the morons have 10- more games. Sigh
Yep, Urban is stumping for a new gig to get back into the SEC. Things will be interesting in November when TN is 1 and 8. In secret Fulmer is proly already gaging Urbans interest.
I do agree dawgs would be a better upset, however the thought of whoopin Bama is unrealistic but then surprises are generally unrealistic. Though the biggest reason for me sayin a bama upset, is for coach P to be the first Saban assistant to knock off Saban. I would like that to happen before Smart does it, or any other assistant. Just sayin.
Im going with finishing at 10-3 including a nice bowl win. I see at least one surprise upset somewhere.
Greyhound bus to Irmo, SC leaves Knoxville today at 3:10 P.M.