Roll Tide

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That's the thing. You can play Alabama as hard as you want, but it all comes down the that fourth quarter. The other teams just aren't conditioned to compete with that level of play that far into the game.
It's a lot harder when you're in front of 100,000+ people.
I wish people like you could write articles for SDS. haha. Some of them are just so poorly put together or have a basis or proof.
I agree, it is going to be one great game. I hate that we have to play it so early in the season when both teams aren't as developed as they could be. Have fun at the game!
We've been getting all our commits stolen, about time we start stealin some back!
If you look at the facts and stats Henry should be #2 on this list. And Cam shouldn't even be top 3.
I smell a butthurt Panthers fan or an Auburn fan with no knowledge whatsoever.
Please take the job. I am tired of Kiffin's play calling at Alabama.
Stupid Cowturd never has, never does, and never will know what the heck he is talking about. Roll Tide!
All an Alabama fan needs to be able to spell is national championships cause that is all we care about. And look, he did spell that right. Roll tide.
This guy is so butthurt that his team isn't as awesome as Alabama. Haters gonna hate, this guy doesn't get a national championship by talking crap so who cares. Roll Tide!
Who else is ready for another shutout? ROLL TIDE!
Roll Tide! Thanks for all the Bama support from all you SEC fans who aren't bama fans. Appreciate you guys rootin for a team from the best conference even if they aren't your team.
Ready to kill USC next season. Show them what a real football team is instead of that California crap they like to call football.
What kind of drugs has this guy been taking? I guess people do tend to just hate the best and make up retarded arguments to try and prove why they are not the best. Roll Tide! #colincowturd
I swear if that Stanford runningback wins heisman then the system is retarded. How can a runningback who didn't win runningback of the year get an award over the person who did.
Don't know what Bama would do without him.
And here's one reason why Florida can't beat Alabama: BAMA. Roll Tide!
The second I saw Henry at #4 I knew this article was whack.