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You did read the part where it said UK was 5th in the SEC in passing defense last year right? That happened with two true freshmen starting at corner by the end of the year. But you're right. It was a blessing for him that he got kicked off the team.
It's comical reading other fans get their panties all knotted up any time a writer suggests that Kentucky is a good football team. Also Florida still hasn't lost, y'all are way ahead of yourselves. They are playing filthy defense, Harris isn't a scrub and McElwain is obviously a good coach. The East IS wide open and UK is in the mix with UF being the only SEC loss on the books thus far.
I'm not doubting your poll said 47 for stoops...but it must have been fans from other fan bases voting. In Lexington...I don't know anyone who disapproves of what he's doing. Should be closer to 85-90 imo.
Keep sleeping on UK. You are delusional if you think things aren't changing in the bluegrass. Don't forget, UF needed 3 overtimes and a blown play clock penalty to beat us last year in the swamp. Also, how many decommits has UK had since Stoops took over? I can count them on my fingers. How many have flipped from other D1 schools to us? Stoops is winning recruiting battles with Bama, OSU, and other destination programs. Not all of them, but 4 years ago it was none of them. Educate yourself and stop living in the past. I promise any Gator that was on that field last year isn't taking UK as lightly as you seem to be. To answer All-hailstate: Erik Korem. The rest of the staff and the facility improvements are helping a lot. But for what it's worth and for my money, Korem is UK's secret weapon.
I too am excited to see what we can do this year. Lot's of heartbreak the last half of this past season but we've got some guys primed to have breakout years and we could certainly shake up the East. I'm also curious to see what you guys can do at Mizzou. Lot's of people talking about it being a down year for you because of seniors graduating and the draft defections but they said the same thing last year and you guys turned out just fine. I agree with what you said about the 1 yard rule too. Gonna have to be disciplined and get hands on a defender quick. It isn't a call I've seen made often but I'm sure now it will be a "point of emphasis" in the early stages of the season.
Writing on eye black is considered illegal equipment?? ...The NCAA is a should just change it's letters to JOKE. So many stupid rules. 15 yards for pulling a guy off a pile? Give me a break.
blah blah blah, twitter is a place for paper tigers. No one thought we would win more than 4 games. We have 5. Yes this game we shouldn't fire Stoops. UK fans can be some of the most ignorant people. struck twice for UF with the play-clock issue. If the MSU defender didn't want a penalty, he shouldn't have put his hands on a QB during a dead ball. Simple as that.
Kinda like how they should have an awards banquet for winning games after time expires. Towles was pushed.
FSU is the only top 5 team with a SOS outside the Top 35. Cry me a river. Cant wait for 2 SEC squads to make the playoff, smash the teams they play and make the first ever playoff era Championship an SEC only affair. I'm not even an "SEC homer" I'm just tired of all the crying from fans and coaches of teams not in the SEC. Shut em up and shut em down.
And you are saying this because...? I'd say Harbaugh is a more likely candidate for Michgan than Stoops is.
Took the words right out of my mouth. Nice name, btw. haha
Holy sh!t. Don't go to the ESPN board about this game. B1G fans gettin saucy over there.
Why are you here? This thread has NOTHING to do with Bama. All i've seen is moronic one liners and homer nut hugging comments from you.
I agree Meant should have been ejected. However, I don't think the consequences of each no-call were remotely equal. But, it is what it is. Was a hell of a game and I'm glad Kentucky played as well as they did. GG, Gators.
We will be 5-6 going into the UL game with bowl eligibility on the line. Wait and see. Also, UL is going to be terrible and there will have been nearly two full seasons between the game with them last year and the game with the this year. Our growth in that time will be huge. I don't care if it IS in Louisville. Petrino has an ass kicking due from Big Blue and it's time we cash in. Sorry for the rant but not really.
The staff has pointed out Jordan Swindle as the anchor of the O-line as well as the leader of the entire offense for quite some time now. Jojo is rumored to be second string behind Nebraska transfer, Braylon Heard and Reese Phillips is in the top three for the starting QB position. Maxwell is a long shot. Towles and Phillips are probably 1 and 2 when the season starts. In which order, is yet to be determined.
Stoops and Brown will adjust to the strengths of the personel. Last year, while Jalen Whitlow was starting, our offense looked more like a ground raid than an air raid. It didn't help much in the win column but we were much more competitive when we went ground. RB also looks to be a strength this year. That said, this year we will have more depth at receiver than last year and the coaches say, much improved QB play. If that's true, look for Brown to air it out more often. I believe he will.